ABB idea --- hanging decorative tile instead of permanent?

MabiesNovember 17, 2012

Hi -- We are really struggling with choosing a backsplash! We would like a pretty simple bs, definitely subway shapes, have been looking at McIntyre arts and craftsman neutral shades lately... I would like to have some sort of focal point over the stove, but we can't pick one, keep thinking we might get sick of it in time.

I had an idea to just hang a large decorative tile over the stove. It could then be removed or switched easily when/if we tire of it. I also have thought about a tile or other shelf that would be installed with the bs for this purpose, but have not found any tile that would hold something in place.

Has anyone seen this done?

We have a small kitchen, simple shaker cherry cabinets, soapstone countertops, wood upcounter, peninsula open to DR and oven visible from a portion of the LR, house built in the 20's...

Thanks much for any thoughts/suggestions!

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Sophie Wheeler

That's a lot of weight to hang. I think if you are that undecided, you'd be better off doing a very simple field tile for the entire backsplash, and then possibly switching out different decorative elements behind the range as the whim strikes you. You could do a decorative piece of iron. Or an inexpensive metal framed print with plexi on top. Or a piece of back painted glass. Or a that heavy framed piece of cement board that you tiled with a mural or design.

They key to doing something like that would be to keep the pieces to the approximate same size and to install some backing behind the walls (like you would for a safety grab rail) and then install a permanent heavy duty picture hanging hook into the blocking. And make sure that any framed heavy object is well put together and has a strong enough picture hanging wire that is firmly attached.

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