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jan_on zone 5bNovember 27, 2012

I'm hoping to find someone with experience with touch technology kitchen faucets - I think Delta makes them, perhaps other manufacturers as well. It sounds like a neat feature - just touch with your arm wrist etc. and like magic the water flow turns on (or off!). Handy if your hands are covered in pastry dough/garden soil/paint. But is it just another gimick to go wrong and need repairs?

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I don't know about the touch faucets, but we are installing a Tap Master, which is a little lever controlled by your foot to turn the tap on and off. It is very discreet, sitting just under the sink in the kick space. Made in Canada, expensive, but very well built. Here's the link:

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If you do a search here for "Pilar" (which was the first of the delta touch faucets) you'll find several threads.

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I have a Delta Touch faucet for just over a year now. I love it! Take a look at the installation instructions which are usually available as a PDF download. You will need some clear space on the floor of your sink cabinet for the battery pack. The pack itself is not large, but it requires clear space around it - so make sure you can live with that. Otherwise it's great. The batteries that came with mine only lasted about 3 months, but they were no-name types. I replaced them with fresh Duracels and they've been in about a year. They're nothing special, just "C" or "D" size, I think. The other nice feature is you can use the faucet just like a regular one - that's good for guests who may not know it's a touch faucet. And, should it fail, the faucet will continue to work as a regular faucet.

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I have the Moen Arbor faucet, but it is sadly still in its box. It looks pretty though. I'm a physician and I'm used to using touchless faucets. Although it's kind of new for home use, it's not really new technology.

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I have had the Delta Touch faucet for a year and a half, love it no problems. Mounted the tiny battery pack on the side wall of the sink cabinet (used a command hook). Have not replaced the batteries but if I needed to they are readily accessible. Son in law and daughter also have this faucet and they are equally pleased.

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My step brother just installed one in his new kitchen. They LOVE it! We went over for thanksgiving and he and his wife each showed me the faucet at least twice, with a big smile each time. She wasn't sold on it before, but it's one of her favorite items in the whole kitchen now.

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We just had a Delta Cassidy Touch2O Kitchen Faucet installed 3 weeks ago. I love it! It did take a little getting used to (a couple of unexpected wet sleeves). But I find I use less water because I can just tap it to turn it off. I've gotten so accustomed to it that when I was at a relative's house for Thanksgiving I found myself tapping their faucet to turn it on. And as Stayaloft indicated, you can just use it as a regular faucet.

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we just completed our kitchen remodel and put in a brizo touch faucet. At first we were not sure we liked it because we were constantly accidentally turning it off when we moved the faucet around with the water running. You can do this by moving it by the head which is not touch sensitive. Once I got used to that I now like having it because it's nice to have the temperature and flow rate dialed in and then just shut it off with a quick touch and start it again. Just have to get used to moving it around by the faucet head.

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For users of these faucets: do you find that the water has cooled off in the pipes when it is paused and not flowing? I know it will turn on again with the same mix as before, but does it then take any time to get back up to temp? If it does, is it bothersome?

I live in a very cold climate, and even my insulated hot water pipes cool off quickly when they aren't flowing.

I have a little device on my kitchen faucet now that turns the water off aand on again (a mechanical, not electrical device), but allows a tiny constant flow which keeps the temps the same.

The "live" Delta Pilar faucet I played with was only hooked to cold water, so I couldn't tell. The water flow was very nice, and the on/off touch-response was crisp and intuitive, and the spray head re-docked itself smartly. I am not a big fan of one-handled or pull-down faucets, but I really liked the Pilar.

By the way, when I looked at the Delta Pilar about 18 months ago, the cheapest price was Amazon.



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its going to cool down at the same rate yours does now. I live in socal so this is not something I notice but generally when I am using this feature the water is only off for a couple of minutes so no time to cool down in that short of a time. Leave it off for an hour or two then yes it will go back to ambient temperature. Is your house plumbed for a hot water recirculator at the hot water heater ? That would give you hot water all the time without the wait.

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