How Close are your Windows to your Cabinets?

aloha2009November 11, 2012

Trying to get those last measurements?

We want our windows to be as wide as possible but don't want them to look cramped.

I've looked at a lot of pics but the reality of how it feels can not always be seen in a pic.


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here is an old thread you may find helpful

Here is a link that might be useful: How far should uppers cabinets be...

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Thanks localeater. I didn't see that one.

We're tight on space and what I wouldn't give for 6". We'll have to give up something it sounds like but what?

We have a 14.5' run with the 30" cooktop in the middle. We want a 36" cabinet above for both looks and functioning of good venting techniques. We'd like to keep the window as large as possible as having natural lights is very important to us. This leaves us with 4 upper cabinets. We'd like if at all possible to keep them at 15" since 12" doesn't seem wide enough to put much. We could opt for two at 15" and two at 12".

We're trying decide between.
1. Living with a more squeezed in window with black cabinets.
2. Shrinking down the cabinet sizes to sizes that may constantly be a struggle to get things in and out of.
3. Shrinking the windows down to where a possibly too narrow of a window (3' seemed narrow already).

Here is a link that might be useful: Another Link For Spacing of Windows and Cabinets

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Why don't you post a thread asking for help designing your stove wall? I think that would get the layout gurus, which I am not, involved.
Without knowing more about your floorplan, I am wondering why 2 12" cabinets couldn't turn into one 24"? But, I think it is because I am not picturing your space correctly.
I am a natural light junky however, and the flow of light is about more than the width of the window, it is also effected by the top to bottom height of the window and the exposure. The further the cabinets are from the window, the more the light can come into the space.

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Our new upper cabinets are one inch from the trim of the window over sink.
Old cabinets were closer to window, maybe less than 1/2".

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Localeater, I had the gurus help and that is how I ended up with the design we did! It's those itty bitty nuances and the importance level to us of each inch that we must ultimately decide upon. Without whipping out a "tweaking" plan, the stove wall will be in perfect symmetry, if a 15" cabinet is on the left, one will be on the right (range in middle).

The windows will be going approx. 5-6" above the counters and 54" high.

Cavimum, I'm getting the feeling that giving a little more room is the preference such as what you did.

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Well one thing to consider is your backsplash. If you have any ideas about your tile, think about the size and layout. For example if you have your heart set on a herringbone pattern on the full wall, but you only have an inch on each side of the window the pattern is kind of lost.
This is just an example, but in addition to the size left there what will you do with the size, backsplash up the 5-6" then paint, backsplash up to the hood, etc...

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Here are a few kitchens that have similarities to what we'll have.

I don't have the measurements but they seem acceptable to look at but I'm not sure if the black cabinets so close to the window would feel cave like.

The 1st one is very close. I like how the backsplash was done. Originally I thought I'd just do a backsplash just behind the range, but I like how all the way across but below the cabinets "widens" the room.

Contemporary Kitchen design by This is close up of another.
href=''>Boston Architect LDa Architecture & Interiors

Eclectic Kitchen design by Other Metro Interior Designer Zoe Feldman Design, Inc.

A white kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen design by Dc Metro Architect AHMANN LLC

Traditional Kitchen design by Newark General Contractor Michael Robert Construction

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That kitchen with the black cabinets - the cabinets are over the trim. I had to do a double take. The window seems squeezed or crowded.

I have seen it done both ways. Either against the trim or with space. IMO if there is space I would say make it a few inches. We had a cabinet in our old kitchen that was less than an inch away from the window trim and it was a PITA to paint. Dust and cobwebs got in the space and it just seemed to scream either put me against the window trim or move me further away.

on our new kitchen the cabinets will be about 4" away from the window trim on either side.

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How about putting the cabinets right up against the trim but then having glass on the sides. A few GWer's have done that and it looks great and allows more light to come through.

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I am curious about that glass on the side idea. We have a big window on our sink wall. We are making the uppers on either side of it shallower for many reasons, including letting the light spill more into the room. How much difference does it make to put glass on the sides like that?

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I think it depends on the look you want to create. You sort of see that here:

The cabinets come all the way to the window trim on the left. On the right, I wanted a little frame of tile around the window that serves as a backsplash over the stove, so the window was made about 3'' narrower than the space, leaving about a 1 1/2'' frame.

As a general rule, I would dislike having an inch or two of wall between a span of cabinets and a door or window frame when that would introduce a narrow stripe of contrast that adds nothing to the design.

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My windows are about 4.5" from cabs. I find the space to look right for what I was trying to create.

IMHO, since both the 'cabs butted to window' look and the 'few inches of space' look are both commonly done and well-accepted, I would opt for the choice that maximizes function (i.e. cab space) the most. So for you, I would say to butt those cabs right up to the trim. I would not go for an option closer than about 3". A strip that small will be difficult with which to deal and will look, again IMHO, unintentional. You're far from having an unplanned kitchen with as much work as you've put into this!

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