lighting help, vote, alternatives, photoshop?

cluelessincoloradoNovember 5, 2012

Sigh... this kitchen remodel started in May last year and we (I) have yet to chose lighting or paint!!! After many bilious shades of green and yellow, I have come to the realization that I as much as I love my walnut, any color that I choose will clash with it or the oak floors so I am going with Moonlight White from Ben Moore.

That being said, I have been even more all over the board with lighting choices, but think I have settled on these from Besa Lighting for the two lights over the sink/counter.

Any thoughts? Also, if I do proceed with these lights over the sink/counter what would be a complementary ceiling light in the middle of the room - the wall height is 8'. Thanks so much for any input!

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I like the white one with your kitchen.

Is that a vent hood or a liner waiting for a hood cover?

I feel for you on the long remodel. We're almost at the one year mark ourselves.

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I like the gold light, especially if you are painting the walls white.

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just to confuse the vote more, i like the amber light. it seems more warm like your cabinets. though maybe it will not be bright enough for the sink area? i almost went with moonlight white also! it is a great color choice. goes very well with oak floors, which is what I also have (in natural stain).

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Well, that's one vote for each, just like in my own feeble brain :-)

marti8a - I keep trying to tell everyone it's my steampunk hood, but no one is buying...just waiting on the vertical cover piece
sixtyohno - I think the awful yellow green on the wall is holding me back, but I agree with you
michoumonster - I like the amber the best, but I'm also afraid of a true color right now, hence the Moonlight White. Actually, I have it up in two other rooms and I really like it. A true cream with no yellow or gray as far as I can tell.
Any thoughts on a complementary ceiling fixture?
Thanks again

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Shamelessly bumping!

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I rather like the amber....

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I love the amber, IMO the yellow and white both lack oomph and with the strong walnut element, I think a jolt of strong color works best.

WRT a complimentary ceiling fixture, I don't have a specific suggestion, but I would consider using black wrought iron or some other matte black with the amber color in the shades (glass with flecks?). You have a very serene space and I think you can tart it up nicely.

Disclaimer: I like to mix elements and colors up, YMMV, your own personal decorative dissonance meter comes into play at this stage of the game.

Good luck-


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Another vote for amber!

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for me, i like the first two..would not use the white.
what't the wattage?? if its only sixty, i would use the lighter color. the darker the color, the less light.

as far as the ceiling light, see if they have something in the same line. if not, talk to salesperson, they usually have good ideas..

good luck!!

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Thank you angieDIY, sandyponder, hlove, and sprtphntc! I think my kitchen DOES need some tarting up :-) or perhaps I am moving into my "I shall wear purple" phase. The light is 100 w so I thought I might be safe with the amber, but it really is a bold statement for me. I thought I should wait on lights until we get our counters, but that darn poly'd MDF is holding up so well it could be another year and I'd hate to throw away 15 years of marriage on dangling light bulbs! I think my hold out is that the house is from the early 1920's, but all the built in work was removed in the 60's when a coved ceiling was installed in the main living space. Then I had to go install a mod kitchen and we are having an identity crisis here people!
If anyone could photoshop some white paint on the walls and show me what the amber or vanilla lights would look like, I'd be in your debt. The actual lights are 4" wide and 10" long. Thanks so much and please excuse my rambling...

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