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gwtamaraNovember 28, 2012

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for doing such a great job testing! We've sorted out some bugs and have fixed these issues:

-Html tags showing up in the preview window
-Internal server error when trying to edit
-Inability to edit some posts with special characters �

Mobile users -- are you having any problems?

If you are still having any other issues, please post them here so that we can resolve them asap. We're hoping to roll this feature out to all forums very soon.

Thanks again!


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Image file name disappears if previewed post is edited.

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I duplicated a post by hitting the return arrow. Duh! Then, without any troubles, was able to go back and delete the duplicate post, leaving a note that I had done so to explain the blank post.

Using a Mac and Safari.



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Attempting to edit within all the code. Seems to be working now in IE9, just have to filter through all the code.

This post was edited by Co-Co on Wed, Nov 28, 12 at 19:22

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bmorepanic -- this is a known issue and they are working to see if it can be resolved. The image upload and preview is a bit sticky, but I have hopes they can work it out.

Bellsmom -- Hmmm...I thought the duplicate posting issue was resolved. Can you walk me through step-by-step what you did? Did you just hit submit and then use the back button on the browser?

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Not sure it this is a bug or not - when someone edits a post, the edit does not cause the topic to return to the top of the list.

On the other issue, you're saying that they can't attach the name of the uploaded photo (where ever its put temporarily on your servers) as a hidden field on the update post area? And then have something like a "change image" button to replace that with a new image if requested?

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Yes, it was basically a back button. I made a post, went on to several other threads, then used the back button to look at something I had seen before. In the process, not paying attention, I back-buttoned through the post and--voila!--a duplicate post. Didn't know this could happen except immediately after the post.

Not at all the same problem that others have had. Just a DUH moment.

But it was nice to be able to delete the post.

And I really like the idea of having the post-deleted message include the reason. I noticed this was suggested in the other thread and you were considering it.

You are doing a great job on GW. I really appreciate it.

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