Vent.....proof there is no jinxing...

springrozNovember 29, 2012

I WAS going to post that I was finally getting a backsplash today....but I did not want to jinx it , so I didn't....

Tile man shows up, like he is supposed to.....but the GFCI is not working that works the vent hood, and OF COURSE, it has been SO LONG that the electrician does NOT REMEMBER what he DID here, so HE has to come BACK out tomorrow, but MAYBE, and this is just wishful thinking, i'm sure, he can put the cans , or at LEAST the pendants up.......HA. Please pass the chocolate.

Thanks for listening.....


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Here is some chocolate. You have my sympathies. My backsplash got delayed by the counter people...twice. (I found gin more efficacious than chocolate...but to each their own!)

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It is too early for me to hit the alcohol.....I have to go pick up the Pyranees and the Poodle from the groomer! But the insullation company sent the guys to seal my crawlspace, and the Spanish and plastic noise, plus the crying cat are about to push me over the edge, so I think I will take myself out to lunch!!

I am ALSO not putting all the canisters back, I am going OUT for dinner!!

Thanks for the chocolate!


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You have my sympathy too. Hope it's an easy fix.

I was installing my undercabinet lighting. Did one and it was a real pain. Moved over to the other side and thought the plug looked funny. The electrician had only nailed it to the wall; it wasn't installed at all. The only thing dh & I could figure is that he nailed it there to remind himself and then forgot.

It's always something.

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Ugh. I'm sorry.

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marti8a- LOL.

springroz- I had a 'need some dark chocolate' day yesterday. So I have lots to pass on - here ya go - enjoy.

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