BS is done, subway with pencil line

debrak_2008November 9, 2012

Thought I'd share just a quick peek at my backplash.

I'm really happy with the pencil line. DH ended up having to cut out the middle of that row of subways to place the pencil line. Any other spot and it was too low, too high, or ran into outlets.

Range is not pushed back all the way so it may appear a little off.

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I really like it. Simple but classy.

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Looks great! The line through the middle of the tile looks very polished and customized. Must have been a PIA to do those cuts!

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Looks very nice with your Bianco Antico!

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Very nice! Kudos to poor DH for all the cutting but he did a great job!

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Ooooh, that is very lovely and classic looking.

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Very nice. I like!

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I love your backsplash. Your DH did a nice job. It looks great with your counter.

Can you tell me the name/color of your backsplash and what color grout you used?

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Looks great - the colors are wonderful with your counter top! The black pencil line pulls in the appliance colors.
Nice job!
Another ABB alumnus! Welcome aboard!!
I see the box for Delta - is that a new faucet or a leftover..

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I love the classic beauty of this bs, and how it ties your cabs, appliances and countertop together. Nice work!

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Your DH tiled this--great job!

---you owe him the best dinner--whatever he loves to eat-even if it takes 4 hours to cook it !(I always make Gumbo as a reward/incentive) :)

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Thank you all for the nice comments! Sorry the photos are not great but most of the counter is still covered in cardboard and tools. DH is still working on the sink.

williamsem, I'm sure they were a pia to cut and the whole job took much longer than we thought. DH did all the "engineering" to figure out all those cuts.

minty99, the tile is astral luna which was purchased on line only from HD. The pencil liner is on the shelf at Lowes. The grout is left over from a bathroom project and is white unsanded. I can look it up if you need to know more. DH wanted to use it up and it worked out great.

A quick story (actually my family will tell you my stories are never short) about the tile.

As many of you know white diamond aka bianco antico is a hard granite to find a bs for. Went to a tile shop where a designer/salesperson (who helped me with bath tile) came up with the astral luna. I took home the sample and googled it hoping to find some photos. I found that HD carries it on line only (no samples in the stores). The price was much lower. So I took the sample back, asked for the salesperson. She wasn't there and the person I spoke to was so rude, I went home and ordered it from HD.

a2gemini, we love black appliances but even if we went stainless I still think it would look good. Yes that is a new Delta faucet, can't remember the name. Tomorrow I will post a photo.

I read DH all the comments and sent him off for a hunting weekend. He feels bad as I still don't have a working sink but I know he really needs a break.

EATREALFOOD, I've been hanging out on the cooking forum trying to get back into the cooking mode after so long without a real kitchen. I promise to cook him what ever he wants. He did ask for cookies.

One last thing... that blank space above the tile in the 1st photo, needs shelving. Please, if you have time look at my thread on shelving and give me your thoughts.

Here is a link that might be useful: shelving thread

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Sharp! A wonderful crisp detail that ties things together nicely.

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