Newbie here, kitchen layout advice

MNTwinsNovember 17, 2012

Here's the initial layout for our kitchen, however I think it needs some changes. The stairs used to stick out further into the dining area, which was the initial reason for the angled island. My wife still prefers the angled island just to have something a little different, however she is willing to change her mind. There is generally just one cook in the kitchen, although there are often little kids running around as well.

For starters, I'm guessing we should move the fridge so that the island doesn't create a barrier. We are also putting a bigger window over the kitchen sink, probably a 4' wide awning window. What other changes would you recommend?


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Sophie Wheeler

That odd shaped island wastes a lot of space. Square it up and put a prep sink on it close to the range and it will be fine. However, that's an awfully small run of cabinets by the range to be able to visually support a hearth style range hood. Those are better left to much larger kitchens. Put the pantry and the ovens elsewhere, and you'd have enough room. But with it as designed, nope. It's gonna be too crowded for hearth style.

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Thanks for the suggestions - we were thinking about squaring up the island, I think that's a good idea. As currently drawn in, the hearth range is more of a mini-hearth, kinda like this:

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