copper sink stained from soap!!!!

bellapenNovember 19, 2013

I just got a copper sink installed last week and dish soap dripped on it and sat for a little and now I have a lighter streak where the soap sat. I am afraid the soap had Oxy in it, could this be why it stained it and is there anyway I can get it back to the dark patina?

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It is likely not a stain, just removal of some of the patina. That will happen with anything acidic (tomato sauce, lemon juice, citrus soaps, etc.). It will heal itself, but will take a bit of time.

I have read about using 1/4 cup ammonia and 1 tsp of salt dabbed on the light spots to return the patina, but haven't tried it yet.

For our kitchen sink, I'm not worried about the lighter spots, as we use the sink often and the patina returns on its own. However, for our powder room sink, it is not used as much, so that is where I intend to try the ammonia solution.

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Copper that is in active use constantly changes color as the oxidation (the patina) is attacked by some chemicals and built up by others.

It's a "living surface" ... if color changes bother you, copper was the wrong choice.

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Trying to match the discolored spot to the rest of the sink using salt & ammonia is an impossible task.

You have to be Zen about discoloration.

Be the water not the rock. Go with the flow:)

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My copper changes all the time, depending upon what I've tossed in there! I actually enjoy watching it morph from one color to another!

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I have a copper sink in the bathroom. I agree with the others. It will change with use. I was told just to clean it with dish soap.

I love to polish copper, but save that job for all my pans!

I watched one of the real estate sale shows on HGTV and the agent told the homeowner to polish her copper sinks. I about died! The poor girl had oil rubbed bronze faucets (the closest thing to aged copper at the time) and after polishing the faucets stood out.


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