Internal Errors. Let me break it down.

CEFreemanNovember 16, 2012

This is making me nuts and disgusted even more with iVillage and their supposed "upgrades". They can't even get this right.

However, many of you veterans should know this by now, but evidently are having brain burps. Newbies? Here's the scoop:

When you submit and get an internal error, DO NOT GO BACK AND SUBMIT AGAIN AND AGAIN. You've posted. It's there.

This "I don't know why it posted twice" or "sorry for the duplicates" is unnecessary and redundant. Everyone knows no one means to do that. But you don't have to keep repeating this insanity. (It took me a long time to get that to work.)

If you don't believe me, open the board in another window, click on that thread and look to the bottom.

Lo and behold! There your post will be.

So please stop rabidly clicking the Submit button? Someday these inept web designers will get it right, rather than subjecting us to more advertising experiments.

Thank you for your time, understanding, patience, and consideration of my unique mentality fueled by exhaustion, espresso, screwed up DirecTV, malfunctioning web host, Sandy's roof repairs, my tenants' need for a new oven, too few hours in the day to work, and lack of Reese's cups.

--- Rant ended and (1st) espresso finished ---


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I'm sure you can handle all of that easily but the Reese's cups. STOP what you are doing and go to the store now. Chocolate and peanut butter makes everything better. ;)

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I consider this a well needed public service message. I don't know what is going on with the website right now, but there is an epidemic of repeated posts.

Amazing you managed to get that message out so concisely when you're out of Reese's.

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I agree, there seems to be an epidemic of repeated posts - throughout GW - Hot Topics, conversations, decorating. One of mine doubled posted and I am anal about making sure I don't double post.

(Wouldn't it have been funny if the OP's post had been doubled posted)

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I have had at least one message post twice lately WITHOUT hitting submit more than once... Something else is wrong, I think. There has always been the occasional 'internal error' thing, but not such an outbreak of dbl posts. EVERYone can't be making the same mistake?

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Your blinky thing is driving me nuts! It's very cool, and I'm truly impressed that you got it to work with multi-colors no less, but I officially dislike blinky things. It's like they grab your eyeballs with tiny hooks and jerk them towards the blink - - again and again and again.

No peanut butter cups? Noooooo! Priority alert: fix that first!

But it makes me sad to know that my grandson will never know the joys of peanut butter cups. He's been officially confirmed as being severely allergic to peanuts. I was hoping he would outgrow it (my son did), but no. I take this very seriously as I have a brother now living in a Vet Home with a serious peanut allergy. He's so vigilant about it, but they served a desert with something peanut in it and he ended up with an ambulance ride to hospital. He can taste peanut (it causes his mouth and throat to tingle on contact) the minute it hits his mouth, but even with immediate vigorous spitting and rinsing he still does the anaphylactic shock thing. Bet the dining room now labels all peanut stuff - I'm pretty sure the whole facility knew about this within the hour, such excitement. And, yes, now he has a re-supply of pens; somewhere between care at the home VA and the move-in to the facility in another county he was without. My darling grandson will never know the ecstasy of peanut butter cups. :(

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Like rhome, I've also had a couple of posts double submitted lately without hitting the button twice. It's only happened from my iPad, never from the regular laptop browser. I assumed there's some kind of hiccup with this site and iPads or safari, and that multiple posts are getting more frequent as more people are moving to tablets. Anyway it doesn't really bug me, I just keep scrolling along. :)

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Mine wasn't with the tablet, I don't think, but would've been with safari.

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bfelton, don't toy with me.
I'd have had to commit hari kari.

The answer is just this:
You're all crazy and I'm not.
Just ask the voices in my head.

I've momentarily solved my chocolate problem.
2 days ago my restaurant started a new dessert: chocolate espresso layer cake.
Well, the frosting was too much with the cake, but frugal chocolat-er I am, I put it into a to-go cup.
I'm currently eating cake frosting.

DirecTV has come and gone for the 7th visit, but I think this time a contractor (No blinky) has solved the really stupid issues. And to top it off? I, yes, I, 10 year customer that I am, was RIGHT ALL ALONG and the 8 different men, including a supervisor were WRONG. Just like I told them they were. Vindicated? Yes. TV? Yes. Chocolate (when in dire straits, improvise) YES.

New stove?
Repaired roof?
Not yet, but I can approach that a little more calmly.

Suzanne1, I am SO sorry. Lots of delicious stuff will be off his radar. Or on it, I guess. I'll have a few in his honor. The other night at the Shell gas station, they had a [drum roll] HALF POUND Reese's cup. I refrained and restrained.

If this double posts, I'm going to go outside and beat myself with the hammer I'm making my 6x6 garden beds with.

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I have noticed the last two days especially have been bad. Interestingly enough yesterday before work I could not get the site to load right. Either it wouldn't connect at all, or it would load, but none of the threads would load. Then all the posting nonsense started.

Suzannesl, I also have a severe peanut allergy and can tell on contact. While I will never have peanut butter and chocolate, I CAN have coffee and chocolate, which as far as I can tell is a little piece of heaven right here on earth :-)

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yep. Something wrong with the site--no connection at times, many duplicate posts, It's not our fault--I swear !!!!!.
Christine RELAX put down the sugar(beer is the exception)

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Christine - I have it by expert authority that chocolate has been miscategorized as a food. In actual fact it is a medicine.

Works for me!


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Why don't I see the blinkies???

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(I don't see the blinkies either.)

I love chocolate especially dark chocolate - a big piece of which I JUST finished.

Unfortunately neither of my DS's can eat chocolate. IT's not an allergy so much as an insensitivity to it. It won;t kill them but the after affects of inadvertently eating it are immediate and uncomfortable. (It involves a very quick dash to the biffy). Feel sorry for me - I can't make any chocolate desserts (well I could but my weight wouldn't like it) so have to settle for pieces of dark chocolate.

I know peanut allergies can be severe and I hope your grandson is successful in avoiding this mine field.

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I didn't see them either. I use Safari. So I went to Firefox and there is was! Blinkin'!

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Oh crud. My nice post just disappeared. hmm. Maybe this is the next wave, 1st double posts, next: no posts?

Anyway re: allergies: Try Sunbutter instead of peanut butter. We prefer it, actually. I make our own p-nut butter cups with that and organic chocolate. Tons of recipes out there, just modify the filling.

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Pay no attention to the women behind the rant.
Ok, well don't hit submit 100 times, but you get what I mean.

I've now been fed, bought Reese's cup, beer, wine, and some CC Caldwell's paints came in the mail. I'm going to watch Grimm, have a Yuengling Black & Tan and look at pictures online. Well, I'm going to look for a new stove for my rental.

My system has ground to a halt these last couple of weeks. Freezing, taking the duration of commercials to load a page, etc. Went from Firefox back to IE, and just installed Chrome without resolution.

Roofers never showed. Although I love the rain, I hope it doesn't!

I don't see the blinkies, either, but I know they're there! I have faith. :)

However. I am calm(er).
Thank you, my friends.
Sincerely, yours in Wine & Reese's cups.

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you are a smart female - saving that choc frosting. sounds like something I'd do. Never waste chocolate!

you need to put in an emergency supply. restock weekly. or more often if needed.

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Are any of you double-posters using your smartphone to respond? I've been wondering about all the double posts lately as well. However, I have not had any of the issues you are all talking about with the internal errors, no issues connecting, etc. Of course, I'm not on it as much as I used to be b/c of family and work...yes, they come first!

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Just wait til the Twinkies run out.

Just wait til the Twinkies run out.

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Can you imagine kids growing up without Wonderbread's 12 vitamins and minerals that make a strong healthy body?

Ho Ho, Ding Dong, cherry pies.

The world will never be the same.

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Hostess is going out of business!!! I haven't had a Twinkie in, say, 35 years. Thank god. Just the smell of one makes me nauseous. The one time I was allowed one as a child, I vomited it up all over the car on a road trip to my grandparents house. That was the end for me. Never cared for any of the other Hostess products (sorry, but I hesitate to call them food) either.

Now chocolate is a another matter entirely....

And on topic, I generally use the iPad for the forum and so far have survived the double post epidemic. Like Beuhl, I'm wondering on what kind of device people are posting and whether or not there is a link with double posts.

iPad? Phone? Other tablet? PC?

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Mine triple posted on a thread and I absolutely did NOT hit submit more than once and did not get an error message. Also I have never had a post duplicate before... there is something else wrong. c

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Breezygirl, I know the feeling; at least ten years since my last Twinkie. Did not get sick but I decided one was enough. But now that I can't get one, I want one.

I double posted a couple days ago on my PC and I DID hit the submit button twice after getting an error message, but I'm of the impatient sort. GW forums are getting less user-friendly over time. The pop-ups are especially grating to me. I do not watch commercial-sponsored TV anymore except the occasional football game and I'm spoiled.

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I started having the redundant post issue after switching to Apple products. It has happened with my iMac, iPhone, and iPad. I do not hit submit more than once. I do not know whether it is coincidence or i-product related. It may have something to do with the 3G network, but my desk top is on cable, so that can't be the only problem.

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What is a Twinky? And Tastycakes are no longer made in Philly

My doc wrote a script for dark chocolate and red wine daily.

As far as doubles, we all will do it sometime- just wish there was a way to delete the post.

I have bigger fish to fry (not that I fry fish- LOL) than worrying about doubles....

Sent from iPad

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Mine double posted from yesterday/ day before? I thought it was my connection issue because all webpages were acting funky.

But, it's none of us ... GW posted on their Facebook page the website is having issues.

Off to grab some cinnamon coffee cake and coffee . . . . .

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>I started having the redundant post issue after switching to Apple products. It has happened with my iMac, iPhone, and iPad.

The only time I have this problem is if I use the back button right after posting.

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Angela, it's NIVER been one of us.
It's always GW and their Internal Errors.
If they would fix this, no one would worry that their carefully worded and pithy saga was GONE!

When this first started a long while back, I got in the habit of Ctrl+A on my post, waiting for the error, then going back into the thread to see if I posted or not. Always did.

Ironically I haven't had this issue in quite some time.
I'm on my laptop.

They have to post on Facebook? What happened to those of us who use their [ahem] service to communicate with each other regarding areas of mutual interest?

Are they giving up on their own, advertisement-saturated method of communication? Will GW/iVillage become a Facebook clone? Or just another Blog?

Someone in our restaurant's corporate office decided the most important dictum of the week was that our ties were now full Windsor, rather than 1/2 Windsor. It was wildly important that we comply immediately. And to think someone got paid for that, when we have crappy bread, kitchens too small to accommodate a $50,000.00 Saturday night, and a dishwasher that can't keep up so everything has to run through at least twice.

My point...

iVillage might want to consider working on and with their own systems, vs. worrying about Facebook. And, probably Twitter. Well, they seem to be twits.

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I think I double-posted once, and it was because I hit Submit twice. I'm all-Apple and can't see why it would be more likely with iDevices.

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Re the Hostess tragedy: It's the Snoballs (Snowballs?) I'm going to miss. Semispherical chocolate cake, cream filling, but covered with fluorescent pink marshmallow and sprinkled with coconut. I hadn't had one in decades, but last summer I bought a pack just so my DD could taste one. I must have been prescient.

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I always enjoy a thread that discusses food. I will miss Funny Bones (choc and pb!)and seeing those snowballs in the vending machine at work. Still afraid to eat one though, but they do intrigue me.

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LOL at the rant, but I've had problems too. I think one of my posts ended up in a completely different thread than intended. Whoever read some strange thread that appeared out of nowhere, sorry about that. Also for the double posts. And I didn't see any blinkie things, nor do I need any twinkies or Hostess products...don't particularly care for them either and never have. But pass the Reese's cups and wine, please.

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I haven't had problems with double posts on my iPad. I'm much more likely to forget to hit submit after seeing the preview, but that's all user error!

Won't miss much of the Hostess stuff, but I did enjoy a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting once in a while. And my dear grandmother that passed away in July ALWAYS had Drakes coffee cakes in the house, so I will miss those as they remind me of here every time I see them (made by Hostess now). I did manage to order a box of those on Amazon to stash in the freezer, though I rarely eat them anymore. More the memories than the cake.

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I happen to live by one of the cities where 700 workers will
not have a job unless someone buys out Hostess....not a good holiday season for a town that has already lost so many industries...I will bet houses there will be very cheap soon. It really makes me wonder if this is just the start of what we are going to see in the future.

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LMAO !!! CEF, you are even a (slightly) older timer than me. I do the same thing with the Ctrl-A copy text then hit the button! I don't even think of it anymore, just do it every time. I also had problems on iPad with double posts when I first starting using one. I do use the back button to go back to the main forum screen. I figured out the key is you can only preview the message one time before hitting submit if you are then going to use the back screen button.

Went to the store a few hours after Hostess news came out to get Ho-Ho's for me and hubby wanted some Twinkies. Someone had gotten there before us and bought literally every Hostess product in the store. Store mgr said they were going next to the store down the road and doing the same thing. Selling them on eBay.

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