Wall oven venting

phylhlNovember 13, 2012

My Miele double ovens sometimes make a whistling sound when cooling down after turning off the oven. Technician came out and started to investigate how the oven was venting (per the specs provided to KD). Turns out, they accidentally made the bottom of the cabinet a solid piece, so there is zero air flow getting to the back of the oven (which is a solid wall). Who knows if this is the reason for the whistle (of course it didn't whistle when technician was here!). But he said lack of intake air could cause the oven to adjust it's temp and not get hot enough inside, because the sensors would sense something and would automatically adjust so it wouldn't overheat.

I tried to find info on other brand ovens to see if ventilation was a common thing with wall ovens - can't find anything. Thought I'd ask here. Thx.

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Check with the appliance forum, they might know.

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