New Kitchen Layout Possible?

nehomeNovember 7, 2012

Hi I am following up on a previous post where I asked about refinishing or replacing my kitchen cabinets. I am definitely replacing appliances, counter to granite and backsplash. As one responder posted the decision to refinish or replace could be made based on whether or not a new layout is needed. I've spoke to 3 KDs so far and while the discussions were preliminary, all had the same response that there is really no other layout that works.I would love to replace the peninsula with an island mostly because I like that look of a separate piece of furniture and the peninsula design looks dated. Also if I determine that refinishing is close to the cost to replacing, it would be nice to have a new look. I do not want to move the sink/window however and most likely not the DW. This is a 1 cook kitchen,transitioning from 3 to 1 child at home, plan to stay here at least 10 years. I've posted my current layout. Any unique suggestions?

P.S. My measurements aren't perfect at this point but only off by a few inches or so on the "table" end of the kitchen.

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Just want to say that peninsulas are not outdated, especially if they are reflect current materials. I have seen plenty in new kitchen/decor mags that looked very modern. That said, islands don't define a well-structured kitchen. You could have an island, but you would lose all the desk/pantry/fridge space, which might not work for you.

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Could you move the doorway to the hallway (range wall) more to the left if the pantry / fridge was placed elsewhere?

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Many changes can be done, but with fewer people in the household,I'd take down most or all wall cabs/eliminate desk/put more pantry or similar storage in that spot. The stuff in wall cabs that you must have can go in that pantry area,and keep maybe 1 or 2 wall cabs. Get new base cabs/counters and lighting to freshen and change the look,but basically leave the footprint as is. Next owner can add back wall cabs if needed.Spend money on great table/chairs for dinette area/maybe add flat screen-this looks like a nice spot for sitting/chatting/playing cards/computer use/etc-it's big.

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I have a very similar set up to yours, with a peninsula and a little dinette area. We thought about taking out the peninsula and putting in an island, but our kitchen was just too narrow to have counters on both walls, good aisles, and a decent size island. Our kitchen is 12 feet wide. I see yours is 11'4'', so I'm not sure it would work in yours either. There are several helpful threads here about fitting islands into narrow kitchens.

I actually like having a peninsula -- a whole expanse of prep space overlooking the seating area, so I can yak with people while I'm chopping my carrots. But I've decided to do just what herbflavor suggested. I'm taking down all the upper cabinets because I think the kitchen will have a much more open, inviting air. I wonder if that would work for you. I agree with powermuffin too: the peninsula isn't dated by itself, but by the cabinets and the countertop.

If you like the look of island-as-furniture, maybe you could dress up the peninsula with some fine furniture-like legs or fancy detailing under the overhang.

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