OMG! Bunnies, roosters, kittens & cows, oh, my!

CEFreemanNovember 18, 2012

You guys won't believe this beautiful tile.

It all stemmed from a Houzz back splash I absolutely loved here. Couldn't get the decorator to respond, so I resorted to primitive means: the phone.

Got them, who referred me on to a tile place, who told me the maker was out of business.


Rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated, as he then responded on Houzz!!!

You have got to check out the catalogues of these great, bas relief tiles: here and here.

They are really works of art.

I'm considering a back splash, although I really had no intention of making one!

I thought you'd like these.

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I especially love the Durer hare. Him I will consider somewhere. Thanks.
These take more thinking.

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These are really lovely. I just spent a bit more time looking at their catalog. The only showroom close to us is Carmel, IN, but that is a nice one or two day jaunt. May have to do that.

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Awwww! Each animal has tons of personality, which must be hard to do without making it overly cutesy.

Funny, looking at the Houzz thread, that is my local tile and stone dealer that gave out the wrong info. Whoops! I've found them to be really knowledgeable, but in this case I'm glad the tile makers posted so that we can all have access to their unique designs.

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I liked that backsplash also but couldn't find the source (not that DH would have gone for it anyway). The tiles in the catalog are really beautiful, and the glaze colors are to die for. I like that they're not "cutesy" as Karen pointed out. Funny, I have a print of the Durer rabbit in my guest room. I think I need to find somewhere to use this guy's tile.

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Christine, they're great, but they're also rather cranky, no? Or perhaps said differently, definitely got some attitude... Not boring, oh no.

Any luck on finding a stove? Best, oldbat2be

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Just thought of 'le mot juste' : surly. These animals are surly. Perhaps they are on the bakery side of Hostess?

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Just clicked through to your first post. The rooster looks heroic by himself, not surly at all. Maybe my concern is when he gets together with the rest of his friends....The old gang mentality....

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I usually go toward the more simple elements, but those tiles are absolutely fantastic. Maybe in my next kitchen remodel I can find a home for one of the cute critters. I am partial to the pig.

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They scare me. They are like the markets where the dead, skinned animals are hanging in the windows - except that these are zombie rabbits.

Bright Eyed, Bushy tailed and ready to kill you with their evil glare.


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Thanks, bmorepanic. I thought I must be the only one to see them that way. Mostly kind of scary, especially that Durer hare.

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The door's open. Come on in, bunnies.

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I don't think I'd call those bunnies...maybe rabbits or hares.

This is a bunny :)

From Fairy tale cottage

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That lil bunny is so cute! But I like the realistic, sort of Grimm's fairy tale expressions of the animals on the tiles. However I do want a cute lil bunny like the photo above in my backyard (but nowhere near my lettuce patch).

If the hares would perhaps give you kitchen nightmares, maybe try the veggies? The beets are awesome! If only I liked beets!

The heron flying over the grasses is also amazing. Overall, they are original and fun to consider. Thanks Christine for the links.

Here is a link that might be useful: fruits and veggies

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A hare trying to be more bunny-like, and other fabulous animal tiles.

Here is a link that might be useful: rabbit tile

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I've been off-line with firefox' horrible slowdowns, Silverlight screwing up my system and bad updates. WAHH.

I really like these because of the attitude!
One thing, though, I've never liked, even as a kid, was skinny rabbits. They look mean or scared.

I love the rooster's attitude.

I got an email from the tile maker today telling me they've just sold the 1st rooster since the Houzz thing to a lady in New Zeeland. I feel like I helped!

I liked 'em. I will probably find a place for the rooster someday.

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