remodeling kitchen, looking for suggestions for wall cabinets

Mary1956November 13, 2012


I'm remodeling my kitchen and moving my corner sink to wall and adding a window over it. We currently have two corner windows we plan on keeping. My concern is the two wall cabinets flanking the sink. I don't want them to appear to be just hanging there by themselves. They will be going all the way to the ceiling with crown molding as with the other other wall cabinets. Any suggestions?

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Do you really need those two wall cabinets? Some open shelving in that space would look nice while still providing some functionality. Another possibility is to just enlarge the width of the window and do away with shelving or those those uppers. They do look rather lonely in your photo.

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Do you know where you will be storing dishes and glasses? Generally considered an advantage to have them close to the DW, but it does not look to me like you will have enough room in those uppers near the sink. If you plan to use drawers in the island across from the sink, then you could eliminate the uppers as berardmr suggested.

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I would also agree with the above. If not too late, put a larger window over your sink and don't use uppers. You will love the openness it gives you. I just did that in my new kitchen and love the results. I now keep all glasses, plates etc. in drawers. One of my favorite things about my kitchen.

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