6k Thomasville vs 9k Innermost cabinets - promo ends today

fattyezNovember 30, 2011

Good Morning,

I am having a tough time deciding whether to pull the trigger today or possibly wait for more estimates etc.

We are currently trying to decide between Innermost(Elkay brand) and Thomasville for our kitchen remodel. The quotes we received from Home Depot were considerably less than the same cabinets from kitchen design places here in Northern Va.

Cabinet specs: 10 x 11 L shaped kitchen with fridge on 3rd separate wall to create working triangle(flanked on either side by angle cabinets,built in panels/refrigerator cabinet), particleboard boxes, raised panel doors/5 piece drawers, off-white painted finish, 18" pantry closet with rollouts, lazy susan, no crown or light rail, all exposed ends will be painted finish to match doors.

The Thomasville quote came in at just above 6k and the Innermost one came in a bit higher at 9k. Do you feel that the these are decent quotes and if so is Innermost worth the extra 3k?

Thanks so much,


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Have you seen this thread? Link (also linked below): http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg0316442310450.html

I was searching for info on Innermost the other night after seeing the display for the first time at one of the Home Depot stores in our area. The HD I had been to a few weeks before doesn't carry Innermost so I was really excited to see a new line that was completely unfamiliar (to me).

I really bought into Innermost's extra space marketing. It seems to be a major push that I haven't seen with other cabinet companies offering frameless construction. That said, I don't know if it's something additional that Innermost is doing over other frameless manufacturers or if it's just very smart marketing.

The KD at our local HD said she was going to be talking to the Innermost rep about future promotions because the lack of promotions makes their line very difficult to sell against Thomasville, Kraftmaid, etc.

We have a small kitchen - or at least small compared to past kitchens - and the extra space is really an appealing feature but I'm not sure if, in our case, it would be worth an extra $3,000 (our house has gone done in value considerably and we don't plan on being here forever).

Thanks for posting those price differences on real estimates. The HD KD said the best rule of thumb (for a ballpark figure) is to double Innermost's linear foot price. I know those linear foot prices are just a comparison gauge and don't count, blah blah blah, etc., ad infinitum, because I've heard the same line from every salesperson the last few weeks. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread title - Innermost cabinets (?) - dated March 5, 2011

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I had not seen that thread.. Thank you.. I too have been searching for more info on innermost.. mainly to validate that they were the same quality as medallion(since they are the same parent company). It looks as if they are, the paint color names are the same and they have the same door styles as well. My fiance and I love everything about Innermost.. it offers the quality of Medallion cabinets(from many on here they are a mid to high level cabinet), while offering the space benefits of frameless.

We are in somewhat of a similar situation in that our house is not on the high end of the spectrum albeit the neighborhood is more upscale(outside Middleburg, Va).We just purchased the home a few months ago and our plan is to hopefully stay there 6-10 years.

As far as the price per linear foot, I have been using it as a gauge just to decide if its a door style that will most likely fit within our budget(not looking at the total price but just the % difference between the doors). Aside from that I dont feel the linear foot pricing is accurate whatsoever. The only reason ours came out close to double what the linear foot price was, is b/c we stripped down a lot of the frills(ie glass, end panels, etc) to get the price down close to what we were willing to spend. Our original estimates were much higher. The HD promo ends today and didnt want to really rush into purchasing the cabinets as this inevitably leads to mistakes or missed items. Our kitchen designer seems to have a pretty good relationship with the reps so hopefully when she says the discounts will be the same or better next month.. that is actually the case.

Would love to hear from others on the pricing?

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Disclosure: We installed InnerMost cabinets this past October.

When you're choosing between InnerMost and Thomasville, there are a couple of important considerations aside from price. One is just aesthetics - which look do you like? To me Thomasville looks more traditional and InnerMost looks more modern or European or something. If you can go either way comfortably, then how about space issues? For us, this was a deciding factor. Our kitchen is dinky and we needed to maximize every square inch. This photo was from granite install day, but you get the idea:

The extra space comes from full access drawers which do not lose the 1.5" behind the face frame in framed cabinetry. The uppers are also 13" vs. 12", which actually makes a difference - things that didn't quite fit in the old cabinets fit fine in these. Long agonizing over exactly what to put where is also helpful regardless of what cabinets you decide on.

Price: we paid around $14,000 for ours, including the cost of trim pieces and toe kick trim and such. We have what you can see in the photo, plus there's a 12" utility closet over 2 deep drawers to the left of the fridge space and a 27" full height pantry with roll outs in the bottom half you can just see the edge of on the right. The peninsula has 2 24" 3-drawer units and a 15" 4-drawer unit. On the other side of the dining room (behind the photographer's back) we also have 4 64" glass fronted cabinets. One is 24" deep and the other 3 are 13" deep. We had the glass done locally. The lowers to either side of the stove are not the same. One is 15" and the other 14". We found InnerMost to be extremely flexible on things like that.

"Deals": The best I can tell, all the companies have deals pretty much all the time, the specifics just change. InnerMost had a "free" sink base in July and something about glass fronts. We weren't ready to order in July - the planning and considering stage needs to be thorough. When we did order in August, the "deals" changed. We got "free" finished ends (we had many!). The sink base freebie had expired, but the HD guy called them up and they said sure, why not? At that time HD also had a deal going of their own that if you spend x amount, they take y off. It wasn't as good in August as it was in June or July, but it was considerable. The various incentives added up to about $2500, which was good since I was suffering from sticker shock. This may not be a great time of year for the best incentives.

"Particle board" - Please! it's "furniture board." Now I'm not chuckling anymore: the stuff they use in good cabinetry of the type you're considering is excellent quality, not to be confused with that sawdusty stuff that you sometimes see in chair seats under the fabric covering. Some will insist that you must have plywood, and others then battle back. We went with the "furniture board" and are satisfied with our choice.

Summation: we really like what we got. Given a choice, I'd never have framed kitchen cabinets again. We're happy with the look, the quality, and the function, and would choose to pay the premium again if we had it to do over. Thomasville is also a perfectly valid choice. If you're just as happy with face framed cabinetry, then save the extra $.

P.S. I suspect your final bill will exceed what you quoted above. All those little trim bits add up, but you really do need them to finish up the job.

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