Paint my white refrigerator black ?

breezytooNovember 30, 2008

Hi there,

I need to paint my white refrigerator black to match my other appliances. Has anyone done this, & can you tell me what type of paint you used?

(BTW, the refrigerator is not very old & replacing it is not an option.)



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I had an avacado refrigerator painted white about 25 years ago,it lasted for the life of the fridge. I had it done professionally. At the time it cost me $125.

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It's not the cheap to have done professionally, and it's really hard to DIY successfully. And, even if you do manage to get the metal panels painted, the ice/water panel will still be white. The gaskets will still be white. I'd leave it it the way it is, or sell it on Craig's list, and budget the money to buy a new black one.

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I have also heard of people having the fridge painted at an auto body shop. Just a thought...hope it works out for you.

I don't know if this article helps or not. Hope it works out for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY Refrigerator Painting.

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We painted our range black. It was originally black & white. We went to Lowes and bought black appliance appoxy spray paint and did it ourselves. We don't tell most people but the ones we do are amazed and would never have guessed. The sides were textured so that came out perfect. The smooth parts were a bit tougher. Is your fridge textured or smooth?

Here are before & afters of the stove. No close-ups though, sorry.

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We just redid our dishwash from a company called Frigo. They sell panels that gor very easily over the fronts. Sears recommended them to us. Very easy to do and wasn't to costly. You can look them up on line or ask in Sears. We are almost done with our kitchen. Our DW was less then a yr old & couldn't see replacing it. I have heard about bringing ot to an autobody shop and they can pauint it to, but you have to bring it to them.

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Many years ago I had a friend who was an auto bodyman come over to my house and paint my fridge from almond to white in my garage with auto body paint and his equipment. I guess a lot of people do this because it definitely wasn't his first time!

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IN a previous home we purchased, the appliances were brown - a very old yucky brown. We had an appliance painting company paint the refrigerator and the cooktop black. They used a method they called electrostatic painting. They put put an electrical charge on the appliance surface and the paint was the opposite charge so when they sprayed it the paint was drawn right to the appliance. They painted them in our kitchen and there was no overspray anywhere. They turned out great and still looked wonderful when we sold the house five years later. Sorry I don't know the name of the company, they were located in Cleveland Ohio.

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I believe Sherwin-Williams sells appliance spray paint. I know I've seen it there in recent years, and I think Home Depot carries it, too. My parents have painted appliances with great success, but it does take some effort to do it right. If I recall, the cleaned the metal parts with TSP, very carefully taped off the parts that weren't getting painted, and took their time with the actual painting to get a nice finish.

I second the recommendation to look into Frigo panels. Even though my fridge and freezer are new, I'm tempted to get their chalkboard panels! :o)

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