Silgranite - Plastic look?

dgormishNovember 9, 2013

I loved all the reviews of the Silgranite on this forum. I was inspired so I went to look at one. At one warehouse the one there had a crack at the front out toward the divider, it wasn't smooth, it had white streaks and it looked plastic. Now some of that may be from sitting in a warehouse and not being cleaned but I am wondering about it especially the plastic appearance. At Home Depot, I could only see it at a distance so I couldn't really tell. I really like the advantages and the cost of the Silgranite but I'm just not sure about the look. Its the only thing holding me back.

So, does it maintain that same look I am seeing or does the look change with aging and cleaning?


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I think that composite sinks like Silgranite do have a plastic look, the finish does not change over time, and I do not like it either, that is why I stick to stainless or ceramic sinks.

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I also find Silgranite to have a plastic look I don't care for.

That being said, I have seen lots of beautiful GW kitchens with them. I think for most people, the function outweighs the form. They do seem to function really well.

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I think it depends on the color. IMO, the lighter sinks look more plastic-y, though I still like them, particularly the biscuit color. The dark colors like anthracite and Cafe Brown look rich. I have had two Silgranit BlancoDiamond Super Singles in two previous kitchens, and I have bought a third for this new kitchen. All 3 in the anthracite color. Not only does the dark color look rich, but it shows nothing. E.g., throw spaghetti sauce in there, can barely see it.

I think where you purchase a Silgranit sink is key. Some places aren't careful, and don't pack the sink well. I've bought all 3 of mine from homeandstone, and the sinks were packed and shipped beautifully.

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The white isn't my favorite. My sample looked like a piece of chalk. If you look at it and think "plastic", it's probably not the right choice for you.

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The knockoffs look more plastic than the actual Blanco brand does. Some look almost Corian-esque. However, actual Silgranite is as hard as diamonds and doesn't scratch like plastic. Also, undermounted, they aren't as obvious. They are just an accent of the right color and not a feature like a top mount sink can be. And yeah, function doubly trumps form on this. Cast iron without lead just isn't as durable, so Silgranite wins the war on durability over it.

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I have had my silgranite sink for over a year now. It is an undermount and the color is biscuit. I don't think it looks plastic. It is not glossy at all (which to me would make it look plastic), and I clean it with bar keepers friend, there are no streaks or other discolorations. Of course, ymmv, but I love mine and am totally satisfied with its appearance.


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I also have a silgranite sink in biscotti. It doesn't look plastic. It has tiny specks of color that give it a nice look. It gets totally trashed with coffee and tomato sauce and then cleans up like new.

Perhaps a knock off brand looks like plastic, but this one does not.

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I have a Blanco Silgranit II in anthracite. I was never a fan of silgranite but finally (and reluctantly) agreed because of space issues. Now I love the sink! It doesn't look plasticky at all. In fact, it's quite lovely--a bit of shimmer to it whether dirty or clean. It looks much nicer in my kitchen than it ever did in the stores.

Funny thing is that my KD wanted to put in a white silgranite sink. Couldn't understand why--my granite is black (Volga Blue). She said some people complained that you couldn't see the dirt in a black sink. And the problem with that is???!!! After all those years of having to clean light-colored enameled sinks frequently to get dirt and scratches out, it's great to be more relaxed about cleaning. The sink stays cleaner too just with washing down with water--no excess dirt buildup during routine cleaning.

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Silegranite and other composite sinks may feel plasticy because they are, 20% or so.

Corian is Plexiglas (acrylic plastic) with Aluminum Tryhydrate filler to give it the particulate, colors and machineability. Silegranite is acrylic plastic with granite as the filler instead of ATH.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silegranite composition

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If you don't like the look of Silgranit, then I recommend enameled cast iron. You should only get something you really like for a sink since it's such a permanent fixture that you will use constantly. I dislike stainless steel sinks cause their bright shiny clean look lasts about a minute, but the dull scratched water-spotted look is ever-present. Since there are other choices, why get stainless steel.

I am a fan of Blanco Silgranit. As others have mentioned, please do not lump in Blanco Silgranit with other brands' composite sinks. Blanco has a bunch of patents, and has really perfected the material. See the linked article below which cites the various superior features of Silgranit vs. other brands' composite sinks. For example, Silgranit is heat resistant to 536 degrees fahrenheit.

A kitchen showroom near me carries both Blanco Silgranit and Elkay granite composite sinks. So, you can see them next to each other. While the Elkays are a nice product, the Silgranit colors are richer, deeper, and just all over have a better "feel". While Silgranit is 80% granite, I am not sure about other brands. The Elkay and the Swanstone granite sinks are actually quartz and acrylic. Quartz is an engineered stone, and will have more of that "man-made" look.

I have my eye on the Silgranite Super Single with the corner drain, and in the anthracite color (love the corner drain). The anthracite color is elegant IMHO as well as practical.

Blanco's description of Silgranit

Silgranite Super Single with corner drain in anthracite

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

Quartz is actually the most common mineral found on earth and an ingredient in granite. The other material mixed with it to create a granite composite sink may very well change the look/durability of a given brand of sink, but the quartz is a legitimate natural material.

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I think of plastic as easily damaged, and lacking substance or heft, or having a less-than-rich appearance. Installed Blanco sinks look great to me, I find both form and function superior to other choices. I haven't heard of anyone regretting their choice of Silgranite, but I wouldn't encourage someone to buy one if they really wanted something else. It is important in a kitchen to have tools you enjoy.

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We have had our Blanco Siligranit II Cafe Brown sink for a couple of months now and never thought I could be so happy about a kitchen sink! Got the one with the low divide and love that feature. The look is anything but plastic in my opinion. My friend who is remodeling her kitchen decided to order one for her new kitchen after she saw ours. It cleans up beautifully and always looks brand new. We are extremely pleased with our choice of Blanco and agree with the person who pointed out that Blanco Siligranit II is superior to the other granite composite sinks on the market. I checked most of them out before deciding on Blanco. For us, Blanco Siligranit II was the right decision.

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There is an unfortunate bias against plastic.

Most of those beautiful granite countertops everyone ohhs and ahhs over? They couldn't perform without resinating (plastic) which is applied at the factory. Many delicate stones would be unable to be cost effectively fabricated without the resin and mesh on the back of the slab. More plastic.

So all tops are plastic, just varying percentages. None of the composite sinks could exist without it.

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None of the Silgranit sinks I've had or looked at have looked plastic to me. When you use them you can difinitely tell its not plastic, it feels like a stone.

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Plastic looking would definitely not be the way I would describe my Blanco Silgranit sink. It's extremely durable & very attractive. So easy to keep clean & absolutely love the truffle color.

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