Space between two islands??

onekeysgirlNovember 6, 2013

I was wondering about putting another rectangular island (open underneath) parallel to the work island with my (only) sink and counter height seating in lieu of a dining table. It's an open concept with kitchen, in-between-dining area, then living room across the rear of the house with 9' sliders in dining and living room area overlooking covered patio/ backyard.

Is this a reasonable idea? And how much space would I need between them planning on seating at both, possibly at the same time when there's a large group.

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Can you post a proposed layout? Are you saying you will essentially have a counter-height dining table? I find that awkward for regular eating. I like to sit at the counter for some tasks and quick meals, and my family often gathers around the island to eat if we're all watching something together on TV, but a relaxed dinner just feels better, and more special, at a table.

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60' between back to back seated areas is the minimum to allow people to scoot through. If it's a high traffic thruway, more space is needed if you don't want to slam people in the head with groceries and backpacks.

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live_wire_oak: not sure of I have 60" to allow for as a fixed piece but was thinking of something moveable so that I can allow more space when needed. Is this a reasonable idea?

ellessebee: yes, essentially a counter height dining table/ kid work table/ everything table! I'm starting to feel like my area just isn't right for the 48" deep island with seating that I want and a true dining table with the appropriate spacing between to differentiate the spaces. Using a 36-40" deep work island (with smaller overhang for perching rather than sitting) and another parallel to it (48"), maybe my space would work better.

Here's a sketch I've been playing with:

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Why do you want a second counter-height island? Why not just put a table and chairs in that space between the main island and the living room? Counter-height is not very comfortable for every-meal seating for the entire family.

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