Questions about cabinet/granit re-use - CEFreeman or others

rjl443November 1, 2012

Hi -

We took our kitchen cabinets and granite out last week. It is about 35 years old and cherry wood style.

They are all in our garage right now and not sure what to do with them? My DH called Habitat for Humanity and they said they could not use them.

Can we/should we look at cutting and re-using the granite for out bathrooms or something? Donating to somewhere else? Selling on Craigslist?

What about the cabinets?

Will post some in progress pics.



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When I removed my granite, a friend was able to cover his kitchen island plus two bathroom vanities with the piece that came off of our island.

2 of the cabinets we removed are now serving as storage in our garage.

I would think many people would love to have your materials; you could either give away or sell on Craigslist. My friend is handy, so he was able to cut and install the granite himself.

Sorry, I don't know of any specific organizations that would take the granite, but a lot of churches do home improvements for needy community members, so if you made some calls this might also be an option.

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When you called Habitat, did you ask about donating to a ReStore? In my experience, if you simply drive something in decent shape to ReStore, they'll accept it and put it up for sale. The profits from running ReStore are used to fund Habitat builds. I can understand that Habitat may not have room/money to store large items like cabinets if they don't have an immediate need, but donating them to ReStore would help Habitat - and I'm pretty sure it's a tax-deductible charitable donation too!

Here is a link that might be useful: Habitat ReStore

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yes, if it wasn't a restore you called, call one of those.

also, many people will take your cabs (and possibly the granite) if in decent condition. There are many people out there with cabs falling apart but they can't afford to replace them.

here all I'd have to do is put a sign out at the road and they'd be gone in a day.

the granite will need someone like CEF or a guy to move it and cut it down for their use.

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When I actually have something to donate, I take it to the place myself. H4H has many facets. I think the tip about a Restore is a good idea.

I know I'd jump on solid cherry (or any solid wood) cabinets. 35 years is not old for a well-made cabinet, particularly when a door can be changed.

Have you tried Freecycle dot org for your neighborhood or town? One of the rules is that whoever wants an item must pick it up. If you post pics, you're very likely to get a taker.

Your heart is in a good place. Sometimes it's strange and disappointing when you have good stuff and it doesn't seem like anyone wants it!

As far as you reusing the granite, if you like it, absolutely! It would save you a lot of money down the road. If you don't love it? I'd continue trying to donate.

Where do you live?

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We live in Darnestown - on the southern side of Germantown.

I don't really like the granite that much, it is a sorta speckle black/grey/white/cream pattern.

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Darnestown, huh?

Just out of curiosity, seriously, minor curiosity,
What are the measurements of your cabs?
I'm down towards Bowie and could never pass up and good, strong cabinet! :)

Although I'm not into granite (I hate speckles), I might be able to help you get rid of some of your cabs. I'm off on Sunday morning...


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Sorry. I was being greedy and am remiss in not remining you to call Community Forklift. They'll come out and get your stuff, too. That's where I normally stalk .. er, I mean SHOP! You can put anything else with that you'd like to have taken away.

I've given beds, broken washer/dryers, construction materials (idiot me), duct work, 2 wood burning stoves, pieces of granite backsplashes my DH had in the barn, shelving, cabinets I'd bought there and have replaced with better, cabinet doors, doors, .. well, I think you get the idea.

They're at Community Forklift.

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Yeah we are not far from you - you can see our progress too and tell me what countertops to pick.

I have a couple pics of them that I can get from DH. They are form 1978 and built by Watkins Cabinetry which is a pretty good local cabinet maker. Some doors are missing but you might be able to use the boxes?

I know there are in there:

2 - 24 inch base
36 corner cabinet
36 sink base
big base with 2 door cabinet and 3 drawers
wall cabinets - 30, 24, big unit with 3 doors. all 30 in high.

You want em we can help you load em up!

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I'm definately interested in the big unit with 3 doors. I'm hoping it's 54"!

Why don't you email me privately? I can't you because you've got it blocked. My email is Christine at Eveningsfall dot com.

I've been called into work on Sunday, but have day times free. I'm off again next Friday.

If anything, I could help by taking stuff down to the Community Forklift. If I take the southern, beltway route home, I could drop things off for you.

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