Two soap dispensers at kitchen sink...?

msbrandywinevalleyNovember 19, 2013

We're remodeling our kitchen and I'm thinking of having two built-in soap dispensers -- one for dish soap, one for hand soap. I'll have a double sink, well, actually a 1-1/2 undermount. So where should those dispensers be placed? One on each side of the sink? Side-by-side? One on the side, one near the faucet? Has anyone else done this? Do you have a photo to share? Thanks!

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I wash my hands with the same detergent I use for dishes which is Dawn. Are you sure you need a separate product?

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How often do you use dish soap? I use it once a day, so it's not a bother to reach under the sink and grab the bottle. I have hand soap in my dispenser. I wash my hands several times a day, so I wanted something gentler than dish soap.

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I also have a gentle dish soap in the dispenser (no dyes, etc.) and wash my hands with it several times per day, no issues. I have hand soap in a bottle (for guests), but prefer the dish soap at this point.

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I've been using two different soap products forever. It never occurred to me to use dishwashing soap for my hands. If it's so good at dissolving grease, it might be too harsh for my hands.

As for the frequency of using dishwashing soap -- that's not what's driving my decision to have dispensers. I just hate the clutter and dripping soap at the sink. Dispensers look nice and are quite convenient. I've long had one for dish soap and wouldn't go back to using a bottle.

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I did this in kitchen #1 and it worked out except that I would never remember which dispenser contained which.
In kitchen 2 just wanted the faucet, no other gadgets, in kitchen #3 I might do two dispensers but I am doing two faucets on one large sink.

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I also have one dispenser with dish-washing soap, and just use a tiny dab to wash my hands.

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I have's a not so great picture...

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I have friends who have three - they have hand lotion in the third. I seem to remember the dish soap is on one side and the hand soap and lotion are on the other. They love it.

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I'm also one who just uses Dawn for hands and dishes. I find it fine for my skin, and in fact often think that the hand soap, in the bathroom sink, doesn't really work well if my hands are oily or greasy. And of course they always are when cooking!

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I was thinking of two or three myself... one being for bleach. I thought to get one of a different finish or style. I have been eyeballing the Waterstone brand. Look at , they have some dispensers with different caps ( soap, lotion and blank).

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We also wash our hands and clean our dishes with the same soap which is a Costco liquid dishwashing soap that is very gentle and not too concentrated. We'll stick with this and keep ours to one soap dispenser.

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Whiskey woman, why would you want a bleach dispenser for you kitchen sink?

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