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maju785November 17, 2012

I am back with my questions again . My mini kitchen make over is ongoing and here is my latest problem, I want to change from exposed to concealed hinges in my partial overlay cabinets. Now after multiple trips to hme depot lowes wood working store my contractor is saying that the only hinge that will work is Salice� Hinge and Plate for 3/8'' Lipped Face Frame Doors. The catch at 30$ a pair and my 70 hinges + kitchen my total is getting way uo there. Is this worth it? I am planning to live in this kitchen for 5 years atleast. We are staining cabinets to dark expresso and adding glass doors. The cabinets are 20 years old solid wood in great condition with no damage and I will now discard them .

I am hoping there has to be some other hinge that works in my situation. please someone with cabinet knowledge help. I am pressed to make a fast decision so please someone help.

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Sophie Wheeler

The key terms here are "3/8" inset" and "concealed". I wasn't even aware that any maker made 3/8" inset concealed hinges. Especially since no one has made 3/8" inset cabinets for forever. (I'd bet the cabinets are older than 20 years, or else are builder site made by an old carpenter.) You can still find plain face frame mount hinges for under $5 for 3/8" inset, but there is no way that $30 hinges are worth it. Anyone who buys this home in the future will most likely be planning a much more extensive redo and will rip everything out and put all new cabinets in it. No use spending the type of money you're talking about on something that will just get trashed in a few years. Which is why I'd also caution about doing too many other expensive upgrades to this kitchen. If you can DIY it, it's probably worth it. But, it's not worth putting a lot of hired labor or expensive choices like granite into. That is, from a purely monetary viewpoint. If it's something you don't mind spending money on for your own personal enjoyment regardless if you see any actual return on the dollar, then that's a personal decision.

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thanks for your comment you are right, probably cant justify the purchase I wish there was a cheaper alternative. The one you menioned will those work?

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Finally! A question that I know the answer too! (Everyone here has been so helpful.) I have 3/8 inch overlay cabinets too and we are changing the hinges. A local cabinet store has some that will do the trick. I have to get a carpenter to drill out the cup holes so I can attach the door but for me, I think it's worth it. I hope to be in this house for a long, long time. Also, they are not expensive at all. Actually, they are cheaper than the exposed hinges that I would have to buy since I am changing to ORB or SN hardware. This store is in Canada but he ships to the US too.

Hope this helps! Oh, this is all that you need for the hinge. You don't need the additional face plate. Also, if you have a corner cabinet that has the double doors that pull out for a lazy susan, it's a different hinge. The man at the store is SUPER helpful. If you call, he'll walk you through it. Otherwise, I can look at my receipt and tell you what hinge I bought for the corner.


Here is a link that might be useful: Face frame euro hinges

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Sophie Wheeler

3/8" inset is a completely different animal. Those linked hinges will not work with it. The door has a 3/8" lip, and it fits partially into the face frame. It's a hybrid between partal overlay and inset cabinets.

Here's a link to ones that are only $3 each.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3/8

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MElissa thanks for your suggestion, I am having my contractor look into it. Are you done with your cabinets, can you post a picture of how its done. @ hollysprings, I am trying to understand what you are saying, can you please explain more. The link just links to a store and not to a particular hinge.

Thanks much.

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Holly's link didn't go to a specific hinge, but I did find some interesting diagrams that I think will be helpful to your understanding what you have.

The hinges that Melissa linked to will work with partial overlay doors.

Like these.

Notice that the door sits entirely on top of the face frame of the cabinets.

What you say you have is 3/8" lip inset cabinets, where the door has a rabbit around the edge that allows it to fit partially inside the face frame.

Like this:

You need to look under the category "Partially Hidden Hinges" for 3/8" inset hinges. Those will not be completely hidden, but they are probably more hidden than what you currently have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hinge information.

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Sorry! Yes, my doors are not lipped, they are like the first diagram.

I hope that you find something that will work. $30/door is really pricey.

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Why not keep the hinges you have? Exposed hinges look perfectly normal on partial overlay doors.

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Melissa, I considered the same thing, but even after sanding, when I refinished the cabinets, there was an indention outline of the original hinge. And the screw holes were still visible, at least to me. So I stripped the hinges too and put them back on.

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Is it worth it?

Well, the hinges will cost you north of $1,000 plus sales tax. Plus addt'l labor to install them.

You will gain only a 'look', you will lose function as the hinges open to only 110 degrees. AND, you will lose space inside your cabs as these hinges are going to gooble space inside your cabinets.

I don't know what your current hinges look like but you may well be dealing with problems of screw holes & indentations in the wood that Marti referred to. And, you are still going to have face frames & lipped doors. You will not be getting the full overlay hingeless look.

OTOH, if you think about it, with inset cabinets, lots of people actually want to see those cool looking hinge finials...

The way I would look at it is that a thousand dollars plus would be better spent elsewhere...on an appliance, flooring, light fixtures.....or heaven forbid, left sitting around unspent!

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Shiloh cabinets still make a 3/8" inset cabinet door, fwiw. They don't offer it in every style, but they still make 'em.

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Oh. I think I know what you mean. Several years ago we had our cabinet doors replaced and we could not find those hinges at HD or any hardware stores. I went to a cabinet manufacturer. They actually made our original cabinets. They had a bathroom vanity on display in their showroom and I opened it up. Low and behold....there they were! We had looked for a long time for those hinges. I offered to buy the hinges from them but they said no. I went to a different cabinet maker that was very helpful for the DIYers. They would let us buy the hinges from them. We got them to make us new doors and they installed them on the doors.(did not expect that) My DH then installed the doors himself. Don't give up. Try some cabinet makers.

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Thanks for all the information, after going back and forth on this I have made my decision. hinges stay. Its not cost effective.

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This message is really for the original post. There is a concealed hinge available for a lot less than the Salice hinge shown in this post. It is a Blum 155 degree hinge. If you want further information, please leave a message.

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