Black Friday appliance deals

msmagooNovember 22, 2012

I have been looking at a Samsung refrigerator-French door style w/extra middle drawer. I know notice that the very one I have been eyeing for quite some time is advertised in several Black Friday ads for $1899, from $3100. I started reading reviews-Lowes mostly and this particular frig got some bad reviews about being noisy and the ice maker or compresser going bad. Does anyone have one of these or can you recommend another similar brand? I have also looked at Whirlpool.

Thanks in advance


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I would post this question in the appliances forum.

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I don't have this particular fridge, but I so have a samsung fridge and I HATE it.

The SS dents incredibly easily. I admit, the largest dent I did myself and it was not what you would consider a typical contact concern(I hit it with a kayak, kayaks in the kitchen are not typical in most homes, but very typical in my home). There are many other small dents though that I would consider stardard use (lighting bumping the door with a mixing bowl in your hands while opening it to grab something). There are also lots of dents that have shown up unexplained.

My second beef is the fact that both the criper drawers have broken. Now I know when I say I walked into my fridge with a kayak you are picturing a home of mayhem... but really thats not the case. We definitely were not hard on the crisper drawers.

My third beef is that the plastic on the edges of the glass shelves scratches very easily.

Basically this fridge is going to look like h*** long before it should..

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DH and I checked out this particular fridge just a few weeks ago and noticed that the SS was a lot thinner and flimsier seeming than that on our old Electrolux Icon. Yes, the lay-out is great, but we were concerned about how it would hold up to daily use. The floor model already had numerous dents. I suspect that htracey's experience may not be that unusual.

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Wow, that's a huge deal! We also wanted the extra drawer, but I was thinking of the KitchenAid version. I'm surprised you are unhappy with the Samsung, because the reviews are amazing, and the appliance guy at PC Richard told me customers love the Samsung. There's also a Whirlpool with the extra drawer, but it was more than the KitchenAid for no apparent reason.

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