Love the tile..HATE the epoxy grout color!

veda_2006November 10, 2012

We have just had our old kitchen tile taken up and new 20" tiles put down. The tile is beautiful, but the color of the epoxy grout that was used does nothing to enhance the tile and when I look at it all I can see is the grout! This was a miscommunication between me and the tile guy and this is not the color that I thought I was going to get. Big mistake to leave the house when this was going on, and DH just assumed this is what I chose. Have any of you used the epoxy grout colorants to change the color of your epoxy grout? How long does the new grout we just had put in have to cure before applying the colorant and how does it hold up? Does it compromise the grout itself in any way? I only want to have to do this once, it is a huge job to get down there and do every single joint, but I'm willing to do it if the product does what they say. I'm having a little mini meltdown over this so any information you can share will be greatly appreciated!

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Can you post a pic? Sorry, I hate when stuff like that happens...

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Elraes Miller

Epoxy grout is different than sanded/non sanded. Not sure if the grout colorant will work over it. Depending upon how high the grout is, I have actually added/filled in over it with another color. If it hasn't been down for long, the installer can get it out a lot easier than other types of grout. Using the colorant could take just as long as new grout. Tis' like removing paint from your tiles.

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Really hoping that once we get our furniture and our other kitchen stuff back in there I'll be able to not be so focused on the grout and just enjoy the new floor. But I'll probably be able to do that easier if I know I have the option of using something to get it to the color I want I know hubby would never go for having it taken out! I know that they make an epoxy grout colorant that they "say" will adhere to epoxy grout. This epoxy grout was pretty pricey compared to regular grout, so I'm really sorry we did it now :(

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Oh, wow, that looks SO much better than I expected from reading your original post. Really, the floor looks quite nice, not like a screaming mistake at all. It's lovely. That said, if this really is not what you had in mind, then it doesn't matter what the rest of us think: call your tile guy and ask him what the options are and see if he has experience changing grout color successfully.

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Thanks Gone South... I really don't mean to sound ungrateful or like a big baby, and I keep telling myself it will be fine, it's just totally not what I thought I was getting. Honestly, the tile person is such a nice guy I know he'd feel terrible if he knew he put the grout number with the wrong grout sample! It helps, too, to get another opinion, so thank you!!

I really appreciate all of your responses!

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I think it looks great. What color were you expecting? How does it look when you consider the whole room?

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The color I was expecting was a little bit darker and warmer. The installer said it would darken as it hardened and actually it does seem to be a little darker. Haven't really put everything back in there yet, waiting 24 hours before giving it a good mopping. I think maybe it will be ok once I stop focusing on it so much and, like you said, consider the whole room.

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After a few weeks of mopping and living on these floors, you will wonder why you worried. Honestly, I would leave it. I had a similar crisis when my tiles were grouted. It looked toothpaste white next to my creamy white tiles. A year later, the grout is darker and I laugh at myself when I think about how upset I was.

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veda-I had a similar experience to breadandsuch. It's not that the grout doesn't match - just that it's not as dark and perhaps stands out more than you were anticipating. When we did ours it just seemed to stand out so much more than before it was grouted. I was pretty disappointed also but now I don't even notice it. I think sometimes when things don't look like what was in your minds eye they immediately seem bad or wrong when really it just isn't what you pictured.

I think you will get used to it and it won't bother you. I truly was about sick after we did ours and even more so as picking the grout was what I was *most* worried about and had agonized over it. Go figure!

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The grout is what I agonized over also, so sure I had it right (which I still believe I would have, just didn't get the color I requested!). But it is what it is. What I wanted was a grout that would really blend in and disappear, what I got was contrast, which wasn't what I expected. I probably won't even notice it a month from now. Not sure my knees could handle getting down there and applying a colorant to change it anyway.

Thanks everybody, you've all made me feel better!

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I think your grout is perfect! FWIW, it will darken a shade or two as it gets dirty over the next few months as well.

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The grout for my bathroom tile floor was the perfect color when it was installed. Now 2 years later, despite all my cleaning efforts it is darker than it was originally. You are probably better off having it be a little lighter and less warm than it was supposed to be because it will probably end up being just the way you wanted it instead of too dark like mine is.
Like others have said, I think it looks very nice. If you still don't like it 6 months to a year from now you could try using a colorant to change it.

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I actually like the way the grout looks with the tiles and it enhances the size of the tile and the beauty of the tile. The grout will darken up as it ages and be more the look you had in mind. I would tell you the truth if I did not like it. I always prefer lighter grout over darker grout since dark grout reminds me of commercial restaurants.

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In another month you may look back and say "I think I liked the light grout better now that this has darkened"
You won't notice it at all after everything is complete.
The tiler did a nice job--floor tile is nice also.

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