Drop-in elevator drawer on island

Lettie1231November 5, 2012

I am going to put a island in my kitchen. This will serve as breakfast bar and where the children will prepare their break time sandwiches as well as lunch time sandwiches. I was wondering if one can get a feature like a tray with all the jams, spreads, margarine etc. on. It must drop down into the counter top with a fold over lid to seal it. (Kind of elevator effect) When it is closed the counter top is even. On opening the lid it must fold completely over so that on the bottom of the lid is a cutting board (for bread) While opening the lid, the tray that is sinked into the counter top comes up, until it is level with the top. I searched everywhere but could not find anything similar to my idea.

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I've never seen anything like that, but I would think that if anyone makes it, it would be a company called Hafele.
They are on the web. Otherwise, you might want to contact a cabinet maker to build you something using parts from Hafele. Good luck.

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Look for TV lift hardware. But, I have to caution you that your idea doesn't take into account the refrigeration needs of the condiments, nor the absolute mess of crumbs that will make it's way into the cracks and crevices and hardware. You'd do better to think of a refrigerator drawer facing the aisle, and a bread drawer next to it for your snack zone.

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I actually just saw this exact thing on HGTV's Kitchen show special. I actually think it might have been from Hafele. You might want to scour the HGTV site to see if you can find the contact information.

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You probably saw it on HGTV at the KBIS show. It was a display done by Rutt cabinetry & Hafele.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hafele display You tube video

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I think that in practical use, it would need a liquid tight seal around the tray when open and around the lid when closed. Consider what happens when one of the children (or adults) knocks over a full glass of milk. I don't think it's practical.

One also needs to be able to wash a cutting board - even if it is used to slice bread only, sometimes some of the jam may drip on it so it may be better to not have it be part of the lid of something so it can be taken to the sink for washing.

A drawer that opens in the normal way for spreads and such and holds a cutting board would be more practical.

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There is a company called Ceanesse, in Victoria, BC with a showroom that has one of these. It is at the back of a counter against the wall. I don't know how it would work in an island. It is pretty cool. Their email is: info@ceanesse.com. I'm sure someone could tell you about it.

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I think the problems mentioned are right on track. I would think that with as much as I wipe down the top of my island, having a pop up condiment tray would end up getting crumbs and or water pushed into it pretty much on a daily basis (yuck). I'd recommend you install a bank of drawers, and/or a refrigerated drawer for other snacks and spreads would be great as well and would meet the need for keeping those items convenient to the island. The cutting board is better off being loose so that it can go through the dishwasher after use.

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