Kitchen flooring...Luxury Vinyl Planks- opinions needed on color!

jphillips_3November 11, 2013

UPDATE: I found a new option... may be the "winner" -- provides contrast to the cabinet color... but yet "goes" and also ties in the trim work/ room door color (golden oak in background). It is WARM.. which I like too! Best of all world... I think. ;) I have looked at many... this seems to be the best... I think it has a nice "real" look. THoughts? Opinions? It is Mannington Allure. Anyone have experience with it??


We a remodeling our kitchen -- new cabinets (maple deep brown), granite countertop (opalescence /black), glass mosaic backsplash (browns & grays), paint will be "perfect greige" (beige / gray combo). The only decision still to make is the floor. Although I originally wanted wood, with a door and four kids, we decided it was not the right product for us. We have laminate - don't want that again due to issue we have. For months we had been decided on ceramic tile that looks like wood. Although I love the idea of that...the thought of cold tile, grout issues and that it still isn't as "real" looking bothered me. I recently stumbled across Luxury Vinyl Planks. Well, there are many that do NOT look good (fake/cheesy). But many do! It will fit our life. It will also save money. Even if it doesn't last as long as real wood... or we tire of the look... we can replace it in the future and still have saved money!

Anyway... now we need to decide on the color... and brand! Anyone use these? What brand? Feedback?? We need it to stand up to dog claws and kids with the least amount of scratching!

And now... if you like the idea or not... I'm looking for input on color. In the pictures I have as shelf from the new cabinets that will be installed, my backsplash and granite are on the side. The door and trim in the background will be they need to coordinate. The carpet in the pic will put up to it at a 20' run where the kitchen dinette meets the family room. We have stainless appliances with black cooktop, etc. The cabinets door handles will be black. So, which floor looks best??

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option 2

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option 3

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option 4

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option 5
Or do I keep looking?

Thanks for any and all help and input!!

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in addition to color, how "real" it looks (like wood) is important too!

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one more question... not related to flooring really... is it okay for the trim to be a different color like that?? (and doors too). The trim is on the window too... and this floor will go kitchen/dinette, hall, foyer and half bath. Even if we changed trim in those areas.. they connect to rooms with the trim too... so how do you transition IF you are to change wood trim? I have thought of changing the doors on the main floor only as these are an oak finish Masonite. I would do a solid wood.... initially thought oak with the trim stain. However, could I do maple and a dark stain to match cabinets?? Or oak with the dark stain? If we left the trim would that be just weird -- as if outlining the doors? LOL!

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We are doing LVT too we are working through our builder who uses Flooring America stores and they have their own brand which is called Downs. It is the same brand used in Safeway stores around here so I went to look and after all that traffic and carts and things it still looks great. We choose the Cheyenne color which is a distressed wood look. Like you we wanted the look of wood but durability and no worries about water. We live in the PNW which means lots of mud and rain and wet gets tracked in plus dogs and kids. I have had tile floors for 10 years and they gave me spurs on my feet (b/c I like to go around barefoot) plus they were freezing. I am looking forward to warmer floors.

I like #5 because it gives variation in color that pulls in the cabinet but isn't too dark.

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I have a friend who did this floor in her house. I am a flooring person and had to bend down and look and touch to tell it was not real. Great stuff.
I like #1 best. Contrasts the best with the cabinets and seems to blend best with the doors and trim. It might make the space seem lighter. As lots of wood can darken areas somewhat.
#3 is second choice as I like it better with every thing BUT your cabinets. It's ok with cabs as it has some dark areas and is a 'louder' sample. But seems more contemporary. I actually like it the best of the samples by itself. Just not with your cabs as well.
Do not like any of the others. Not enough contrast with the other woodwork especially cabinets.
#5 looks the most dated and unreal. Others seem too dark.
I would keep the doors wood stained as they are but paint the trim. It looks like it needs sprucing up and with all other finishes changed will look more like it needs it.
I'm doing stained doors and painted trim in our new house but realize others may not care for the look.
I do like the vinyl planks though.

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I like #2 the best. It contrasts nicely with both the trim and the cabinets. #1 looks too similar to the trim, #3 and #4 do not offer enough contrast with the cabinets, and #5 looks fake to me.

We have Konecto LVP wood floors in our sunken living room. I went ahead and bought the Konecto underlayment for them and am happy we did. Other than the underlayment, they are laid right on the concrete slab. I installed them myself in Jan 2010 and they still look great. We have a dog and 2 kids. I've dragged furniture across the planks with no lasting damage. Our floor is bowed in the center, so there are some areas where I can tell the seam is popped up a little, and in another area there must have been some shifting because I have some gaps between the planks that were not there when installed- but no one else can tell and they look similar to aging flaws in real hardwood floors.

Everybody thinks they are real hardwood floors. I can tell the difference walking on them in sock feet, not sure it is apparent if you are wearing shoes.

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I like #4 best then #3, which doesn't go as well with the cabinets. #4 may not contrast enough with cabinets, but it looks very nice with the cabinet color. If you want more contrast you'll have to go with #1. Did you find any other light-mid tones?

We have LVP throughout our townhouse, it's very realistic and very low maintenance. I think you will be very happy with it!

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