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MizLizzieNovember 14, 2012

I have really valued the opinions of everyone here. Some weeks back when I mentioned I might order glazed cabinets, several people said they thought glazing looked dirty. Having now spent a lot of time looking at pictures on Houzz and other sites, I tend to agree. Very little of what is called "glazing" appeals to me.

I wish I could find some pics of ivory finishes with and without glazing. What I trying to get, in the end, is just a little depth in the millwork. Will have very traditional doors and drawers with egg and dart trim and a good bit of panelling. Hope I'm explaining that right. Conestoga has a color called Frosty White with pewter glazing. But it looks like just a rich ivory with depth to me. Pasting link below.

I guess I am asking, Can glazing ever be so subtle as to NOT look grimy? I have found very little of it, myself. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Conestoga Frosty White with Pewter

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I think you're going to have to see sample doors in person to know if what you see is depth vs. dirty. Your link looks really good, but it's a professional photo and we know how that works. Do you have access to stores that have a lot of samples on hand?

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Yes, the cabinet supplier had a sample but it was just part of a door, and had no routed corner areas. That seems to be where the stain really catches. He said before I committed, he would order a sample door. But maybe glaze just isn't for me. I don't want to be like Goldilocks, and order one door after another . . . Contestoga's website is terrible.

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To get glazing on paints that doesn't look dirty you usually have to get a brushed glaze. These vary from very subltle to um I don't think you should have bothered. You will want to see a sample. Some time ago I saw Conestoga's brushed glaze, though just a sample and it looked promising, at least in the right direction. Now that said I just had a job delivered in my custom brand where we went through several samples to finally get the correct combination to keep the customer happy. A photo would barely show the brushing but it adds depth and we went for "minimal hang" of the glazing (AKA not dirty)
The greater the contrast between the glaze and the base color the dirtier it looks.
Brands that I know of that have nice brushed glaze are- QCCI (the brand I mentioned above) Signature, Wood-Mode/Brookhaven. Showplace Wood Products has a glaze that I find very acceptible in several color combinations though it is not as sublte as the others, still it doesn't end up looking dirty (oatmeal on soft cream) and as mentioned Conestoga-
There are likely a few others, and again you have to see them in person- a photo will not tell you what you are looking for.Two images -burshed vintage, oatmeal on soft cream (yes both of them- lighting changes all) show what I mean, can't tell from photo

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Why not just let light and shadows naturally highlight the features of the trim?

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Wow, jakuvall, thanks! That is exactly what I'm looking for. In fact, that upper pic could be my kitchen layout, save for fridge being to right of the cooktop.

I think the Conestoga will look similar but I'll definitely be asking for a sample door eventually. The pewter (on the sample I saw) looked just like a faint shadow. You are right; I don't want a lot of hang, especially in the corners. But I do want that beautiful egg-and-dart to pop a little, and not melt into the background.

Thank you again for posting those.

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Give the cabinets a year or two. All of the recesses in the molding details will have gotten a little grimy--for free. :) Only partly kidding here as cleaning some of those details is not at all easy!

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We have Signature cabinets with brushed glaze. Very subtle. Adds depth but does not look dirty. I'd post a picture but you wouldn't see the glaze in the picture. It's that subtle.

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You might want to get sample of the egg and dart. Pewter is a bit tougher to get right and your talking a lot of detail. The pics are SWP and their pewter is not as suitable to what you want as the oatmeal shown. Others onthe list could be, YMMV.

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Thanks, jakuvall and everyone. Yes, I will order, I think, the one door with the heavy profile and the egg-and-dart trim with pewter glaze, or whatever their palest brushed glaze is. And if that looks dirty, then I will have to just go to an unglazed, more creamy ivory color, maybe edging a little toward yellow. Island will be dark cherry with crema marble so should be fine there.

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