TB's NH Kitchen Remodel

TB151November 5, 2013

Hi everyone, I wanted to say that I'm also a long time lurker who is about to begin a major kitchen remodel. I'm a huge fan of this site and the insights provided by everyone have enabled my wife and I to design what we believe will be an incredible kitchen. We have all of our appliances ordered, and our cabinet maker has begun building everything with an install date happening in a few months.

The overview:

Cabinets: Custom cabinet maker here in NH is building inset shaker style cabinets which will be painted white, along with a dark stained island. We have 9 ft ceilings and many of the cabinets will be double stacked with the top layer going to the ceiling with glass doors and mullions. Our Island will be 8 ft long and 36" wide

Counters: We have selected 2 Super White Slabs that we fell in love with. We will have about 72 Sq Ft

Range: Blue Star 36" RCS which is ready to be delivered

Microwave: Kenmore Elite Built In Speed Oven

Dishwasher: Miele

Fridge: LG Counter Depth

Hood: RangeCraft Pro Style Hood with Cabinets being built above it

Lights: Quorum International Chrome Pendants over the island, and a small one over the sink

Sink: Kraus 32" undermount single bowl

Faucet: Danze Parma Single Mount Spring

Beverage Center: Avanti Double Door

Hardware: Just placed our order for a big shipment from Lee Valley

We're about to take out the existing cabinets to paint and patch. We are still exploring under cabinet lighting and will be figuring out what to do there over the next 2 weeks. I will be updating this along the way with progress pics!

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Sounds like it is going to be beautiful! Good luck with everything!

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Thanks Joanie!

Last week we took some time to go and check on the progress at the Cabinet Maker's shop. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that he had added furniture feet to our island. We have them on all of the other areas of the cabinets but he thought this would tie it together and threw them in for free.

A look at the bead for our inset cabs.

And here are a few bad pics of our Super White slabs. The Cabinets are being painted/stained now and will be installed hopefully on Tuesday. Unfortunately with Thanksgiving the counters probably wont be in until the following week which means more paper plates and take out.

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Your slabs are gorgeous & I love the feet on your cabinets. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Oooooooooo. Everything looks so pretty!

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It sounds great! Please keep posting progress pictures. Which cabinet maker are you using? I'm in Northern MA and considering built-ins.

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Your selections are beautiful; will be a oogle-worthy kitchen! Looking forward to seeing more pics to keep me motivated.

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TB, where did you find your Super White slabs? I'm sure you are anxious for them to be installed. So hard waiting!

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Thanks Romy, Heidi and Mags! We copied the feet on one of our inspiration kitchens and he nailed it.

oldbat, we're using Northeast Woodworking Products in Raymond NH. Warren Bain runs it and while the website is very bad (most are), we found alot of great examples of his work and were beyond impressed. It's funny, the cabinet maker's websites have very little reflection on their capabilities but are often a great indicator of their price level :-). Here is an article with some of his work which really solidified our decision.


Our install is pushed back a bit because of the darn holidays and he wants to spend a bit more time perfecting the finish. Install date is now next Monday. Here are a few additional pics of some of the cabinets after they were primed. I know our uppers will be very tall since we're going to the ceiling with many of them (9ft) but this picture shows just how huge they are with the side panel on the left. Yikes 52"!

Example of the door fronts. We will only have glass in the uppers portion of the double stacked cabinets but will have both the lower and upper glass doors in the middle of our beverage center.

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Those are gorgeous cabinets. You must be really excited!

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So things have all progressed beyond our expectations! Our cabinet maker and countertop people have really exceeded our expectations. Here is a preview of the kitchen with my lovely wife preparing Christmas dinners at the island with our youngest son and the ever present German Shepherd Colonel. More to come!

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Stunning! Can't wait to see more pictures and get all the details. We are looking at building a new home in the seacoast area of NH. I will certainly be checking out your cabinet maker. Where did you find the super white?

Happy New Year!

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Beautiful, I love to see a kit with great style as well as function. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the nice comments! nhbaskets, we used Select Marble and Granites out of Everett, Ma. We got maybe 8 quotes and they were among the very best on price, and turned out to be incredible regarding service. I started another thread on my buying process with them, along with some better pics of the slabs.

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TB, I emailed your cabinetmaker yesterday. Hope to hear back from him soon!

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Would like to see more of your beautiful kitchen.

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Hi TB151 - I'm also in NH and starting a new kitchen. Did you find the custom cabinets to reasonably priced compared to cabinet stores? We have one quote from a place in Nashua and it seems to be a little higher than we were first expecting. Thank you! Can't wait to see pics of your kitchen as you go!

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Sarah, we visited with TBs cabinetmaker last month and have received a quote from him. He does beautiful work. I also received quote from the KD we used for our current kitchen. With TBs cabinetmaker we could get inset cabs including installation for less then full overlay of Medallion gold series. We are still waiting to meet with our builders cabinetmaker so no decision has been made on which way to go. I wouldn't hesitate to go with TB's guy. Timing is our issue, unfortunately.

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It's gorgeous! Love your picture everyone including Colonel looks great. I love your stone choice and the light fixtures are so great with it. Good job!

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Holly- Kay

How very lovely! You and your wife must be thrilled with your beautiful kitchen.

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NHbaksets - thanks for the info! We'll def be checking them out. Would love to hear about your kitchen project as you go. And see pics of course. :)

TB - your kitchen is gorgeous! Love love love the glass cabinet uppers! We asked for something similar with our designer but she warned us it would add a lot to the final cost. :/

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TB I love what you've done in your kitchen! We are embarking on our remodel and live in NH, so I'm very interested in your cabinet builder.

I reread your post and I'm not clear on what you meant when you said your old cabs were being removed for painting & patching. Did you use some of your old cabinets in the remodel? If so, how did that work?

We're removing the OTR microwave & installing a new hood, so our uppers need to be reconfigured. But overall, our cabinets are in good shape. Would love to know if you mixed old with new.

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TB, I just realized that you were patching/painting the walls.....

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Hi all, I haven't been on here in a bit but just saw all of the comments.

I really appreciate all of the kind words!

Sarah, you should definitely reach out to Warren and see how his pricing compares. He's great to work with and you will absolutely love the final product. Since finishing the kitchen, we've already asked him to come up with plans for some other projects.

Amck, yeah, you're right, we were patching and painting the walls . We actually did not reuse any of our existing cabinets and even sold them on Craigslist for a decent amount.

NHbaskets, thanks for the kind words as well, if things do work out with Warren, you will be one happy camper!

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TB, it happens that my kitchen layout appears to be very similar to yours. I'm wondering if you've posted any other photos. From the vantage of the one in this post, it is set up like my kitchen viewed from the opening of our dining room.

Presently, we have a set of cabinets to the left of our range, and attached to that, a matching pantry piece. For all the kitchen real estate it consumes I find that big pantry is not the most efficient use of space. The top shelves are hard to get to and the lower shelves are so deep everything in the back gets lost.

Your plan seems so well thought out and I am curious to know what type of cabinetry/storage you used to the left of your range. Thanks -

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Thanks! Here is a bad pic I had taken with my phone, its of the range and the cabinet to the left. The opening to the living room is there so there isn't much in the way of cabinets. We have a walk in pantry which is great, so we didn't worry about adding one into the cabinets.

Here is another very bad pic of the side of the kitchen opposite the sink etc. As you can see, we hadn't done the backsplash yet (still haven't) and there are a number of other things we haven't finalized either. We'll do a proper reveal when we wrap them all up!

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TB, thanks so much for posting a few additional pictures. Anxious to see your reveal. In the meantime, could you tell me the color of your cabinets? Especially interested in the white.

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No problem! The cabinets are White Dove.

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Wonderful! I can't wait to see more pics as you complete your punch list.

GSDs... velcro dogs! I have one and have to vault over her every time I get up from the couch. They just love their people and I can see why someone would never deviate from that breedâ¦especially when you have kids. Ours is a little mother.

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TB, thanks for posting the pictures. The photo of the cabinet run on the wall opposite the sink really highlights the "feet" feature they were able to craft for you. Love it! We have a door leading to the basement on that wall. If we didn't I would be very tempted to do something similar.

You are generous to share these pics before your reveal. They serve as good inspiration and it's much appreciated.

I envy you the walk-in pantry!

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