how to remove caulk/putty from carpet?

CavimumNovember 10, 2012

Kitchen cabinet installers are here this week. I have accidentally stepped into their caulk or putty, and tracked it onto the carpet in the next room. Sheesh!

What would be the safest way to remove that stuff from the carpet, short of shaving it off? Carpet is only two years old, so I reeeally do not want to damage it.

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Always helps to know exactly what you're dealing with. Can you call the installers and ask what specific product they used?

Then, I'd suggest getting the carpet professionally cleaned. Knowing what the stuff is will help them to decide what products to use to remove it. I'd be really careful trying to remove it myself because of the risk of making a worse mess than what you have now.

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Elraes Miller

Try WD40. It is great for removing all types of substances. After using, clean with carpet cleaner to remove the WD.

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