Backsplash plan

sstrazisarNovember 14, 2013

Looking for some advice on my plan! I'm pretty sure I'm going with Heath ceramics Dew, which is a matte tile in a light sage/blue grey with a lot of tile-to-tile variation. I'm leaning towards 3x6", as it's the easiest to fit into my space. I have a 1/2 wall above sink, range wall, and wall behind bar sink. The 1/2 wall and bar sink wall will be tiled from end to end. It's the range wall that's puzzling me. In order to forgoe the "where do I end my backsplash" post, I thought I'd just tile a 30x35" space behind the range up to the hood (where ladder is). But I don't see many people do this. Is there a reason why?

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I have no advice, but I was thinking of using the same tile (great choice) also with white cabs, so I am curious to see how it looks when you are done - please post photos!

I think tiling the area behind the range would look great, FWIW. To my (inexperienced) eye, a sheet of stainless sheel behind the stove generally looks more industrial/commercial, while tile gives a more cozy/farmhouse feel, so it really depends on the look you are going for.

That tile is so pretty, I say go for it.

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Really! I certainly will, and you too. Did you get samples? They look different in person, at least for me. I guess I was thinking I see many folks tile the whole way across the wall, and not very many just tile behind the range. I'll have two other walls with this tile as mentioned above.

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I guess I was picturing the tile continuing around at the level of the sink backsplash, which would tie it into the area behind the range more if you are concerned with that.

I saw the "Dew" tile at the Heath Showrooom and fell in love with it. I love that it has so much variation and the color. Agree, it's hard to appreciate the look of it from an online swatch!

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Lucky you that you're close to the showroom! I ordered about 20 samples from the website. :)

I don't think I like the mini- BS, at least not with my layout. I'm still unsure what to do!

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I think I'd agree with Swirly but would love to see more pics of the rest of the kitchen and read about the details and what else you have planned. Looking good so far.

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Thanks BlackChamois! I think you guys are suggesting something like this, correct? I agree that would tie into to sink half wall better. I guess what's bugging me is that I'm trying to go for simple lines, and that approach seems more complex. The granite goes in on Wednesday, maybe I should wait & do some photoshopping?

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This was what I was thinking, but I don't see this done very often.

Also, swirlycat, did Heath suggest you do an acid test on your tiles? They told me that it's a copper glaze, and will patina over time. They suggested it could be sealed, and I'm now trying to find out more about this.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I have a galley kitchen and the tile goes all the way up to the hood as well as all the way up to the bottom of the cabinets. The sink is across from the cooktop and is tiled the same way (all the way up to the bottom of the cabinet over the sink, etc.) I love it this way. Everything is so easy to clean and the clean lines (small grout line) are great in the kitchen.

Go for it.

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sstrazisar - I was actually suggesting what walnut creek just described. That would be my first choice.

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Thanks guys. To be clear, you are suggesting this? I'm doing the acid test today on my tile, so while I wait for that I'm trying to finalize the layout!

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Yes, but I would probably carry the tile all the way over to the left the length of the counter until it meets up with the tile on the half wall.

Question for you tho', what is the purpose of the half wall at the sink? I ask because had an 'L' shaped raised bar at one of my counters. After much feedback from the folks here, I decided to eliminate the raised portion and just make the entire section counter height. And I am sooo glad I did. I have so much extra usable counter and the open things up so much!

Here's a picture of the L shaped raised bar.

I'll post a follow up of the counter height.

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Very much a work in progress still, but this is the counter height ...

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Hi BlackChamois, thanks for the pictures! It's looking good...

I need the 1/2 wall because it's where my sink is. It separates the kitchen from the family room. You're suggesting what I've added to the pic, right?

I will mock up the options on powerpoint after my granite goes in. That was supposed to happen today, but postponed to tomorrow.

I guess I feel pulled to the simplicity of just tiling behind the range (and 1/2 wall, and bar area not shown), but I haven't talked to anyone who agrees. I know I can do what I want, but I don't have the "eye" and try to rely on those that do. If that makes any sense...

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Did you talk to your fabricator about your plan to only tile behind the stove? Usually there's gaps where the counter meets the wall and the tile covers it. I think you'll have to tile the full length of the counter.

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Hmm, nope I didn't. I didn't realize that was an issue. Perhaps that's why I haven't seen it done very often? Well, that might make this a moot point! Thanks may flowers!

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I would also eliminate the half wall all together. You don't need it.

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I was going to say the same about the half wall, but I noticed it's been built and the electrical has been run. I eliminated my half wall and raised bar for my remodel. However, I think in your case the raised wall is a good choice because you have an adjacent doorway. The wall will protect that walkway from getting splashed on and slippery.

I have the same sink and range set-up, and I added an open cabinet to the end of my cabinet run over my peninsula. That allows me to tile almost to the end of the peninsula (It stops 12" short of the peninsula, so I'll have some untiled counter). I know it's a little too late to do that because of the glass cabinets. It would also throw off the symmetry. Looks like you had three cabinets there previously and wanted something different.

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May_flowers, that does look nice! I love the open shelves. Honestly, it never occured to me I could do without the 1/2 wall since I had a sink. Which sounds dumb now that I write many thousands of sinks on islands have I seen? And the KD didn't think of it either, which is a bit of a bummer. Too late now though, as the granite's been cut & lines have been run. At least the 1/2 wall will hide some messiness, and define the walkway a bit. I am installing a granite piece on that 1/2 wall too.

I plan on adding a really interesting piece of art in the spot where I previously had another cabinet. I was trying to reduce my # of uppers.

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