Beaglesdoitbetter-your kitchen featured in Houzz Article

cscowNovember 7, 2012


I am mostly a lurker, but starting to recognize the famous GW kitchens! When I opened my email from Houzz this morning, I saw your kitchen in an article discussing countertops. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz

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Cool! That's such a great house with so many beautiful details. She should get a houzz spread of her own!

I like the article you linked - lots of pretty counters pictured. And I think the tips are good; these are things I've read here on GW but I think many people going through a build or reno process might not think of these. (I didn't; reno was pre-GW for me.)

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Hey, thanks cscow! I check on houzz a lot but I didn't see that! Cool!

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Way cool!
We have so many famous kitchens!

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Congrats Beagles...I can't believe how often I've seen your kitchen in different sites. Every time I'm looking for an idea, it seems when I research the picture more, it turns out to be your kitchen.

You did a great job planning your house. It's just beautiful.

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I still keep thinking of the time beagles was locked in her closet prior to move in... That image definitely stuck for some reason. Amazing home! Beagles, did you finish furnishing/decorating the library? I so loved the concept. And how about landscaping or is that next year? Off to browse the link:)

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Thanks everyone :) I couldn't have done the kitchen or house w/o help from Gardenweb :)

oldbat2be, that was very traumatic, LOL! My DH kept the message I left on his answering machine when I was locked in the closet, he thinks it is hysterical.

I did finish decorating the library. Here are some pics- the ladder is pushed forward in these, making it appear more crowded than it is. Normally, the ladder is pushed back against the blue chair. I've also added a book stand behind the couch which isn't pictured and some desk accessories, also not pictured. I can't take updated ones now b/c I've already left for the winter already:

Landscaping in the front beds of the house is done but I don't have any pictures of that at the moment. The back is probably going to be awhile... I want to extend the patio the whole length of the back of the house and build a screen porch but first we want to finish remodeling in Florida.

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