Standard overhang on granite countertop?

mbw1November 16, 2010

I'm talking about the "lip" on the countertop that cantilevers out over the cabinets....talking with hubby last night (he was home when the granite guys templated) and he said there is about a 1.5 inch overhang to allow the countertop to cover the top of the door/drawers and dishwasher and to keep a little distance between your legs and the cabinet fronts.

It seemed like a lot to me.........does this seem like a normal depth? anyone have a measuring tape handy?LOL

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1 1/2 inch is what is standard.

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if the cabinets don't have doors or drawer fronts on them yet, measure 2 1/4" from the cabinet fronts. I asked for more, and when It got installed it didn't seem like much after the drawers got their drawer fronts.

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Yup, that's standard. We had closer to 2" on our old counters (because the cabinets were only 22" and they had tried to add depth with the counters) and even that didn't feel like much in daily use.

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Thanks everyone! I was a tad worried. Never had granite before. Just something else to obsess about with a kitheno reno!

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1 1/2" is the usual and customary amount of overhang from the FACE of the CABINET FRAME - to the outside edge of the countertop - anything less than that can expose the face of the doors and drawers of the cabinet assembly......



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Thanks scared me for a minute my hubby is Kevin also and I'm thinking "did he join the forum"!LOL....

That's exactly what my husband Kevin told me and even though he built me 2 houses and builds furniture I was still's a wife thing....we question everything don't we??

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Hi. I just had to chime in. We just had our granite installed and the overhang is 2 inches. Now we have the slide in range installed and we can see the sides of the range. The nuts and bolts. If our installer had taken that into consideration, I'm sure the overhang would have been closer to 1 1/2.

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