I was expecting plug mold....???? Is this good?

2LittleFishiesNovember 22, 2012

Hey All,

I asked for plug molding instead of having outlets throughout the backsplash. I know it's a preference thing but that's what I went with. We do have one double light switch but other than that no outlets or switches will be in the future backsplash.

Anyway, I showed a plug mold pic. Our electrician does many high end jobs and didn't hesitate.

Yesterday after they left I noticed they are outlets instead of plug mold. What do you think? I think I'm fine with it but am wondering if there is anything negative I'm missing. The light rail isn't on yet.

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Hmm. I kind of like that. Might have turned it the other way, though, so the plugs ran across rather than toward you. It is going to set the cords so that they hang away from the wall a bit more than plug mold, if that matters. It will be interesting to hear what others say.

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That is such a short little section there. Maybe he is going to use Plugmold in the other longer runs ?

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No, all the sections are the same... a couple of feet apart (didn't measure)

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Fori is not pleased

Well it's probably almost as good but I hope you aren't charged for Plugmold.

The angle on Plugmold should be much easier to use.

I'd be irritated though, unless the sides are going to be trimmed out in nice molding or a bottom is added to the cabinet. Because to me that belongs in a wall or unfinished basement. It's unfinished looking. I know it will be MOSTLY hidden but not when you're plugging stuff in.

Okay. I decided I don't like it and while maybe it's nicer than being in the backsplash, it looks like a cheap retrofit.

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Sophie Wheeler

He did it that way because it's a lot easier and cheaper. Make him do what you asked for, and presumably paid for.

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I like my angle plug mold. We had the electrician/GC take low profile PM and angle it.
Can you see it when standing from across the room

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It IS a plug mold box.

You can tell by te pre-punches in the end.

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I'd want him to redo it. I agree with Hollysprings that he did it because it was easier for him. At the very minimum I'd want the outlet rotated so that cords would hang down close to the BS.

Not a fan of plugmold, but, if I did have it, I'd want it installed at an angle like A2gemini. I think it would be a lot easier to use that way.

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Are you getting a light rail? Its kinda visible right now.

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Thanks all-
I showed him pic (a couple of months ago) so wasn't sure what this was about. Yes there will be a light rail. I can't see it across the room except for a little bit but the rail will help.

Fori- you mean a decorative piece on the edges around the box? Nothing that I know of.

A2gemini do u have a pic? Nothing showing on my iPhone right now.

Brick eye- what does that mean? It IS Plug mold???

Does the angled plug mold usually go under all sections of the cabs or is it just little sections here and there?
Meaning does the electrician measure it all out?

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I got carried away and have it under all cabinets except for cold air return runs. We did have to add a bridge to reach one spot. Not sure I have a picture of the bridge.

Here is a picture of the angle plug mold under one run. Note the LED lights in the front and the conduit running back to front so less wires.. Now you see it...

Now you don't.

I did chicken out and do have 3 outlets in the wall. I might have kept one for DH coffee pot in the corner of the kitchen.

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I have those outlets also, my electrician said they do it instead of plug mold because then the UCL have to go at the front of the cabinet because the plug mold goes at the back (like A2's pic). My guy said for code reasons they don't do that (I don't know what code??) There are not supposed to be any exposed wires.

I have those outlets and I like them....I have no problem with them, and with the light rail they are not noticeable. No worries 2 fishes!!

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My receptacles are similar to a2gemini's, with the placement of the LED strips different. My electrician recommended power strips from Task Lighting. They had to be tamper resistant to meet code. From Kitchen

Here is a link that might be useful: Task Lighting power strips

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I have outlets just like yours under my cabinets and plugmold under my island overhang running the entire length of the island. I don't have any issue with my outlets, you don't see them under at all and don't find the plugmold under the island noticeably easier to plug stuff into.

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Thanks, beagles & christine40. are yours running horizontally or vertically? I'll take more pics of mine...

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Here are 2 more... Thanks for all of your comments. Just deciding if I should ask to change this or what?

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Here are mine:

Were it me, I'd see if I could get a $ credit since plugmold costs more than this solution. If they offer any kind of discount, I'd definitely keep them as they are--- as long as they won't show when your cabinets are finished.

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Thanks, beagles!

Actually, he never really charged me for plugmold. In other words, the basic contract called for regular outlets in the backsplash. At rough, I told him I wanted plugmold so we wouldn't see the outlets. he said okay. Although I was charged for other extras (LED UCL, extra recessed lights, etc.) there was no upcharge for the plugmold.

I'm wondering if the only difference in having these going horizontal or vertical is just that the appliance wires would hang closer to the wall if they were set horizontally instead.

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Actually, I think yours would probably be even easier to plug stuff into than mine are because the front outlet comes out further and you don't have to reach back as much.

I do think the cord would hang closer to the wall if set horizontal instead of vertical. But, if you plug whatever appliance you are using into the plug closest to the wall, it is probably the same effect.

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I am wondering if maybe he couldn't do regular Plugmold because of the dividers between your cabinets ? Would he have had to cut thru each of these dividers, or install it below them ? My cabinets are flat all the way from one cabinet to the next so my Plugmold and my Lights are one long straight piece.

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angela- You may be right

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It's a _wiremold_ box not a plugmold box.
If you can get by with the fewer receptacles (and if you were not charged for what wasn't installed) then I would find it acceptable. But the reason I used plugmold in a couple of locations was the plethora of receptacles well-distributed every 6 inches.

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Angela and fishies- not the reason as we don't have a straight run. Sparky used connectors.
If they work- just keep them :-)

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One more thing- what does the plug mold measure height-wise? As you can see the boxes I have come down below the cab edge in the back a bit. I'm thinking plug mold might be less noticeable? Then again being the boxes are not all along the bottom, maybe what I have now is less obtrusive?

I may leave them but am going to ask why I didn't get plug mold when that is what I requested and showed him a picture of...

The LAST photo I posted is our baking area. The KA mixer is going to "live" in that right hand corner. The outlet is about a foot over which means when it's plugged in it will "drape" to the left. Maybe they can move it to the right-- but there's a wire coming out there that says UCL so I don't know.

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Either is acceptable from a functionality stand point. If you are OK with what you got instead of what you asked for, and there are enough boxes to satisfy code, then all is well.

However, you will need a light rail molding whichever you choose. I'm surprised your KD designed the cabs without one. It hides whatever under cabinet lighting that you choose. You will notice that all of the kitchens shown in this thread except for Beagles have light rail molding. And Beagles kitchen has an extra high floor in the cabinet to create a much deeper "box" on the underside that hides the lights.

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Yes there WILL be a light rail. It's just not there yet : )

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Fishies- I am on the road but will measure when I get home. The plug mold is very thin(less than an inch thick). GC built an angle strip to mount the plug mold.
Episodically, there is a thicker box and I will send a picture and measurements.

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