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nyse2502November 2, 2013

I haven't posted pictures of my kitchen revel yet because I did a whole house Reno and its just been too crazy. I have mostly been a lurker here with occasional postings but have learned SO MUCH from the GW. Now I need help with a backsplash. I have a wood hood and the upside down corbels in the pic will be below it, on the backsplash. I am thinking of doing an inset of either mosaic with a frame around it and subway throughout the rest of the kitchen. My kitchen is large and this will be the focal point. I am just having a tough time picturing the two-toned one because I think it might look too much like a checkerboard, maybe I am being crazy. But I think the arabesque might be too safe and not pop. Opinions please!!

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What size area will be covered by the focal backsplash? The darker accent pieces may become too dominant if there will be many of them. Hence the question. By "too dominant" I mean that they may take focus away from granite. That is not necessarily bad; it just depends upon what you would prefer. Very pretty choices--all of them.

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I like the two toned ones. I think the color will add just the right amount of interest and keep things from being to monochromatic.

What are you going to do use for your border? I think a contrast might be interesting.

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I think either would be really pretty. As far as the two toned pattern, isn't there an example of some sort so people can see how it lays out?

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I vote with the 2-toned one. This is said after spending my past week looking at BS, and deciding I like interesting ones.

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This is a pic of the cooktop area, the inset would be approx 36"w x 26"h. The webisite for the 2-toned mosaic is AWFUL!! But they are a custom company and when I first saw the pattern it was reversed with the clovers dark and the other pieces light, the dark clovers were way to strong. I've seen the arabesque all laid out and it's really interesting but I just think it might be too matchy-matchy. I'm not sure what type of frame I would use, something with a contrast could work. I am also considering asking if they could make the clovers one shade darker to see if that would look better.

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I would go with the Arabesque because it would create interest without being right in your face. Your kitchen looks very classy, so I think subtle may be more in the long run. You can always get colorful accessories that can be changed out.
Plus, I suppose I'm not really a fan of focal mosaics behind the range, even when done nicely. I'd worry that I'd get bored with it or that it gets dated very quickly, even when done well.

Could you do a separate board with the two-tone tile that you can put up behind the range and that can be changed out?

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