Price Pfister faucets

stephcilNovember 27, 2008

Any feedback on these? We just purchased one at Lowe's, and my aunt (a designer) says they are horrible (leak). We really like the style and color, so thought I would ask here.


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I was at Home Depot and there was a plumber purchasing items... I asked about Price Pfister..he said you mean Piece of *&!* .... I have only heard negative things.. I decided to go with Kohler and Delta hopefully those will last.

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No, No don't purchase PP! I had a really bad experience with a shower/tub PP kit. Stick with Moen, Delta or Kohler.

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We had a Price Pfister Marielle in our old kitchen -- looked great, was nicely priced ... and was nothing but trouble. Getting replacement parts was a nightmare, too ... no one carries them locally, we had to go through PF ... they kept shipping us out the wrong parts over and over again. No charge, which was nice, but no fix, either!

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I have to be the dissenter here. We also bought and installed a PF from Lowe's. It is the Hanover ($230) and almost bought the Treviso from Amazon for a great price ($100). As my name suggested I could not afford to buy $500 faucet with the look that I wanted.

We are very happy and please with it. One-handle pull down works perfectly, spray function is easy to use, it snaps in place with no problem and NO LEAKS. Of course we have only been using the faucet for about 3 weeks, so cannot report any long term quality.

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Just my experience here, but when I bought my house 13 years ago I built a second bath, on a VERY tight budget, & installed P-F's in the tub & sink. They look ugly, they feel cheap, & they just won't die. No leaks, no problems.

I'm slowly moving through the house w/ remodeling projects, & now have very good quality faucets in the kitchen & other bath - HUGE difference in the look & feel of them.

I can't wait until I can justify & afford new fixtures in that first bath, but in the meantime, I sure can't complain about the P-F functionality.


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I bought some for the bathroom and no problems, work great, look nice and love them - we have the matching lights, shower knobs (had to order directly from PF and they were very helpful), and faucet. We've had them in 3 years.

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We also purchased the Hanover faucet for our laundry sink. It came with a matching soap dispenser. The soap dispenser did not work right from the start. We called PF and they said they would send a replacement dispenser. I told them that we only needed a small part, but they sent the entire dispenser anyway. They reiterated to us on the phone the "lifetime" warranty on their products. We have only been in for less than a month though, so I cannot speak to their durability. So far we love the faucet.

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Listen to your Aunt, if she's a designer, than you can certainly benefit from her experience. To be frank, they suck. Spent good money on one 2 years ago and had nothing but problems with it. We just replaced it with a Moen and will never buy another Price again. I only wish I would have had the benefit of someone to tell me before I wasted 300 on one! Keep in mind also, that life time warranties are great except for when you are constantly having problems and need to order parts.

If you do a search for Price Pfister in the forum, you will get see the many previous posts regarding this brand.

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I got PricePfister "Parisa" faucets and have used them since July with no problem. Previous faucet was a PP hardware store model which lasted 10 years with no problems until the very end. Got the new faucets at Lowe's for less than $300 for the pair, so if they last 10 years again, no complaints.

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We have Price Pfister in one of our bathrooms and have had it installed for over 7 years. It still looks great and works great. We have never had a problem with it, and it is in our main bathroom, so it gets lots of use.

Our Moen faucet in the kitchen, on the other hand, has had to be repaired several times. The replacement parts are always free, including shipping, but it is still a hassle.

We have Price Pfister Marielle faucets for our kitchen sinks--not yet installed. I guess we will see how they fare. We got them at great prices.

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I have the Marielle oiled bronze in the kitchen. After 2 years the sprayer just fell apart in my hands. The soap dispencer does not keep prime. I called them and they replaced the sprayer and sent a new soap dispencer, but it still does not keep the prime. I gueus I will be calling them again. I am not happy with this because they are not cheap faucets. My husband says they are cheaply built out of plastic and not worth the money ( $230.00). But dang they look nice in my kitchen.


Here is a link that might be useful: remodel kitchen

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I posted something similar a month or two ago. I love the look of the PP faucets, but have been warned against them by my builder and plumber and this forum. I totally agree with you on looks, but I guess you/we should listen to the people who have experience with them.

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Our son purchased one for his apartment but never used. My kitchen one needed replacement so we installed his. We were planning to redo the counter tops and figured we'd look for a new one later. Anyway, I hate it!! When you are on sprayer and want to switch to regular flow, you have to push and push, then turn off the water and try again and again. I waste more water.
I'd never buy another PP.

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We are installing new faucets in all bathrooms and kitchens. I asked our plumber what to do, in business since before '81. They said Delta. Parts readily available. Avoid Pr.Pf., Grohe (parts not readily avx.)

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Grohe parts are readily available. Grohe has a huge North American operation based in Chicago. I damaged the sprayer finish on my faucet and called on a Monday afternoon. I received a new one in the mail on Wednesday. Every plumber has his/her favorites and chooses not to deviate but spreading incorrect information is not fair either.
I have never owned an P&F but do have several delta faucets that came with the house. They all leak and the parts are all plastic and break easily. I am replacing with Hansgrohe faucets as an item springs a leak!

Good luck!

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I installed the PP Marielle nine months ago. I have old water lines, some rust chunks tore up the diverter. I ordered a new one, got the wrong part, then they sent me the right one with a missing part. Directions aren't clear. No kitchen water til I 'hopefully' get the right part.
My previous old cheap faucet always worked.
If you have old water lines, don't buy a PP.

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I got the PP Genesis on clearance at HD (~$50) because we desperately needed a new faucet and it was cheap and looked decent. I'd say it's worth about what I paid. The install was a pain in the you-know-what (trouble with leaking) and the soap dispenser is practically non-functional. I would have been very unhappy if I had paid regular price (~$200).

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