Planning a bathroom remodel...order of operations?

civ_IV_fanNovember 14, 2012

Well, kid #2 is on the way and the wife wants a new bathroom before s/he arrives. I'm thinking when we have two my projects are going to stop for a long while, so I'm excited about the chance to do this.

It is a small 5x8 bathroom in an old house. It is the only bathroom serving the upstairs, but fortunately we have a nice finished bath in the basement so we can still live in the house.

This is my first full remodel. We aren't moving any walls or anything to crazy. The fixtures will stay where they are at except for the sink, which i have to move a few inches to the right. I'm going from a vanity to a wall-mount type for space reasons.

Weird bits - i'm adding a point-of-use water heater for the sink (right now it takes 3 minutes to get hot water) and a radiant floor heating system.

Anyhow, this is mostly about my order of operations.

I figure that these are my steps, in order. Can anyone comment?

Bathroom remodel steps 11/14/2012


- Install valves on non-valved plumbing to keep water running in the rest of the house

- Unhook and remove sink, toilet, tub and associated plumbing. Discard sink and toilet. - Keep tub upstairs somewhere.

- Remove plastic sheet tiling from wall.

- Remove towel bar from wall

- Remove electric outlets and fixtures (TURN OFF POWER FOOL)

- Remove medicine cabinet

- Cut out wall opening to expose sink drain pipe. Continue wall cut around the corner as needed to be able to center pipes under new sink

- Demo floor, keep subfloor

- Cut out wall opening from medicine cabinet to the wiring on the right.

Rough carpentry

- Frame out medicine cabinet

- Frame out wall nook for water heater

- Frame out other niches as desired


- Reroute sink plumbing, being sure to center where sink will be.

- Rework toilet and tub plumbing as and if necessary

- Route plumbing for point-of-use water heater


- Install electrical outlets and light

- Run electric for point-of-use water heater

- Run electric for in-floor heat


- Install medicine cabinet and woodwork


- Repair and rebuild walls

- Install tile backer board

- Install floor radiant heat mats in traffic areas

- Tile floor

- Tile walls

- Install molding above tiled wall

- Install (3?) Towel bars behind bathroom door

- Paint


- Install bathroom sink

- Install toilet

- Install clawfoot

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SORRY! I Just saw there is now a separate bathroom forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: I moved the post (link below)

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