Etchings or HD laminate - does gunk get stuck?

aimskitchenNovember 8, 2012

I received a few samples of Formica etchings laminate yesterday (one looks like marble, the other something like superwhite), and they are pretty cool looking. However, I notice the little bits of texture (small etchings in the surface) and I've seen the even more textured surface of the Wilsonart HD laminates, and I have to wonder - does food/gunk get stuck in those textured areas? Can you ever get them clean? Can anyone who's lived with these surfaces share your experience? Thanks.

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We had Etchings in our last house. It was never a problem to get clean. Those little fissure-looking things are so tiny and shallow that they never seemed to catch anything. We also have a Riverwash textured laminate in our laundry room, and that's no problem to clean either.

My parents just replaced a countertop that had a texture something like orange peel, with little dimples all over. They moved into the house where it had been in the kitchen for years, and it looked pretty awful, and it had years of buildup in those tiny divots. But I haven't seen any current laminate texture that seems like it would be anywhere near that bad.

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I had Wilsonart HD at my old condo. The texture didn't hold anything because the overall finish is pretty glossy. It was easy to clean. And the texture also made it very easy to keep looking clean, since it didn't show dirt easily. I put a different color of Wilsonart HD in my new laundry room since I liked it so much.

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They surely do make some nice looking products, and it's good to hear they clean up well. Thanks!

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