I jinxed myself. Stoves

CEFreemanNovember 17, 2012

Well, I'd commented that I had yet to afford new appliances, but when I could, I'd be rabidly reading here.

Then, last week my tenant called.

The 30 year old, basic GE gas stove had crapped out. No pilot igniter and of all things, [scream] no clock.

I had a guy out to see if it could be repaired and he almost couldn't be polite, he was laughing so hard.

I have the best tenants in the world, so I want to get them up and cookin' ASAP. They did say they weren't hosting Thanksgiving, thank goodness.


Where do I pick up a decent 30" gas stove? What in the world should this roughly cost?

I figured I'd try this week to pick something up thru Black Friday, so I'm shopping. But I have no frame of reference.

Imagine. They actually cook.

Suggestions and recommendations are welcome! :)

(And I still have to pay the roofer who hasn't shown up yet. Thank you, Sandy!)

Thanks for your thoughts!

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On sale at HD, adora gas stove with good reviews, $848. No personal experience though. On my moms iPad having trouble doing a link. Ok, 10 year old just helped me figure out the copy paste, lol.

Black is less than stainless of course, white also. Good luck. Eat more chocolate or cookies in triplicate always help me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot GE Adora gas range

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I look for clearance/scratch and dent appliances at HD or Lowes. You have to go there to see what they have and they move fast. What about those places you go to find cabinets, do they carry appliances? I put used or clearance/scratchndent in our rental.

One thing I now insist on is that the stove must have a self clean function.

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$386.99 at Sears.

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Do you have a Sears scratch and dent place nearby? They might have something for a good price.

When an apartment dweller I didn't care about self clean, but I was happy to have an oven with a window in the door:). So I vote you get something that is easy to clean (the top) and you may want to skip the self clean cycle because they often are the last thing a range does before it dies.

Oh, and if you want something that could work for another 30 years SKIP the electronic dashboard controls. Knobs rule :)

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Scratch & dent sears in Newark de, right off I-95

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I un-jinxed my freezer this morning. The little red light came on when I plugged it in, but the motor did not come on after we moved. It's been siiting there since late July, and I was about to call a repair person.

Opened the door this morning, and there is a switch!! Who knew??????? I turned the knob and it came on. The laughing repairman brought that to mind.


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Nancy, where did you see a stove at that price?

I appreciate the input on windows and self-cleaning. I knew and agree about the former, but hadn't considered the latter. Didn't actually know gas stoves had self-cleaning functions. I would have thought it would set the house on fire.

Will check myself this week, but my reuse center, no. I can't get a gas stove up 2 flights of stairs, and an old one down myself. So any $$ saved would be "eh". Plus, it'd still be old....

I appreciate it, guys!

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Craigslist in your area maybe? See what's available and then post models. Good luck!

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You can also check Sears Outlet online. They have a wide variety of ranges available, priced from $350 on up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sears outlet online

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I'll second craigslist for your area. My husband has been able to find brand new appliances for reduced cost--usually contractor appliances that weren't used for a project.

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Another vote for craigslist!

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I wasn't thinking about the tenant with self clean I was thinking of you the owner who would have to clean the oven when the tenant moves out. After having to clean a non-self cleaning oven after a tenant moved out, I will NEVER clean another oven again my entire life by hand. If the current tenant with the non-self clean leaves it dirty I will give the oven away for free to any one who will take it. Not joking.

I can't imagine why it would start a fire unless there is something wrong with the oven.

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I would start with Craig's List and Sears Outlet. Good chance you'll find something suitable at either. If warranty is a concern, I'm pretty sure Sears Outlet would be your best bet.

Good luck!!

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Really, come on...this is not a site for slumlords is it...I mean really??? I mean, no offense, the appliance you want to replace is 30 years old...good tenants and Craigslist is the biggest recommendation??? Suffice to say...I'm shocked...

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Autumn 4 does have a good recommendation though...

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I hope you're not misunderstanding, because I don't know at what you'd be shocked, berlingirl? 30 years old is way past planned obsolescence, wouldn't you say?

I do want a good stove, depending upon the price, a warranty, but I also need to have it delivered, installed, and the old one removed.

As I mentioned, that pretty much negates my reuse center I love, and probably CL, too.

It never hurts to look!

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We replaced our old range 3 years ago this month. We bought a Kenmore range much like the one below for $764.99 plus $14.98 some necessary plumbing part (? "Gas Conn R Mds") plus a $65 delivery fee and a $10 haul away fee. It's been a great range. There are similar ranges on offer without the long center burner, which I think I've used once. On some models all the burners have the same btu output and some probably don't have a convection oven. These variations bring the price down a couple of hundred dollars while still offering the self-clean. It's been more than satisfactory for all the cooking, canning, and baking that I do.

This one is currently on sale for $719.99. It has a convection oven (mine doesn't), 2 high btu burners, and one simmer burner. If for some reason it's not on sale in the store for this price, we found that Sears will price match their online price. We did that last year for a new refrigerator, you just have to be a little persistent.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kenmore range

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Re: slumlord remarks ...

If I was renting a place and the landlord could buy a slightly used range with awesome performance (even oven, burners with different BTU ratings) for the same price as a new range without those features, I would WAY prefer the used one.

I mean, the range was used when I moved in. So if it gets upgraded to a newer, nicer, better used range I'd be happy. Have you seen some of the nice ranges on Craigslist? It's not a slumlord suggestion.

It turns out it won't work for this poster because of delivery and hookup needs, but still, don't be too quick to judge the idea.

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You're in the DC metro area, yes? There's a Sears scratch & dent outlet behind Wheaton Plaza and a huge Bray & Scarff s&d outlet in Laurel. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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You're in the DC metro area, yes? There's a Sears scratch & dent outlet behind Wheaton Plaza and a huge Bray & Scarff s&d outlet in Laurel. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Annie Deighnaugh

kenmore is great as sears will service them should you have an issue. you might check who is the original manufacturer though as kenmore is made by somebody and then the kenmore label is added...so at the old house, we bought a kenmore dw that was made by whirlpool...typically you get them at a better price than the name brand appliance.

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Sears outlet will deliver. I'm not sure about install. You'll want to ask.

I had a great Kenmore all gas range with convection I got from Sears Outlet. I paid around $450. it had minor scratches and dents on the side, but was a non issue. I used it for six or 8 months before we moved and leased out the house. My tenant never had trouble with it, except learning how to use it. She came from using an AGA cooker, so had to learn to cook on a basic stove.

Very few things you buy today are likely to give you 30 years, especially with electronics and circuit boards. You should consider something with as few or none of these as you can get especially in a rental.


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I didn't know Sear's had a S&D place there!!! I knew they repaired there, but that's good info. :)

Kenmore is great and pretty much always has been, even though they were bought out years ago! I do think it was Whirlpool.

I'm going to do some shopping this week, including all the great suggestions here.

As far as how much I want to spend? Well, since I have no idea (or didn't!) what to consider, I'm hoping for the $5-700 range, because I still have to add in a plumber. I'm working my bummy off this week to get the $$ together.

My roofer finally showed, so that's going to soak up $700 just today (bless him, he's going to let me pay him the remaining $600 on time). Then I'll have a couple of days to get the rest together. I'd like to get them an oven as fast as I can.

As a matter of fact, I woke up thinking about this. I am somewhat offended at the slumlord assumption. Given the fact pretty much everything I own or do comes used, recycled, upcycled, donated or discarded, (including my own CL appliances) I understand the value of these objects. However, I have never myself mentioned getting something used for my tenants. I believe I've indicated something quite the opposite.

Folks, thank you for your help and I'll start my looking Monday!

Sincerely, as always,
Your reuse/recycle/rebuild/Reese's-eating friend,

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Please Christine...take no offense. I am not on these boards like 99 percent of the posters here on any type of regular basis. I don't have any idea where you lived like most of those who referred you to used appilance sources so obviously did. I had no idea you live in a major metropolis where you have access to high quality second hand items on Craigslist or similar outlets. I live in a rural area. Craigslist here is a $25 dollar stove that somebody doesn't want to use in even a rural hunting camp. That is my frame of reference. I apologize if I offended you. It was not in relation to anything you said, mentioned or did. I My hat is completely off to you and your ability to reuse, recycle and rebuild. Again, just a frame of reference to where I personally live in this country. It's rural although I live in a town. This town is a service center so it pulls people who are disadvantaged here from all over the state. Sadly, there are many "slumlords" who pry upon them. Never did I mean to imply that I felt you were such a person. Please accept my sincere apology. (would've sent this privately, but don't know how)

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Christine-I was kinda feeling bad because I mentioned an $800 stove (based upon the comment that your renters actually cooked so it had some options - not all the bells and whistles but 5 burner, convection). I wasn't quite sure what you were looking for and it's hard on these boards because sometimes $800 seems like dirt cheap if you are otherwise looking at wolf's and thermador's which I knew you weren't but, kwim?. Also - not sure it matters but there was another post on that very stove and livewireoak had said it's Home Depot's 'brand' for GE so it's better pricing but not builder grade cheap-o either. The reviews on the home depot site were good and that's why I threw it out there. We will need appliances soon so I've been poking around myself and that one is in our price range.

I have checked our local Craig's list before and I think mine is more like Berlingirls - sort of as is, maybe works, mostly yucky. I think there are some diamonds in the rough but it would take serious time and stalking the listings to find one (which I might be doing when the time comes).

Sorry I didn't come back earlier - chance for free tickets to a football game (sad day for the Spartan's but great weather anyhow) so it was a looong but fun day yesterday. All the energy of those teen/early 20's running around made me feel young and then I snapped back to reality when I looked at my 10 year old sitting next to me....ugh. That and the fact that I was exhausted from 4 hours of fresh air, lol!

Good luck and please do post what you find! I'd be interested to know. I am really thinking of going from electric to gas and I'm kinda scared about it....all this oven heating even/un-even talk. :(

Happy snacking and happy shopping. :)

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Berlingirl, apology accepted. I'm not thin skinned online. There's very little point. I would suggest making certain of the circumstances before assuming. Either online or IRL. Particularly when the original post walked about great tenants, buying, and how 30 years was a pretty good run!

I'm not a big CL person myself, so all ideas are welcome. What I end up buying, just like kitchen decorating and function, will be my own decision.

Autumn, don't feel bad. All information is good information. Who knows? They might want an AGA, in which case I'll give them an allowance, they can pick up the rest, and replace it with a basic stove when they leave.

I'm a very flexible landlady. They're very nice tenants; I want to keep them. I'm also a good landlady. I leave them alone. I fix things with alacrity, and always buy as best as I can afford. Which is always better than I get for myself, usually! And... I haven't raised their rent in the 4 years since they moved in. How many tenants can say that!?

Speaking of info, you are referring to the MSU Spartans, aren't you? [evil chuckle] My sisters will be a wreck if they lost. I, myself, was forced to attend Western and could care less about who wins, even back when I was [gasp] a cheerleader. heheheheh. I can't wait to call them.

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I'm also in the DC area and am budget constrained. I haunt the Sears Outlet website, there are lots of great deals. I live near the Wheaton store and stop by occasionally - you can find great stuff there, often cheaper than or not listed on the website. For the longest time they had a built in KA fridge 36", side by side, with some minor dents that was down to like $1500 last time i was there, and they usually have a pricey range or two (eg, a GE induction slide in, a Jennair 48" gas range). But ithe Wheaton store is relatively small, and doesnt cater to a fancy crowd. The manager once told me that there is a better selection, particularly of higher end tiers, at the larger store (he mentioned Woodbridge Va and Baltimore). I haven't been to either but plan to once I know for sure what I can do with my kitchen. note, though, that Sears Outlet websites fiddles with the prices on some items; I'm always looking at built in fridges and the prices will cycle up and down by anew hundred dollars depending on the day or week. I assume that may correspond to their sales calendar but it's kind of annoying. Not sure if that happens with ovens or ranges though.

Ive also been to the Bray and Scarff s&d store in Laurel. It's great - a big warehouse with piles of stuff, and lots of fancy brands! But the markdown seemed less impressive - the KA counter depth fridges that were there (returned by a customer who changed their mind) were actually about the same price as the 'regular' price on AJ Madison. Some items were cheaper, particularly those that had been repaired (and were certified by B&S), but for me both because of convenience and the pricing, I'll probably rely more on Sears. Hope some of that helps!

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Christine-You sound like a FAB landlady. :) And if you've got good tenants then yes I can see your desire to keep them for sure! It sounds like you have a very pleasant relationship going.

OT: I have analysis paralysis - in a bad way. Multiply appliance decisions (trying to get an idea for budget) by the thought of building which is a TON more decisions - just put me in a closet with some chocolate now and keep throwing some under the door every once in a while. I am certain I will be gaining weight over this whole ordeal! I am sort of excited but more so just want it to be done - overnight so I don't have to continue thinking (obsessing) about it.

Oh boy....it would be those very same Spartans (who yes did lose by 3)....who also dropped 3 passes in their last possession with about 2 minutes to go and trailing by 3 points....UGH!!! I actually grew up in Lansing but have only been to 1 other game in my life. I was a GVSU Laker myself. My son just started playing football so he was so excited at the chance to go, I was wishing hubby wasn't working so he'd go in my place but really I had a fun time too. DS kept saying "MOM, something is happening everyone is upset, what's going on????" and I said, well lets watch the screen and maybe they will tell/show us because I have NO IDEA what it could be, lol!!! He loved watching the band and the baton twirlers - a lot to see. :) Gasp - a cheerleader that DOESN'T care about football? NO WAY!!!!

We actually don't follow it or watch on TV hardly ever but it was fun to go and it was so nice yesterday - I think a nice payback for all of the ROTTEN cold, wet, windy weather we had in October while my son was playing.

Greetings to a fellow Michigander. ;)

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I think Kenmore range is made by Frigidaire with different handles and knobs of course. There is a Frigidaire on sale at Lowes and Best Buy for $699.99 and its the same as the Kenmore one suzannesl listed.

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You should be able to pick up a great deal on CL. I have a wall oven in pefect condition and I can hardly give it away on CL You and your tenant will be win win.

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The problem with CL is that you need to haul the range from one place to the next and also still need to find an installer, plus get rid of the old range.
Check out HHGregg, Sears, etc. and NEGOTIATE; anybody will match or beat a price.
Also, try www.dadsappliance.com They usually have more upscale brands but will offer very good prices and can get pretty much everything.

Finally, I just came across this link that helps identify which Kenmore appliance is made by which manufacturer. (BTW, everybody tells me to avoid Frigidaire.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kenmore appliances

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nosoccermom-I have that same feeling about frigidaire but the local appliance store told me they have some a long way after they almost went under. Revamped everything, establishing a better brand, better quality and that Electrolux is their high end brand, Frigidaire more mainstream. I didn't know that but still leery myself.

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Once again, thanks for the ideas! I am checking out all the links and recommendations.

Autumn, I grew up in Mason and my mom and sister are in E. Lansing now. I am glad your son had a fantastic time despite the loss. You know that he will remember that game with his mom his entire life!

Hmm. Electrolux is the best vacuum ever. Let's hope their fridges don't suck. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I think I'm so funny!)

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Christine-lol, on the pun. Small world. My parents moved to Haslett after my sister and I moved out of the house. I live on the west side of the state now.

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"I will give the oven away for free to any one who will take it. Not joking."

I did that with the stove, fridge and dw in the place I recently moved to. No way was I cleaning or using any of them. Gave them to my workman to recycle. He hauled 'em outa here and put in my 'newer' appliances. 2 I bought from CL - cheap and in very good, clean condition. the fridge is from my old place.

good luck on your shopping adventure!

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When our fridge crapped out, I discovered that second-hand appliance stores are common in major metro areas. These folks will deliver and install. They often have appliances that are either brand new or near-new, that have been swapped out by people when they moved into a place. We got a near-new fridge for about 50% of the price of a new one. Google should turn up some options. Example local to me below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Example of used appliance store

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Sorry - the link I gave above was fairly useless. Here's a better one:

Here is a link that might be useful: Used appliance store - stoves

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It's definitely the "install and haul away" part that interests me.
I'll do some looking around here, too!
Thanks, Peter.

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Here's a thought - ask your tenants if they want to kick in a few $$ to get a nicer model than the old one. They may be happy to contribute a little to get a nice upgrade, and you end up with a better-equipped rental unit.

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Christine, You must be in the MD/DC area. There is a used appliance place in Frederick, Md called Peace and Plenty. I've never been there, but heard about them when my SIL donated her perfectly good (but wrong color) kitchen appliances to them. Apparently they refurbish and resell them. I believe she told me they do deliver and do offer a warranty. Not sure of any of it, but could be worth checking them out.

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Well, all. An update.
After a lot of shopping, and I mean a lot, I came back to Lowe's.

I didn't go with the least expensive, because the reviews said it put off a TON of heat. That kitchen is small and I remember the existing oven being horribly hot. Hopefully this will be better. I also got a self-cleaning one.

I got it, and it's plumbing kit for $643. I'd chosen another model that would only have been $549, but despite the fact it's on their site, they no longer carry it.

It comes with a warranty, they're hauling the old one away, too.

The thing I didn't anticipate, which I should have after the DW replacement debacle, is that a plumber has to disconnect the old and reattach the new one's gas. That's another $3-400.

I've had a terribly slow period at work, which has made this difficult. I literally took my reserve down to $3.00. Yup. THREE. But, I also got my roof fixed, (another fabulous story) which soaked up $$. I called the insurance company, though, so I should get that money back. Anyway, they're going to arrange the plumber from the condominium's referral and deduct it from the rent.

So there you have it. I appreciate all the suggestions, but in the end, I felt better with Lowe's. Oh! I forgot to mention I bought it online through eBates and will get 6% back -- which is the MD state sales tax!

mulemom, I didn't see this post about Peace and Plenty. My own, CL appliances are shaky. I'm holding onto this post.

Thank you all!

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Great deal!

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Yay that you got the stove resolved and oooh, I'm so jealous of the fixed roof! How wonderful to look forward to the winter with a snug roof.


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If I may tell you what I do...
I used to be the kind of landlord that did not raise the rent until they moved out. We now raise a tiny bit each year to off set the increased cost and to have reserves for proper maintenance. When we fixed the rent for long periods, the tenants seem to hide or not report minor problems for several years. When they moved out, we often found major problems that was quite expensive to fix, ie minor bathroom leak that was let go and required complete rebuild of bath....

Now, we insist on regular inspection, reportage of even minor problems, and raise the rent just a bit so that they know that we are not just here to support their fixed rent. Certain things, we will do even if they live there, ie recaulk the bathtub if it looks bad. Even with the minor raises in rent, our tenants stay multiple years, moving out when they have lifestyle changes.

I too need delivery and removal. I buy whatever is a good deal. My goal is the promptness for the tenants, not necessarily the best deal for myself. For example, I may buy from a store that sells it for more if they do the gas hook up at the time of delivery so I don't have to arrange for the gas plumber. I think you tenants have a good landlord.

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> a plumber has to disconnect the old and reattach the new one's gas

Why? I thought that was only MA?

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PeterH2, although this might come as a surprise to you, as it does to most, you are apparently wrong.

MD demands it, too. [LOL]

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Missed these:

mtnfever, yes, I'm happy about this. Now I feel the weak spots in that system are fixed. I would like to address what's freezing under the floor... one thing at a time.

Kaismom, that is good advice. I think since this summer it will be 5 years, I'll ask to take a walk-thru. They have been very responsible tenants -- as far as I know -- and I've been responsive. But I do see your point and it is well taken. Thank you for the voice of experience.

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I had to have a "professional installer" hook up my new gas oven. In NC. I think that's actually pretty common...

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Ugh - for all that people mock CA for having too many laws and restrictions (and we certainly do), at least we can still work on our own homes. I guess the gas fitters' and electricians' unions have more clout in MA and MD...

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