HELP me clean my glass cooktop!

susan4664November 20, 2007

I have the Kenmore Elite with a black glass cooktop and I am finding it sooo difficult to keep clean. The top is always streaked and it takes a lot of time an effort to shine it. First I wipe it clean, then I scrub it with a dobie pad and cooktop cleaner, then I use Bar Keepers Friend, then continue to buff hard to get it shiny. It's the same with the control panel. The shine only lasts until the next time I cook. I've come to accept it looking bad all week, only to look clean again on Sunday for a few hours. Am I missing something here???

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To clean my glass cooktop, I use the glass cooktop cleaner which is actually sold at Sears. A little goes a long way. I use it with paper towels to clean, then buff with a microfiber cloth. If there is something which is really stuck, I use a razor blade and VERY carefully scrape it off. It really only takes a minute or two to clean it each night and have it looking nice all the time.

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I use the Weissman's creme (spelling?) that came with my Bosch range. I follow the same method as Chedanemi and my range is shiny and clean every night. The key is to make sure you take the 2-3 minutes after each meal to clean it up to ensure it stays looking prestine. I've seen ranges like this where people don't take care of them properly and they look awful.

Really, cleaning a glass top range is not a difficult task nor is it time consuming...though I've heard others complain about their Kenmore range in the same manner. Hummm!

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I don't have a Kenmore, but I don't have any problem. I usually wipe with a damp rag and then dry with a towel. Sometimes I use the cleaner, wipe the cleaner off with a damp cloth and dry with the towel.

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I have a Kitchenaid black cooktop. I really don't do too much to it. I really try hard not to be a messy cook, so maybe that helps. I'm actually more afraid of messing up my honed marble back splash than my cooktop. After dinner I usually just wipe it with a sponge and dry it off with the dish towel. Every few days I use Bar Keepers Friend to get the small weird spots off. I'm not sure what they are. It's not food and you can only see them in certain light.

Is it possible that you are using too much product and then spending all the time trying to get it off? I hope you can think of a solution. That's entirely too much effort on something that is supposed to be easy to clean!

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There is a thread here in Kitchen forum where cleaning problems of Sears Elite tops are discussed. It is "Delicate Ceramic Cook Top..." started on 8/3/2007 by kks_mom. You might do a Search under that subject, or by author. (Sorry I don't know how to link it...maybe someone else here will do that for you.)

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A shiny black glass cooktop is just HARD to keep looking good...and "good" means different things to different people.
It's like a black car, it looks good for about 10 minutes IF you can get the lint off of it from the towels you used to clean it (g). I hated mine (and knew better) and finally had KitchenAid replace the top with their speckled top they use on the stainless model. The cooktop cream, like others suggested, is good and is supposed to help prevent food from sticking. Whatever I clean with, I follow up with a water/alcohol spritz and a MICROFIBER cloth to buff dry. Microfiber is the key to a (as close as you can get)streak free shine. Course 30 minutes later you can see the dust it's starting to accumulate :o

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Oops, Susan, that thread is located in the Appliances forum instead of here in Kitchens. Sorry.

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Thanks for all the advice. I guess the secret is less cleaninf product, more microfiber.

Deee-what's with those weird spots??? They drive me crazy and don't scrape off or wipe off easily. The only thing that I find gets rid of them is Bar Keepers Friend and lots of elbow grease.

I'm going to search for the other thread. Thanks all!

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I used to use a straight edged razor on my old one -

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We have a Kenmore Dual-Fuel range with the black glass. We had one in the previous home, too. I've never had a problem cleaning either one. I use 409 Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Cleaner about 99% of the time. Once in awhile, I use the mesh sponges to scrub something stuck on there. My DH will occasionally use the creme that came with the range.

I saute a lot; boil pasta a lot (those carb splashes); and cook a lot.


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My shiny black cooktop is easy to maintain. I only use Barkeepers Friend for stubborn spots. Otherwise, just a microfiber cloth does it. Wet for cleaning, then a dry one for drying and looking good. For really bad stuff - like burnt-on sugary sauces, use a razor blade. The trick is to clean up every time after cooking, as soon as it's cool. Don't wait.

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We used to have the Kenmore Elite in a white ceramic top, and cleaning it was the bain of my existence. (Jeez, but I sound like my mother when I say that!)

Like you, there was no quick and easy way to clean it -- you hadda go through a whole big rigamarole with a bit elbow grease thrown in. And, like you said, it only lasted til the next time you used the stove top. Even boiling a (CLEAN!) kettle of water for tea would leave a nasty brown ring.

At first I used the Sears product ($) and a razor, but I found I got better results at less money with Bar Keeper's Friend. You might want to try generously sprinkling BKF on the spot, adding a few drops of water and waiting a bit before scrubbing.

It was with much delight that I replaced that one with my new GAS range, and I have no clean-up issues at all anymore. Of no help to you in this instance, I'm sorry -- but I do commiserate.

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We have the Kenmore Elite gas-on-glass (black) and it cleans beautifully. We just wipe it down with a wet soapy sponge and then finish with the miracle clothe & glass plus. It's completely streak free with the miracle clothe at the end. If it's really dirty, we use Bar Keepers Friend and then the miracle clothe & glass plus. Doesn't take long at all and in between I just use the clothe (damp or dry). We used to use the razor blade, but then discovered the Bar Keepers Friend (learned about it here, of course!)

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I have a Whirlpool Gold white glass cooktop. I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get off any stubborn spots, and use the cooktop cleaner and buff it with a microfiber cloth. I've had it for a year and a half and it still looks brand new. Whenever something spills over and burns on it I sprinkle some baking soda and white vinegar on the spots, let it sit for 10 minutes, and it wipes right off with the scrub side of a Scotchbrite sponge.

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Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions!! I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought some micrfiber and my cooktop is sparkling!!

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I just got a glass cook top and I am terrified of messing it up-I have never had one before. Mine came with a dozen cleaning caveats...don't use this...donÂt use that. So I have been afraid to use anything but water and the sample cleaner that came with it. My sister-in-law, who is visiting for the holiday and has a glass cook top (and has for years), said she uses "scrubbing bubbles" bathroom cleaner on hers. She says it dissolves through any stuck on gunk. Not sure I am ready to try that method but who knows....

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I try to use Natural type products where possible, but for the cooktop I use Easy Off Cooktop cleaner. For my Bosch and for my old Maytag it works the best for me. I use a blue scotch brite with it. If there is a ton of burnt stuff I use a razor blade first. My Bosch manual says to use vinegar if streaking remains....but I just use the Easy Off Cooktop cleaner and find that works. I have tried to use Meyers Clean Day on it, but it didn't work as well.

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My mother-in-law's much prized white Kenmore glass cooktop seems to have acquired a cloudy grey look in the area of the element. A large pot nearly boiled dry there, and I am worried that I have damaged her beautiful stove permanently. Any thoughts? I understand that it may be possible to lift the surface and look underneath, but I have not the faintest idea how to accomplish that. Thanks!

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A big THANK YOU to those who suggested microfiber cloths for this type of range. While I was not the OP, I did have a similar problem with streaking and cloudiness on the top of my black glass cooktop. I went over to the store, and bought 2 microfiber dishcloths.

They not only helped that cooktop shine again, they also did wonders with my granite (uba tuba) counter-tops!

I may go get another package!


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I too thought that a glass top would be easy to keep clean. Microfiber cloths and razor blades help. But to preserve my sanity I have simply redefined 'clean'.

As a general rule I recommend:
1) Matte or satin finishes, not shiny;
2) Textured finishes (as on fridges); or
3) Speckled colors rather than solid,
or a combination of the above.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delicate ceramic cooktop - Scratches so easily! pls help!

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I have a black mark on my cook top. I have tried baking soda, vinegar, glass top cleaner and bartenders friend. It does not help only makes it darker. I was very good about cleaning it every night. At least I thought I was. I am so disappointed. Does anyone have any other ideas. Thanks

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