Painting - where to stop?

thornhillNovember 24, 2012

I was hoping to get some opinions on where to stop painting. It is actually my dining room, but as it is attached to my kitchen I thought that almost counted.

We just painted this dark blue color, and clearly our decision to stop where we did was wrong. Should we keep going and paint the area with the orange dot and and the red dot, or just the orange area? I think painting the actual ceiling would put it over the top.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Actually I think it lookes fine the way it is, what do you dislike about it? I think if you paint the red dot area then you need to paint the orange dot area as well, but if you paint the orange dot area only, you don't need to paint the red dot area. To me, all the white area looks like " ceiling " and should be kept ceiling color, I would be concerned that painting the orange dot area would make the room look smaller and like it was " falling" in on you.

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Inside corners is the common wisdom for where to end colour - so I agree you would need to do both the orange and red. Room looks very severe without draperies, art\wall decorations to break-up the dark and repeat the light ceiling colour. Once the room is done I don't think you will think it looks odd at all.

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bluetea57, just looks like too much white to my eye. The drop is almost 2'. The ceilings are 10', so it is quite a chunk.

caryscott, I understand that you are saying if I did one I would have to do both, but do you think I should change it?

Thank you both. I don't know if this photo is any better.

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I also agree that it looks good where you stopped. Dark areas above my head make me feel like I'm in a cave plus I think the cool ceiling angles would be lost if you painted any area of it dark.

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All I could offer would be the possibility of painting the orange/red dot areas with a transitional color, like an ivory or a light warm grey and leave the center white? I get what you are saying about too much white, but I don't think more blue is the answer.

Agree that without drapes, art, furniture etc it looks severe which might be mitigated when you decorate.

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Have you considered painting the orange and red dot areas with lighter shades of the blue? Shades that use a pastel tint and are closer to the top of the chip chart? That would still be a lot of blue, and perhaps too much.

Working in a warm beige (as suggested above) on the angled part of the tray ceiling, or the upper flat/horizontal part, might look nice.

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The second picture helps to give a different perspective , I agree with the suggestion to use a warmer, lighter transitional color, a light pearl grey perhaps , and then I would paint both the orange and red dot areas with that color. Is there a room that adjoins? Perhaps there is a neutral color there that would coordinate?

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The dining room is adjoined to the foyer and the kitchen. Both are painted in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. A swatch is below, in real life it appears a lot lighter. Perhaps we will give that a shot. Do you think it is overkill to paint the ceiling too?

I really apprecaite all the help!

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Have you played with this with some photoshop or one of the online paint programs like Sherwin Williams offers?

It might be helpful for visualizing what you are thinking about changing.

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I think it would look good to paint the verticle part of the ceiling (red dot) a lighter shade of the blue (on the same palatte. I've seen that done quite a bit and it looks nice.

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I think the Pewter color would be very nice in the orange and red areas, it would be a good transitional color ; it would tie in all the rooms, stay with the same palette and give the ceiling depth while reducing that " too much white" feeling.

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