crashdumping on this site?

tullamoreNovember 29, 2012

Does anyone else's computer crash while on kitchen forum?
I get a Driver has stopped and has now recovered every time I am on Kitchen Forum lately.
Isn't happening anywhere else- just wondered if it was just me.

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No County Offaly, I think its just you

The Dub

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No problems here either.

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I had it for awhile.
With Firefox and IE. Turns out that stupid Silverlight was crashing my system. That and the darned flash crashes.

I am no using Chrome and altho I don't like it, things are moving better.

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I am having trouble using my iPhone. Getting an error message when threads load then go back and it's fine, but refresh gives the same error. So annoying!! Not doing it with any other website. Just here.

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Thanks so much for the input, everyone! It's probably my computer, but just wanted to see if it was happening to anyone else.

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