Still no backsplash but getting closer

phiwwyNovember 9, 2012

I'm the bianco antico poster who was trying to figure out accents in the BS, and white vs gray vs marble.

We nixed the marble after buying a box. Light gray is still a consideration.

Went to another tile place and brought back lots of whites - which are hand made and can be made in any size/shape/etc.

What i'm trying to accomplish is an interesting pattern without being busy. Interesting like beekeeperswife's arabasque but DH said no to that.

I like the "chevron" or herringbone pattern, so does DH.

I also like this tile shape below (the color is a little off but it can be gotten in any of the colors shown in the rest of the pix - white/gray/etc). The rest of the pix will be of the various whites.

Any thoughts on shape?

Can you see the whites in this pix well enough to help me eliminate any?

Lastly - what about the very pale gray glazed on?


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Here's the long run showing all the whites laid out. One comment I heart about Walker Zanger (the board with the grey/green chairrail) is that they ship orders from different lots - anyone had a problem with orders and not matching colors within the orders?

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These 3 whites are Horus Art - latte (left) and bianco (right). the small one in the middle is California Art, color is Calif. white. comes in 2x8 and 2x5.

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Lastly I post a pix with a couple of gray glazes. The 2 on the left are too blue. To the right is the board with whites.

This is from the company Pratt & Larson.

OH and one more consideration - crackle or no crackle?

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Horus was a nice match to my BA if I recall.

I do love the pattern in the first pic. If you can do that in one color (not a fan of the border though) I think that it will be the shape that makes it special. It will have the same effect as the white arabesques that I try to describe--it's the shape of the tile that makes it special not the color. So perhaps that tile in a light gray or even a white.

Only you can really determine the right color. The lighting in photos is not the lighting in real life and what you see with your eye while in the actual kitchen. I'm sure whatever you end up choosing will look fab, you are getting really close to making a decision.

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I agree with beekeeperswife! I really like the first one. I commented on your previous post before I saw this one ( liking the basket weave)....however, I now think that the basket weave pattern would have competed with the granite too much. I think the first backsplash you posted gives you that "something interesting" without taking away from the granite ( which has a lot of movement). I hope you post completed pics of your kitchen! I look forward to seeing what backsplash you decide on!

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