too tired to pick countertops?

rjl443November 2, 2012

Hi -

We ordered our cabinets (stock from IKEA) and they are finishing install today and Monday. We have been shopping for countertops but have not picked a vendor/material yet.

We are in the DC area - MD suburbs near Potomac/Germantown if anyone recommends anyone please do provide their info, the granite person my GC usually uses is now "not on his recommended list anymore" so we obviously do not want to use them.

Would it be unheard of for us to just install some basic (cheap) countertops for now since we really don't know what we want? and then come back to it later.

I like soapstone, but I am not sure about the limited colors/patterns - I really need to see more in person - anywhere around here to do that?

My DH really likes granite but prefers the very flowy(sp) patterns/colors (expensive) so maybe in that price range we could do soapstone?

Can someone just make a decision for me please?


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Deal. I'll make your counter top decision if you make mine. I should warn you, though, I haven't made even one final decision yet so you have your work cut out for you. I don't even have a clear picture of what look I am going for yet...

I do know some folks just nail down plywood so they use their kitchen while they decide. Would you consider that?

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I have plywood...... Great stuff!! You can stain and varnish it, or leave it natural. Mine is natural, since it was only supposed to be a few weeks..... Now months.

We can decide for you if you post some pictures!


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Is this even a good time to be granite shopping? I know the DC area didn't get hit as hard as other areas, but still. If you're not feeling up to making a good, clear-headed decision right this minute, I vote you go the plywood route. It will do the job and be sufficiently displeasing to not let you slack too long on the decision.

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here is a few pics today:

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We are planning to refinish the oak floors to a more natural color also. Countertop ideas???

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It's hard to say without seeing the rest of the kitchen (wall color?), but I think gray would be beautiful given the warm colors of all the wood. There are some nice gray quartz countertops you can easily purchase at IKEA, or soapstone is natural and beautiful if you have time to do a little more research.

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What is the color of your cabinets called? Looks similar to mine but I have a black glaze on ours so a tad darker. If you have energy to search for a2gemini, I have pictures posted(not final pictures) to see what we did. This might help your DH decide if he wants movement or not.
Ours is actually Cambria but might help. Our floor is also very similar and I did not replace it either.
I will try to post a picture later. I know you can do from iPhone but easier on compute.

We have an ABB club (all but backsplash). Maybe we need an ABC club also.

I think if you step back for a few days, you will be ready to tackle the CTs.

Hang in there!

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Hi Roberta-I'm of no help- I'll be right where you are when my time comes. ;) I do love looking at all of the different elements that others put together. Unfortunately I like a wide variety of colors/finishes. Good luck - you will get there and I'm sure it will be great!

Here is a2's kitchen:

Here is a link that might be useful: a2gemini's kitchen

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Do any of these strike your fancy? Darker/Lighter, Bluer, Brighter?
Your cabinets with Ceaserstone Concrete Gray

Modern Kitchen design by Dallas Design-build Modern Craft Construction, LLC
With something whiter,

Modern Kitchen design by Raleigh Interior Designer Becky Shankle

From [GW Photos](

with costa esmarelda

From [GW Photos](

with blizzard white

From [GW Photos](
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ooooh I like that. I found a place that seems to have a decent selection in Fairfax, VA I am going to try to go today.

If I can convince my 2 year old to get over himself and not be a crabby bear.

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Thanks autumn!

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As long as you are in Fairfax, got to East West Granite in Chantilly. They are just off Route 50 just past Route 28. They are the wholesalers and have the most granite I've seen anywhere. Their showroom goes on and on, plus there is a lot outside also.

Here is a link that might be useful: east west granite.

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Well- did you make it out to look?

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We made it out to look but just before they closed. We liked some of the stuff they had there, I think the Juparana Bourdeaux was nice. We are also going to check out East West since it looks like a great selection from their web site at least.

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