Cabinets are installed - and color is wrong. Venting!!

Chloe8November 16, 2013

First of all, a disclaimer: I have been a major lurker here, since I have spent countless hours gleaning lots of wisdom here over the past 15 months (!!) of my kitchen renovation. But I have been so overwhelmed with life in general on a number of different fronts that I haven't posted much here - so my apologies, and also my heartfelt thanks for your inspiration and advice throughout this process for this lurker!! I have been planning to post finished kitchen photos here.

So now on to the venting process. This kitchen renovation has been for our forever home, and I am highly visual, a huge researcher (so this site is a gold mine for me!), and have of course had very strong opinions about even the smallest details of this kitchen design process. As I'm sure it's been for many of you, this kitchen has been my part time, or second full time, job for most of the past 15 months. (And I have complete decision fatigue - which the New York Times just posted an incredible article on.)

Anyway, I have had so many things go wrong with the custom cabinet process. My largest regret of this entire process is selecting them to build my cabinets. Just yesterday I discovered that they painted the cabinets in the completely incorrect shade of white. I requested Benjamin Moore's Simply White (they use Benjamin Moore colors). So the cabinets are currently fully installed, including Danby marble countertops, and we're finally getting some of the final things done, such as installing trim around the windows, and painting the walls. I told our contractor the color of the cabinets, and he painted the trim that color.

And it doesn't match the cabinets. At all. Not even close. Since the cabinets were installed, I've been thinking in the back of my mind that the white I chose has an extremely gray cast to it, which I regretted, but it didn't even cross my mind that it could be the wrong color (I had confirmation from the company about my selection of Simply White)- I just thought that I should have spent more time painting test swatches and looking at it in different lighting. I went through the BM fan deck, and realized that the cabinets are actually Pure White. This is completely different from Simply White; they're about as different as two whites can be. I googled pure white (OC-64), and found a Facebook posting where Benjamin Moore recommended pure white as a light gray option. And it's a cool gray, whereas my house has warmer tones.

(Disclaimer: I know this is a first world problem - but this kitchen has been so very expensive, and so many things have gone wrong, and I just need to vent about this!)

I will post some photos later (overall the kitchen ended up being incredible, and there are so many things that I love about it!!). But right now I'm processing this discovery.

Has anyone else had something like this happen? I'm definitely planning on contacting the company (the only good thing is that they have worked hard to fix everything that's gone wrong). But does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

And I will post later about some of the other things that went wrong in this process, since there may be some things that others could learn from this.

And if you made it this far, thanks for listening!!

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Sorry to hear about your disappointment. It is indeed overwhelming to make so many decisions. Then you have a picture in your mind and the actual work-- sometimes it matches and sometimes not so much.
Did you try 2700K led lights?. I tried 2700, 3000, and 5000k and there was a profound difference in the color casting. I ended up with 3000K because it was slightly cooler for my needs.

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Sorry to hear. I have white cabinet toos and realized in hindsight a different white would been much better with my Torquay countertops. And don't even get me started on the door style I picked... As a sleight of hand (to draw the eye away from this), I ended up with a really bold backsplash. One door closes, another opens.... Looking forward to seeing your reveal pics. Good luck! oldbat2be

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I'm so sorry that you had to have this frustration. Hang in there.

annalyn has great advice on the lighting. You also have a great opportunity with the wall paint to make adjustments. The

Are you going to keep the color? I think it will look great with your Danby marble.

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Even if you do get the right color, it can look different in your space. I saw BM Dove White cabinets in the showroom and chose them because I saw them! Not just a door sample.
In my home, with tons of natural light, they looked very stark. So different than in the showroom that had little natural light.

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We hired a painter to paint our interior doors. I had already done the trim and provided him with paint for the doors. Later in the day, I walked through the garage and noticed that he was working with a different paint can which was not the paint that I had provided. When I asked what he was doing, he said that he had run out of paint earlier and so he just used his own white paint. He never asked me if I had more paint ... of course I had enough paint to do the job!! His reasoning ... "It's just white paint and white is white." And this from a "professional" painter. Of course, the doors did not match the trim, but at that point, I just wanted him out of my house.

Yeah, I know that others in the world have bigger issues to deal with than mismatched white paints, but that doesn't mean that your own issues aren't important. Besides, you're posting on a kitchen forum where problems are the order of the day. No one is going to fault you for complaining.

In your situation, I would likely re-paint the trim to match the cabinets and call it a day. I don't know that I'd want to risk any issues with re-painting the cabinets. At least with the two whites matching you will not be noticing the differences every time you walk into the room. Still, using the wrong color paint on you cabinets is a big mistake, and maybe some sort of concession from the company would make you feel at least somewhat better about it.

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Agreed with jellytoast: get a $$ refund and repaint the trim, roll your eyes and move one. (Speaking as one that is doing exactly that over a few things right now....)

It's as if one needs to hover over people that charge money for their services to make sure they do what they say they're going to do. Nuts and crazy-making.

My sister and her husband refuse to hire anyone for anything anymore... as she says "we can do it that bad for free".

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deedles, lol, love that quote.

OP, could you post pics?

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Sophie Wheeler

Are you sure it's the cabinets and not the trim that's off? Even if it IS the same, because it's located on different planes, with different lighting, it will look different. But yeah, it's a lot easier to paint trim than cabinets.

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Oh yes they are very different. If you can live with them you should ask for a substantial refund, enough to repaint them later and for the hassle. Also money to repaint the trim. If you can't then you need them to fix the mistake in an acceptable manor. This would be to repaint plus money for your trouble.

We ordered Shiloh cabinets in polar white got soft white delivered. After all the cabinets were unloaded I noticed, before install. We had the correct ones remade. We also ended up with a $4000 discount.

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So heartbreaking and distressing when mistakes like this happen. But this is a huge blunder that could potentially have many repercussions.. So I am reading that you were wanting a warm white and ended up with a cool gray? Do you think you can adjust? Do you like the cabinet color and do you like it with the other materials? Does it clash with the rest of your house or could it be a pleasant contrast? Most important, do you like gray and cool? Color is very personal and it affects the way we feel and enjoy things.

Of course this is not simple to fix but it is their problem for not paying attention to what they were doing. Sounds like an overall problem you were having with the company in general. If your countertops get damaged by deconstructing and repainting, they will need to cover that fix as well and file a claim on their own insurance for replacement if need be. If you paint in place, the seams between the cabinets will very likely crack with expansion and contraction of the wood. Beware of solutions that are only best for them versus what is best in the long run.

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Thank you all for your feedback, encouragement, and sympathy!!

Here is a photo of the two paint swatches, compared to the color of the actual cabinets. As you can see, it's a very stark difference between these two colors. I'm going to post a couple of additional photos as well.

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Here is an example of the paint color on the cabinets compared to the trim around the windows (note that the interior trim of the windows is the Andersen window stock white, so that will be painted over either way).

And in this photo you can also see one of my two corner hutches, which were absolutely inspired by a gardenweb kitchen (thanks michelle16!!).

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Here's a photo in the daylight of the two hutches. We do have warm LEDs installed in the kitchen, and when the light hits the cabinets it does warm them up a bit. But Pure White is really and truly a light gray (it's even a slightly darker color than our marble counters), so there's only so much warming up that lights can do - and it's only when the light is very close to the cabinets that it seems to make much difference. (As you can see in the photo above, some of the lights directly around the hutches haven't been installed yet, so those will help a bit more.)

But in natural daylight, which our kitchen gets a lot of (the window behind the sink faces south), the cabinets are quite gray. (Although this photo makes the front of them look a lot warmer, because I took this with an iphone and the white balance is off.)

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Here's a photo showing our fridge, with two pantries on either side (which I love!). This also shows our floor color - unfortunately I don't think the cool tones of this paint colors go with the color of our floor very well (the cabinets bring out a yellower undertone in the floor, in my opinion - more in real life than in this photo). You can see here that the lights do warm up the color when they're very close to the cabinets, but the color still has cool undertones.

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I think that Pure White is a beautiful color for your cabinets, but I can understand your disappointment if you were expecting something different. I like the contrast between the color of the trim and the cabinets. If it were my decision, I would wait until all of the other elements are in place (lighting, backsplash) to make up my mind about re-painting.

Regardless of what you choose to do (re-paint or keep as it), your kitchen is stunning.

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And here's a final photo, which was taken before the trim was installed (as a special treat, you can see bits of the wallpaper that was in the original kitchen, although it had been removed before we bought the house - a mid-90's hunter green and mauve medley!). Again, you can see that the hood looks like a brighter white, because it's so close to the lights. (Also, pardon the dustbuster - although it's important to have around during a remodel...)

Our island is massive (5.5' x 10'), partly to compensate for an angled wall that the fridge/pantry is on (you can see just a sliver of it at the right of this photo).

In regard to some of the questions above, I really and truly don't like this color. It reminds me of the color of melamine. Our house has a very open floor plan, so whatever color we paint the kitchen will also need to be the color of the dining room, and you can see most of the other rooms on our ground floor from the kitchen. Our two-story high family room is off the kitchen, and the walls are painted Benjamin Moore Linen, which is a warm beige. So the cabinets just feel off to me. My husband is fine with the color, though. But I was an art minor in college, and in Montessori school as a child my favorite activity was to line up the different color blocks in gradations of shades, so I think the current color of the cabinets would be akin to Chinese water torture on my eyes. (OK, not that bad - but you get the idea!)

On the other hand, this kitchen project has dragged on for SO LONG!! And the end was in sight!! Sigh...

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Thanks, pipdog, for the compliment! Yes, I absolutely love the kitchen as a whole - and I'm extremely grateful for all of the wonderful ideas and helpful tips that I got from this forum. And I'm glad that you like the pure white - I am trying to see the good side of the color (to try to fend off the water torture feelings...)! Right now, I think my brain is still just trying to process this discovery, so I might just be hyper-aware of the grayness of the color.

We are definitely going to wait for a while before deciding what to do - we want the kitchen to stay intact through the holidays, even if we do decide to repaint.

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I'm sorry you didn't get the color of paint that you ordered, and I can see that this is a cooler, brighter white than you wanted. As someone who has Antique White trim in my own home, I can totally relate to your need for a warmer white.

With that said, I do have to say that your kitchen is gorgeous and the cabinet color looks great with both the floor and wall colors. Simply White would also look stunning. You can't go wrong either way.

Love your layout too. I'm definitely saving this in my inspiration file!

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How odd that "Pure White" is so gray. I agree with you that "Simply White" was a better choice. Although the fridge cabinets look better than the other photos, I don't think you're going to love this gray tone any better over time. After the holidays, yes, I'd bite the bullet and get them to take off all the doors and drawer fronts, take them back to the shop and paint them the right color. The boxes will have to be done in place. What a pain.

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Your kitchen is obviously beautiful. So much work and love put into it. But if that color isn't you, it isn't you. I agree that a warm white is a better choice, and gray simply isn't for everyone. Such a huge problem to contend with.

Do beware that if you paint those boxes in place, the seams between them will crack with expansion and contraction of the wood.

I hope this all works out to your satisfaction. There is so much difference between those colors! There is no reason you should have to settle for the wrong color though. This is a huge investment that you trusted them with and they screwed up royally. I'm sure you also paid them royally to deliver. My sympathies and good luck working it all out.

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Maybe it's the lighting, but the hutch in the first cabinet picture looks like a different white then the cabinets.

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Have you alerted the painter that the color is wrong? If not do it now. Live with it for a little while. If you really hate it make the painter or who ever is responsible repaint the cabinets.

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Sophie Wheeler

The Simply White has a pinkish undertone that is warmer than the Pure White that you received. But, I think you lucked out here actually, and the Simply White, with the warm wood, would have been too warm and pink. The Pure White isn't so much as "cool" as "neutral". It doesn't have any blue or green undertones, which is what a cool color would have. It just has the slightest gray cast, which I think actually works much better. It's certainly more versatile with more colors in the long run.

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Your kitchen is beautiful.

I agree that the Pure White is Too Gray. Someone at BM should be spanked for that naming screwup. Your kitchen is too awesome and wonderful to have to put up with a color you did not order, no matter how suitable it would be for someone else. You shouldn't have to live with it a while. God knows we all make do with things we cannot change. Make them change it. I had my cabinet boxes painted in place. Yes, it's a mess and smelly for a couple of days and then it's over and done with. The splits in the paint between the boxes is minimal, way less an eyesore than the wrong color.

Simply White was my second choice for cabinet color (I went with Cloud White). I didn't see any pink in it, and trust me, I loathe pink. Check out Breezy's beautiful SW kitchen.

Get 'em done the way you planned and ordered!

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Quite honestly, I actually prefer the pure white because at least on my monitor, the Simply White looks a bit pinkish. However, I agree that the BM Linen wall paint doesn't go too well with it. Could you try something towards Healing Aloe or a creamier white, maybe even something towards yellow, e.g. Windham Cream.

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Egads, that is so beautiful. I get that it wasn't what you were going for and that you are particularly sensitive to color given your background and just who you are, but geesh... in these pics it just really looks so good. I hate to see you have to repaint these beautiful cabinets...

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Is it possible that if you paint the trim so it matches, you will like the color (or not mind it as much as you do)? I would try that first. (As someone who just painted our apartment, and went through 24 paint samples, and still changed our minds on the bathroom color at the eleventh hour, I understand your dilemma!)

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Oh my, how I do feel for you in your current dilemma in your beautiful kitchen. I spent a bit of time on google and Houzz searching for kitchen cabinets painted in BM Pure White (without success). One does wonder how no one in the cabinet company picked up on a less common gray cabinet paint order and after build, didn't have the owner/buyer sign off on indeed BM Pure White and a sample door. Something's not making sense, at least to me.

"I had confirmation from the company about my selection of Simply White".

What does your Cabinet Maker say about his/her color change, may I ask? And what is he/she offering you as a remedy to their clear mistake? This may help you in your choice of action.

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The discrepancy is the most obvious with the two glass hutches which are next to the window trim. I know this would be a different look than you envisioned, but what about asking them to replace those two cabinets in the stained finish of your island? Everything else looks really good.

I agree if you have an open floor plan, it would not make sense to repaint the trim to match. It would really limit your color choices then though out your entire home.

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I have a swatch of the Simply White and it is not at all pink, it is a yellow based white. Can't see the Pure White to compare other than the pictures which look light gray as you say.

That is a very good idea to make sure to see and approve a paint sample door prior to proceeding with the whole job. Hopefully they, too, will learn from this experience.

Have you talked to the cabinet maker at all yet?

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Do you have your color choice in the paper work? Did you give them a sample? I would hate for them to turn this back to you. Either way they should compensate you. Have you signed off and paid in full?

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Do you have your color choice in the paper work? Did you give them a sample? I would hate for them to turn this back to you. Either way they should compensate you. Have you signed off and paid in full?

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It's so interesting to see everyone's different perspectives - color is such a personal choice, with so many different ways to think about it and moods/feelings that people associate with it. I'm enjoying reading all of your thoughts and suggestions - thanks so much! And thanks for your kind words about the kitchen as a whole - it was a lot of work (and continues to be), but we're really enjoying using it, and I especially love the view out the wonderful windows.

I sent an email to the cabinetmakers yesterday. The cabinets were built by Amish cabinetmakers, but I contracted with a company that sources the cabinets with the Amish, and works on the design, etc. So it looks like the paint mix-up happened somehow on the Amish side, but wasn't caught by the company I was working directly with. In fact, the paint touch-up jar that I received with my cabinet order has "Simply White" written clearly on the side of it!! They sent me a quick reply today stating that they would be contacting the Amish to discuss this with them.

So my only thought is that somehow this was a mistranslation or mix-up between the words "Simply" and "Pure", although with paint colors, that's obviously a big difference...

We have signed off and paid in full; although they have fixed other mistakes they made which were discovered after we had signed & paid. (A lot of different mistakes, in fact - I'm planning to write a post on that entire experience...)

snookums2, this is absolutely an example of why it's a great idea to get a painted door sample. (And as a second choice option, at least have a paint sample/swatch on hand and compare them to your cabinets the moment they're delivered. Even if the sample jar says the right paint color on it.) Ahh, hindsight...!

Thanks to those who have pointed out that painting the boxes in place would cause cracks along the seams. The good news is that I basically only have two seams (to the right of the sink is one seam, and then to the left of the left-hand spice cabinet next to the stove is a second seam). Also the two pantry cabinets on either side of the fridge would be seams as well, but those are set back by a few inches from the fridge so those seams would be far less noticeable. But it's very helpful to be aware of this possibility.

linelle, LOL! I was thinking the same thing about the color naming team who came up with the name "Pure White"...!

And it's interesting that Simply White is showing up with pink undertones on some monitors - as snookums2 mentioned, it has a very slight yellow undertone (although it's subtle), but isn't at all pink.

valinsv, that's a creative suggestion, since those two hutches are definitely affected the most by the paint color. I think that this will change a bit when the recessed lighting over the counters is installed, though, since there will be more light surrounding those cabinets. I think that if we do decide to keep the paint colors, I'll just keep the hutches the same color.

Unfortunately I was feeling like the color was reading as grayish even before the trim was installed and painted (although I was ignoring that feeling, since I thought that it was the color I'd selected) - so I don't think that painting the trim in Pure White will help me to like the color more. But if we decide to keep the color, I would have to paint the trim - since having the Simply White trim just makes me even more aware of the fact that the color isn't what I wanted.

In fact, on the day the trim was painted, I arrived home and saw the color and just assumed that the trim was only primed (even though I realized that the sheen wasn't right for primer - but I still couldn't fathom that the cabinets weren't painted Simply White). But I thought to myself, wow, I like the color of that primer way more than the color of my cabinets - I wish I'd picked a white like that for my cabinets! And that was before I even realized that the mix-up had happened. It wasn't until the next day, when the contractor let us know that the trim painting was done, that it all came together and I realized that there had been a big mix-up.

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If it makes you feel better I love the color of your cabinets!!
Very clean looking.

I totally understand the feeling though. We picked a wood effect tile and the color we received was different than what we ordered. I was not here during the install so I didn't realise until after.... Very frustrating, I just have to live with it. It's not as warm as the color I had picked and a bit more red. But yeah as you said, it's very first world problem!! I feel blessed to even have a new kitchen, even just to have a house. But it does sting after spending all that money!

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I just quickly scrolled thru to admire the photos, then realized that it was the cabinet color you didn't like.

funny thing is, I like the gray/white better than the warm white. I would repaint the trim!

But given that you hate it - sell the place!!

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I wish I could see the photos better...I'm viewing them on my iPhone because our cable/internet is out from a wind storm last night. I just wanted to say, even though I can't see the detail quite enough to be able to differentiate between the different whites, your kitchen looks amazingly beautiful! I sure hope you can come up with a solution that makes you happy and that you don't have to compromise too much.

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I feel your pain - We also have a cabinet repaint to deal with. Ours are Simply White and the frames and doors/drawers don't match. They are not installed but were delivered in August (whole project was postponed for awhile)
I can relate to decision fatigue. If my cabinets were all the same color even if it wasn't the color I picked I would leave it and move on.
You kitchen is fabulous! Stunning! The Pure White is fabulous; gray is trending and pale grays are the new white in cabinets or so I'm told. I love yours so much I may repaint mine to Pure White.
If you chose to repaint it could be a mess. It may just stand out as a "repaint" up close. I would leave the trim color alone as it is what is in the rest of the house? Trim doesn't have to be matchy-matchy with cabinets.
Get the mistake $ from the company and keep it for future repaint. Or buy a stunning piece of artwork.
Paint your walls something to coordinate with the pure white and move on.

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Of course, since the Simply White definitely reads pinkish on my monitor, I probably won't see the Pure White in its true color either.
Having said that, I'd be really worried about repainting in place as it'll always be and probably look like a paint-in-place job.

Have you thought bout calling BM and ask them what could be done in terms of light and surrounding wall paint to tone down the gray?

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Hi and thanks for the shoutout on the 2 hutches!! i am totally OCD and I can feel your pain. I went through alot of hell as well with paint finish in general. I think redoing it would be a mess and you would not be happy, as I had alot of draws and doors redone and it doesn't come out as good as theoriginal(has to be sanded down,etc) I think you should paint the trim to match and it will not look as grey. I think the frig cabinets look very white, so maybe add more warm lighting. I think in the end everything happens for a reason. i know it is hell now- but I would get a huge amount of money back and use it to spruce something else up in the house to make you happy. I don't think the cabinets look very gray like the paint chip. It bugs younow but when you paint out the trim and add lights and all your touches it will be beautiful! Good luck!!

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I have Simply White in my home as trim, ceilings and walls in some rooms. I viscerally don't like grey so would have to have them repainted. The Simply White goes very nicely with warm colors like wood floors, wood beams, yellow, orange, beige and tan. Grey wouldn't fit with anything I have or like. I know some people really like grey but I can't stand it. Simply White has no pink. In natural light it reads straight white. The undertone leans toward yellow when compared with other whites but I don't see it in my house. Good luck with your decision. I would see what they suggest in terms of being able to get the color correct. If they think they can paint in place I would give that a try. If they have to deinstall and redo then I'd go with that.

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The gray is beautiful...if you like gray, if gray is what you wanted when you invested all your hard-earned cash into the cabinets. Personally, I love gray, but a darker shade. I would be depressed to have paid for soft, warm Simple White and gotten a downbeat grayish Pure White.

Futzing with your lighting is throwing good money after bad. Maybe you'll grow to like this color, maybe not. Do you want to settle? Those cabinets are going to be with you a long time.

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I understand your pain and frustration. What a pickle. I personally would get them repainted - it would bother me too much to live with it.

Just out of curiosity - who made your cabinets? The reason I ask is I also am using an Amish cabinet maker that I went with based primariy on reviews here on GW. We have had more than a few mistakes as well (although not as big as the wrong paint color). You can PM me if you don't want to post the name publically.

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The problem with futzing with light is that we don't necessarily like the color of light that makes the color work! So you're still left with coloring that you don't like or makes you feel bad. Sometimes, say, you can put daylight or LED bulbs in to wash out, tone down a color, for instance, but then you're living in a very bright or fluorescent look lighting. Or you walk from one room with cool lighting and another with warm. The transition is not a pleasant one and the colors can look bad to you as your eyes shift! You can also see an unpleasant difference when viewing one room from another. So I don't think it's as simple as changing light bulbs as our rooms and how we use them are not isolated from each other in a vacuum.

You need to start with the lighting colors that you feel comfortable living in. When people like soft and warm, they like soft and warm. I see lots of gray designs that look pretty in photographs but am not sure I could actually live in them. And I do like the color gray. It is supposedly on the way out too -- not that it matters one bit if that's your choice because you love it.

Maybe you could warm things up another way, such as changing your wall or ceiling color. Another large commitment and unknown!

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I know there is no red in Simply White but in my house it's got a definite pink/peach tone to it. It's the Y3 pigment that reads this way. I started to paint my cabinets with reduced version of Simply White and it definitely reads peach in some lights. I'll be redoing it and since it's DIY it's a huge pain. Anyway, all this to say that maybe you could give this a try. I think it looks gorgeous. I do see how the hutches really stand out. I wonder if you'd possibly like it better if they contrasted as one posted suggested or perhaps if they were the same color as the wall? Or maybe more of a pure white like Chantilly Lace?

Good luck to you - I can only imagine how frustrating it must be!

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If you decide to stick with this color just wanted to share with you that my kitchen cabinets have yellowed over time and are much warmer now than they were. Doesn't help you much now though : ( I think your kitchen is so gorgeous just the way it is but totally understand your frustrations.

    Bookmark   November 20, 2013 at 11:07PM
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I love your cabinets but I can see why you are upset since this is not the white you chose. Please keep us updated on what your recourse is and what the cabinet maker does for you.

    Bookmark   November 20, 2013 at 11:11PM
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Painted all the trim, doors and some ceilings in my house in Simply White. NO pink undertones. It is a bright, but not stark white. I would not be happy with the color they gave you.

    Bookmark   November 21, 2013 at 12:04AM
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Holy cow ! lots of response here. I just have to say your kitchen is lovely regardless of the paint mishap. I agree if they goofed the should offer these cabinets at a discount. I love your comment about "decision fatigue" . I couldn't pinpoint my problem but you nailed it and I thank you for that. A very good friend of mine who is also an architect and carpenter told me the other day when I was absolutely distraught " Do you know the difference between perfect and not perfect? Two weeks." It is not so for all cases but he is right about this for the majority of circumstances. :)

    Bookmark   November 21, 2013 at 1:01AM
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I am really sorry it isn't what you ordered but I have to say it is beautiful. The cabs, counters, floor & design. I do wonder if you were pleased before the trim was painted?

    Bookmark   November 21, 2013 at 8:18AM
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robo (z6a)

Because everything in your house is yellowish this probably wouldn't be a good solution for you, but I was just wondering if painting the kitchen blue would help tone down the blueness of the cabs? They will appear cooler next to yellow walls and warmer next to blue walls.

    Bookmark   November 21, 2013 at 8:45AM
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I love the cream and gray of this Gianetti kitchen. Cream cabinets but maybe you could reverse things for a similar warmer effect.

    Bookmark   November 21, 2013 at 9:00AM
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Rachel Ashwell bathroom:

This post was edited by snookums2 on Fri, Nov 22, 13 at 20:34

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I love the picture right above my posts that looks like their is a gray marble on the walls! Gorgeous!

    Bookmark   November 22, 2013 at 8:05PM
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WhiskeyWoman, that's the riddle I always use, but it's what's the difference between a bad and good haircut? Answer: two weeks. Hair grows and there will be change, if you can be patient. A paint color will stay the same and the person observing it needs to change (their opinion).

    Bookmark   November 23, 2013 at 9:26AM
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Bump... curious how this turned out? I was just browsing for white cabinet paint colors and found this sad story.

Fwiw, I recently learned about "light reflecting value" that all paints have...Its a 1-100 value of lightness. 100 is pure white. On the BM website, Simply White lists a LRV of almost 91. That's on the bright side for a white. Pure White is 79.3 which is pretty dark for a white. Most of the white's I seem to lean to are usually in the 80's (white dove, china white, timid white). So just from a brightness perspective, the two colors are quite different.

I hope they did them over in Simply White for you.

    Bookmark   February 13, 2014 at 7:24PM
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Would love to hear the outcome too. Was it really that long ago? Wow.

Hope you are loving your kitchen.

    Bookmark   February 13, 2014 at 8:07PM
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I hope you got this resolved to your satisfaction. I read so many parallels in this thread for how I am. Just confirms, it's *not* me! and reinforces how everyone is diff and individual and should be treated as such. Kitchens are highly personal to many.

Another thing to put on my 'double check' list.

Absolutely beautiful kitchen

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I like the trim color in the first picture you posted. Any chance you can just repaint the cabinets abouve the cou ter height? I didnt notice the contrast as much on the ones below. I've got paint color problems too. They were supposed to match existing in my master bathroom. They may have tried, but their pale yellow has a green u dertone, whereas my existing had a butter undertone. Thought I could live with it until i started moving our stuff back in. It looks awful with all my towels, shower curtain etc! I dont know yet who will be paying to repaint it...but the new color has got to go!

Get what you want. You will be living with it a long time.

    Bookmark   February 14, 2014 at 11:18AM
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@ootm_mom They may have gotten a computerized color-match to the color you gave them, but it is best to stick to the exact same manufacturer and formula. If you knew it, that is. Yellow is tough. I once did a yellow room and green undertones showed up at night in artificial light, but looked decent in natural light. I eventually repainted. A few times I think LOL

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I hope the OP kept her cabinets in Pure White. The kitchen reminds me of a beautiful one that popped up here some years ago - that of an architectural historian. I think the poster was histokitch or something like that.

The cabinets look lovely and I'm afraid, I far far prefer them to the trim colour. If I were going to do anything at all, I'd change the trim to match the cabinets rather than the other way around.

The undertones can surprise one. I don't know anything about BM paints but I have a lot of Farrow and Ball paints in my house. The trim in a lot of my house is painted Pointing which is widely described as a clean white, vanilla ice, fresh milk etc. Well, Pointing has a red base. Not speculation but fact as F&B declares it so. Nowhere in my house is that red base evident as it mostly appears either brilliant white or at best a slightly creamy white. Nowhere, did I say? Except, that is, for a couple of our North facing rooms. The same paint, from the same cans etc. is a clear peach colour! You'd never know it is the same paint as anywhere else in the house! (Needless to say, that room is going to have to have a do-over).

    Bookmark   February 14, 2014 at 7:34PM
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Just my 2 cents.

First of all, a lot of folks refer to any pigmented finish as "Paint". Is your finish actually 'paint'? Or, is it some sort of pigmented lacquer or conversion varnish.

if it's not paint directly from BM, then you are at the mercy of the cabinet maker's best guess on the BM formula fitting with whatever finish they are using.

I have been going thru the exact same thing with a finishing supplier that claimed they used BM's formulas to tint waterborne poly. I come to find out later that they use computer modeling to duplicate the color. (Actually, simply white). And, it doesn't match The BM paint color. I can tell you this though. It does sort of match the BM simply white swatch color but not the actual paint color.
To my eye, the swatch does not match the actual paint.

And yes, simply white has a slight yellow undertone.

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@Chloe8: I think your kitchen is gorgeous!!

I personally like the Pure White cabinets. With all the white cabinets, white countertops, white trim, white walls, it can look a little institutional and stark IMHO. The only "color" I see in your kitchen is your floors. To me, this seems to make the room "float". I feel the greyish tint balances beautifully with the grey veining in your countertops and "anchors" a little.

Having said that, I know color is subjective, and you certainly have a right to get what you chose and paid for if you truly are not happy with it.

Please let us all know what you did about everything.

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Sorry, the island also has color, but the perimeter has none.
I still see it "floating".

    Bookmark   February 14, 2014 at 10:34PM
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Not sure if this forum is still active ... But today as the new kitchen was being installed we noticed that the inside of the cabinets made with birch were not all the same color and look awful .... We had no ideas that the insides would be made of birch and have contacted both Lowes and the cabinet maker

    Bookmark   April 8, 2014 at 6:59PM
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Since you mention Lowe's, I have to assume these were at best semi-custom cabinets. Birch interiors are pretty common. I think "matching" interiors would be an upcharge in almost any non-custom line.

    Bookmark   April 8, 2014 at 7:02PM
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