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MarinaGalNovember 18, 2012

I came across your kitchen photos, and love your combination of cabinets, backsplash and countertops. I am trying to achieve a similar look in a kitchen we are remodeling in a house we recently purchased. I will be keeping the cherry shaker style cabs (medium, reddish stain) and changing hardware and countertops. I want to give them a more modern feel, and have been struggling to find the right countertop - my top contenders are Caesarstone Misty Carrera, Caesarstone Blizzard, or Cambria Torquay. I will probably pick a different quartz for the island and perimeter cabinets. I have tried to find photos of your kitchen, and wonder if you have posted, or would be willing to post, a photo of your kitchen in the daylight? I really love it! Also, what caused you to ultimately choose Blizzard?

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Thanks MarinaGal! we are still thrilled with the kitchen after a couple of years of serious use. New hardware will make a world of difference if you are wanting to update your kitchen, especially since shaker cabs can go easily traditional or contemporary depending on hardware. A sleek backsplash can make a huge difference too. Do you have pics? No fair to post without pics!!

Below is the link to my original reveal, there are both daytime and evening shots there. The floor, counters and cabinets photograph well day and night, but I think the wall paint color is true to life only in the daylight pictures.

I chose the CS Blizzard because I wanted a solid white, easy care, contemporary-loooking countertop for my perimeter counters, and I collected samples until I found one that played nicely with the backsplash marble white tones, so I wouldn't have "clashing whites". I didn't want a pattern on the perimeter counters since I chose a marble backsplash and didn't want clashing patterns either.

I've seen the Misty Carrera and the Torquay in real life, and I think they are both very pretty as patterned quartz, but they just don't look like marble at all, IMO. l'm not fond of the quartz that tries to look like stone, it's just never a convincing fake and I think engineered quartz is lovely as its own thing, without trying to be something else. I chose real marble for the island and backsplash, and I really love it, though the island slab has etched a lot. I also LOVE the Blizzard, it' clean and sleek looking and, though it stains with wine and berries, etc., it cleans right up with a little "soft scrub with bleach" spot treatment. I feel like I have the best of both worlds.

As an aside, I have a dark charcoal gray quartz (Cambria Fieldstone) in my bath and I love the dark quartz as well. If I hadn't settled on the marble for the island in the kitchen, I would have used this dark, solid quartz on the island and the white blizzard on the perimeter. That would have been a very contemporary/modern mix as well. I posted a reveal of that bath here, which shows the dark quartz, in case you are interested:

Good luck! and keep us posted.

Here is a link that might be useful: sharonite kitchen reveal

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Wow!! Sharonite, I just love your kitchen! I am afraid my older cherry cabinets will never look so gorgeous and sleek, but this is just the inspiration I needed. The combination of materials you used is wonderful. I think the Blizzard looks fantastic. Originally, I was sure I wanted Caesarstone Misty Carrera, but then I saw it on a large island and wasn't totally sure. It is still in the running, but I wouldn't want it on my island. The Cambria Torquay appeals to me a little more, but I think the color may be too cool. My current plan is to use some kind of warm gray on the island. One candidate is Caesarstone Pebble which I also want to use in a bathroom, but I should look at the Cambria samples again. The Cambria would be less expensive than Caesarstone. I knew from the beginning I wanted quartz - I have had granite in my last two kitchens (not by choice) and never loved it. I am far too fussy to tolerate marble, soapstone, etc. though I love the look. I am super excited to install quartz in the new house - kitchen and baths.

Your bath reno is also beautiful! I just took a peak and will go back again and look some more.

Separately, I just posted photos of my current kitchen in a separate thread - you can take a peak to see what I have to work with. The layout of the kitchen is good and there is no way we can justify replacing cabinets cost-wise, given they are good quality and in great shape - oh, and there are a ton of them.... But I covet yours... Oh, and those red chairs in your kitchen - fantastic!!!!

Thanks for your input and response - really appreciate all of it!

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