Help with cab width

boops2012November 3, 2012

Here are the basics- L shape kitchen. One wall 90in. Will have DW ,30 sink base and corner cab 36.= 90in. the long wall is 110in. ending in doorway to LR. Doorway is 48in. wide. From corner out, plan is the 36 corner cab then 24in. 3 drawer base, 30in. range, then 18in. drawer base. This leaves me with 2 in for casing. Should I steal some inches from the doorway width to change the 18 to a 24? It would provde more space for a shelf mounted MW.( versus the OTR MW) And would be more symetric. Any thoughts? Thanks to all kitchen gurus.

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It's hard to say without seeing a drawing of your kitchen, but personally I love a 15 to 18" single cabinet at one side of the stove. It's the perfect width for storing spices and oils and other such things you want handy while at the stovetop, and it opens away from the range hood.

Don't know that I'd trade it for an over-the-range hood though, but narrowing a doorway would be an even harder decision for me. What kind of cooking do you do? Perhaps a micro-hood is okay for you? Or is there another cab you could put it in? What about a drawer micro in a base cab?

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Really the only thing I use a MW for is to melt butter and reheat leftovers. The kids use it for popcorn. That's my reason against the OTR MW.I wanted them out of the way of my work triangle. Also the drawers under the MW could be used for the snacks. but having a hard time finding a quality MW that would fit an 18 in. Cab. S I figured a 24 would be easier.
MW drawers are so pricey, couldn't justify the $ differance.
I am so computer challenged I will need to enlist the DHs help in uploading pics.

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