Costa Esmeralda Granite Countertops

wjjlyjNovember 10, 2012

Remodeling FL kitchen as result of leaky pipe...white cabinets, stainless appliances. Kitchen is long and narrow with window, kitchen table and chairs at one end. Going with Mexican tumbled travertine backsplash. Have Saltillo-like tile floors that we are not going to change at this time. Want to complement floors, but not emphasize them. Looking at Black Galaxy countertops and Costa Esmeralda. Love Costa, but not certain how it will look with floors. Thoughts? Thanks!!!

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Don't have any idea, but love the Costa Esmeralda, is it light or dark? Can you post some pictures?

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I also love Costa Esmerelda...we are thinking of using it for our kitchen countertops -- do you know if it needs to be sealed?

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I have Costa Esmeralda granite,cream cabs and wood floors.

Can you post a picture?
Here are some old photos for you to see the granite.
From Positano's Finished Kitchen From Positano's Finished Kitchen

From Positano's Finished Kitchen

Here is a link that might be useful: Positano's Finished Kitchen

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I have costa esmeralda counters too, with natural cherry cabinets. The soft green looks gorgeous with the reddish tone of the cabinets, so I think it would also look great with saltillo tiles. Ours was sealed like granite when we redid our kitchen six years ago. I haven't resealed it since but will this year.

When I was looking at slabs there were fairly big differences between slabs. I wound up with slabs that had a bit more white then I had originally thought I wanted - but I love love love them now. We have a lot of trees outside and I also feel they bring the outdoors in.

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Thank you so much mayberry for the info on sealing - we too will have natural cherry cabinets. We are going to go with the Costa Esmeralda counters -- hope to be lucky like you and get slabs with white in them. Bet they are beautiful! Agree with your view on the saltillo tiles too.

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Here are some images of CE.

I do wonder about the contrast with the Tile floors.
I am not sure the black galaxy would be any better. Which
do you like best?


Notice the tile floor, it is not the color of tile you
might have been meaning but the color of the counter
might show that CE looks nice with a orange red color.

Okay this is clearly not CE but I wanted you to see that
tile floor with the terracotta color can work nicely
with a more mint/sage green counter top.

Not CE but notice the combos of tile and green again here

here is black galaxy

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I have multicolored slate flloors in my kitchen, would Costa Esmeralda work along with cherry cabinets?

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I think so Kimmer. Also check out sea foam green

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