What size for drawer handles and pulls?

movin-onNovember 28, 2008

Have a double question to ask!

We are nearing completion of our little house and I have been begun looking for kitchen hardware, the problem I don't know what size. Our cabinets and drawers all vary in size. The uppers are 36"H.

So, do we use 1" or 1-1/4" knobs? Drawer pulls are available in 3", 4", 6" and 8". Or do the handles vary in size based on the width of the cabinets?

I found an ebay auction with 3" handles that I like a lot, but is 3" too narrow for arched handles??

Thanks again GW readers, you're always a great help!!!

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i have 5" pulls on everything. some people vary the sizes according to drawer size, but i have no drawers longer than 24", so it works for me. another option for longer drawers is to use two instead of one longer one. i think i'd personally prefer one long one, though.

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I have 4" pulls on all drawers....from 18" to 36" wide. But, I have two pulls on all drawers 30" and wider.

If you plan to have only one pull on wider drawers, then I would consider the 8" pulls on wider drawers and 4" or 6" on narrower drawers.

As to knobs, we have the birdcage so our knobs are elongated...they're, I think, about 1.5" wide by 2.5" to 3" long. I'm guessing b/c I'm not home to measure...I can measure Sunday if you're interested.


Pulls (mix of 1 & 2 per drawer, depending on width):

(Still no paint!)

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Go to a store and look at the various sizes and try them as if you were using them. Since you open/close doors & drawers a lot I think it's important to get ones that fit your hand and feel good. Some of the 3" pulls I tried were way too small for both my hand and DH's too. And some just didn't feel 'right' to me. I ordered one of each that I thought might work from a website. I'm glad I did because the ones I thought would be ok weren't. Good luck. HTH

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I second suzieca...it's going to be a combination of what fits your hand and what you think look good on your drawers.

We have all deep drawers in our base cabinets, and some are up to 33" wide. I used 7" pulls on everything, and 1" knobs on the upper cabs.

What you can do is go to HD or Lowes, buy a bunch of cheap knobs and pulls in various sizes, bring them home, tape them to the drawers and doors, and see what you like. Then you can return them all for a refund. And who knows, you might even find some you like! One of the problems of buying more custom pulls is that many times you cannot return them. Or you have to deal with an internet company, which can take time.

I was about to drop up to $2500 on custom pulls for our kitchen, then discovered some I liked at Lowes. Only ended up spending $250, and they look just as good. Remember, in the end, no one really looks at your knobs and pulls...if they do, either they are too overwhelming or the rest of the kitchen is underwhelming, LOL.

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There aren't any rules when it comes to kitchen knobs and pulls! It's your kitchen - you see it every day - if it looks good to you then what else matters?

One thing to remember though is that eventually you may want to change whatever you choose. With knobs that isn't a problem. But with pulls having 2 holes to drill you will be limited to the same center to center (c/c) distance for replacements. Most pulls designed for the North American market have 3.5" c/c. Most European designs use metric 96mm (about 3.75") or 128mm (about 5") c/c.

Here is a link that might be useful: this site has some very reasonably priced items

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