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mlrprincetonNovember 15, 2013

First, thank you to every GWer who has ever shared an idea, a photo, or an opinion--I've probably read it and it's probably helped me. In the middle of complete kitchen reno and need to choose backsplash.

The look we're trying to go for is what I'd call traditional. So far we've chosen pretty much everything except backsplash, which I would love help with, but I'm not thrilled with the wall color I chose either so if anyone has an opinion there please share...

Cabinets are antique white with glaze:

Lady's Choice granite:

ORB pulls:

Also oil rubbed bronze faucet:

Floor is hardwood. Not finished yet so if anyone has an opinion about how dark to stain I'd love to hear it, but we're getting the floors in the whole house refinished so I'd want them to match, thus confining kitchen floor to some sort of medium shade. Here's a sample of what might happen:

Walls. I chose Sherwin Williams sweet orange and it's up there now. It's maybe too light? Too much like a baby pink? The granite has some pink in it so I thought it'd be good but now I think it's too much. Don't want a kitchen the color of a little girl's nursery! It should be a warm color, and not too dark as the floors will be dark, but I screwed up with this shade. Would welcome opinions on this too!

Appliances and sink are stainless steel.

Guess I'd say I don't like the super tiny tiles/mosaic look; other than that I'm counting on you guys to choose for me!

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yup, that wall color is coming through a bit pink on my monitor. What do you think about pulling some of the greenish colors out of the granite for the wall paint?

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Lovely choices! You might want to take a look at Grazia Rixi tile in crema. I love the Grazia rixi tile - it is traditional and has such nice dimension in person. It comes in subways and squares. In terms of the wall color, I do think it's too peachy and will detract from the beauty of your cabinets and granite. If it were me, I would think about a warm white or a warm grey/green. Good luck!

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Everything is peach/orangey. I would NOT go with that wall color. You need something that is more neutral. Maybe just a beige or greige. Your granite has so many different colors that you don't want to have a multi color backsplash. I would keep it simple and pull a color out of the granite. If you like the peachy color maybe a cream subway with a peachy undertone. I would definitely get rid of the wall color though.

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Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage Paint

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Oh my, your granite is fabulous! Definitely a plain, solid backsplash so your granite can be the star.

I like everything so far, except your wall color. I'm sorry, but it's gotta go. I would go with a neutral, soft slightly greenish gray.

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Thank you for all the advice! Okay, the pale pink walls will go! :-) We're having the whole house painted before we move in as well so it'll be no problem to have the kitchen repainted.

TeacherTile, I do like your suggestion of a light sage.. will consider that.

MarinaGal, Grazia Rixi looks good! I like the texture. Subway or squares set on the diagonal? Also, I almost named my daughter Marina but ended up going with something else at the last minute. :-)

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I am a big fan of Benjamin Moore Coastal Fog - it is a grey but
also reads as soft "green" depending on light and what is around it.
Beautiful granite.

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Beautiful choices but like everyone else I would look in another direction for a wall color. I was considering BM Grant Beige for my space but it read too green. Pretty color and might work in your space!

Here is a link that might be useful: Grant Beige

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Benjamin moore Garden Oasis is green with hints of grey that would complement the cabinet and brown hues.

I had this stone only as an island in my previous home. Really gorgeous but you need to think about balancing the colors and pattern.
You may want to consider mother of pearl as the backsplash playing around with the micro tiles in all white.
Instead of tiling the entire backsplash area install just a three or four inch strip.

I have a young budding artist that I present my color and spatial issues when I get stumped.

Good luck
Would love to see what you found to work

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Would you consider antique copper tiles as a backsplash?

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Ooh, Chickadee, antique copper could be cool.. however I don't think I'm that adventurous!

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i would strongly urge you to choose another wall color. those flesh tones always look fleshy. no matter if it's pink or orange, it's just too much. i would steer clear of beige as well. can we see a pic of the space?

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