New Cabinets In. Contact paper?

SSShayneNovember 30, 2011

Do I need to put contact paper in my cabinets and will it harm them to do so? These are my first ever new cabs, I have no idea. My neighbor suggested it, and gave me clear contact paper to use.......

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Ugh, not contact paper. There are many kinds of shelf liner that stay in place without adhesive if you want a liner, but I've spent too much of my life dealing with adhesive residue on older cabinets. Cushy cupboards is the name brand, but I've had good luck with the cheap imitations from ikea or Lowes.

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thanks - Ive been reading up on shelf liners.......not sure ill put them where dishes and glasses go, but defintely where oils and pots/pans drawer


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I just read that my cabinets have melamine lining in them - and liners are not necessary - but I will still get some for the pots/pans drawer and maybe where I keep the oils

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I just talked to someone at KRAFTMAID and they DO NOT recommend shelf liners in their cabinets! Even where the pots and pans go! hmmm

I still think I need to put something under the sink area......dont you all?

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Hi SSS...

I have had Kraftmaid for over a year and a's what I did.

I put a thick towel under my sink to protect the area from chemical residues that may linger from dish soap bottles, cleaners etc..

In my pantry where I store oils, vinegar, honey and any messy liquids, I put some loaf pans and aluminum sheets. I store all my liquids on that shelf, in the pans and on top of the sheets.

In the cupboards where I have pots, pans, dishes, appliances etc... I didn't line it with anything. I dust /vacuum them every now and then.

So far, so good.


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SSS, Did they tell you why they don't recommend them? I'm curious because I can't think of a reason not to use non-stick stuff if you want.

I am just now installing Kraftmaid and I have lined them with cushioned liner. I love the cushioned stuff because it absolutely stops things from sliding around in the drawers.

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Ditto on don't use contact sticky paper! I purchased shelf liner from Ikea, it comes on a roll. I used this in pots/pan drawers, lined pantry shelves/drawers, and the first shelves that get alot of use (protects glass edges). It was not expensive and I felt worth it. I don't want to scrape up the finish on the shelves that get a ton of use.

Drawer mat, clear
Article Number:

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I'm also no on the sticky stuff. I use the ribbed clear vinyl stuff on some shelves. For instance, I'm so glad I put it on the pantry roll out that has the molasses jar on it. I could have sworn that jar was clean before I moved it there.

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I can't think of a reason not to use non-stick stuff if you want.

I can. I do use it in my current ancient cabinets, but there are some kinds of liner that don't have adhesive on them that will still damage the finish on the shelves if you leave them there long enough. I've seen that in places I've rented. The waffle pattern (or whatever) from the surface is permanently imprinted on the shelves. I imagine they just don't want to get into saying THIS is okay, and THAT isn't, when it could all change again any time the materials they're using change.

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These discussions always remind me of something from my childhood. I believe that we were visiting one of my friends grandparents (this was back around 1972)- anyway - the most striking memory that I have of that house was that they had all of their living room chairs and the sofa covered with plastic covers - to protect the fabric! I didn't understand it then and I still don't. Why pay money for wood interiors and then cover them in plastic? I can understand protecting wood from oils & chemicals, but from the dings and dents of dishes and pans? Wood's tough stuff, it'll hold up unless you're stashing your hatchet collection in there!

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When I bought this house 13 years ago, I bought umpteen rolls of ivy patterned Contact paper and lined every single shelf. The corner cabs that form deep caves? I'm small enough that I could crawl inside to attach the paper. And there it still remains. I'm going to paint and re-door the cabs, but the shelves will remain the same. There doesn't seem to be much point trying to take up the Contact paper. As declasse as it may be, it's kept everything easy to clean.

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you can get a roll of contact paper for a 1.00 at the dollar store...

I'd put it down under at least the oils and under the sink, I just wouldn't take off the baking. leave that on as extra protection and to keep ir FROM sticking.

I used just plain shelf liner from there on some of mine and I find it's curling at the edges. It's very light weight. the backing on the contact paper will give it more weight to keep it flat - and be extra protection from any leaks on it.

If the need comes to replace it you won't have to peel up the sticky stuff from the floor of your cabinet. That's a horrendous job. I'm doing it on the contact paper the PO put down. Won't do that again myself!!

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I put that cushy stuff in alot of my cabinets. Not so much for protection, but for noise. I especially like it in the drawer where the utensils are. And I put a piece of remnant vinyl flooring on the bottom of the sink cabinets. Protects the wood bottom from soap residue and any leaks or drips. And so easy to clean up.

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I'll second the vinyl flooring as a liner. I used in in my bathroom vanity 10+ years ago and when we replaced the cabinet recently the bottom of the drawers were perfect. And it was super easy to keep clean over the years. Might stop at the local floor place or Lowe's to see what is currently available!

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The reason she gave me for NOT using any kind of shelf liner in the KRAFTMAID cabinets is because they have melanine coating - and if moisture gets trapped between liner and shelf - itll ruin it.

Ive only had horrible cabinets - never lived in a place that didnt - I just put my stuff away, but got some non stick liner for the shelf with my oils, molasses, etc.

Not sure what Ill use under the sink yet. My husband said he saw something made for that area, but cant remember where.......

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Under the sink I use a dish drain tray. You know the tray that you put under the dish rack for your dishes when washing them? I put my soap and other stuff on it. It washes up really easy.

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blfenton. what a great idea!

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There's also a shallow tray made to fit the entire bottom of a sink cabinet, from rev-a-shelf. I think there's also a more reasonably priced version from someone else, but I can't find it right now.

Here is a link that might be useful: rev-a-shelf sink liner

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Oh, and Mockett makes a lovely stainless tray, but I imagine it's quite expensive.

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writersblock, I think other the alternative your talking about is what I linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Driptite Sink Pan Link

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