Where to purchase pullouts for cabinets?

deborahcNovember 24, 2012

The 1930 kitchen that will be my winter project has quite a few really deep shelves on the pantry wall. I had thought of buying some wire pullouts for these so they would actually be useful. It's hard to fine something when it's buried in the back of a deep cabinet.

I looked at the container store, but they seem pretty limited in sizes. Anyone have recommendations on where to buy these?

I may even get a few for my cabinets. I'm tired of things falling out when I want a bowl or pan in the back!


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Because pictures are fun- here is the wall of cabinets. They are about 29" deep. The cabinet to the left of the fridge has 3 shelves, the one to the right has no shelves. Maybe it's a broom closet? It's too short for most brooms and mops though. I was thinking a rolling shelf in that one.

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At best I'd say measure and buy some plastic baskets that fit at Target. It is not worth the money of retrofitting the interiors for a student's kitchen and will add little to nothing to the value of the house as a rental or resale.

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will a number of young students be residing? will milk crates fit?turn them on their sides and stack them inside-each young person has an instant cubby for soupcans/granola bars/pop tarts/whatever-or stash their purse/keys/laptop/scarf/gloves/etc. Detroit burb has it correct with spinning your wheels about this n that storage customization which left to young college people will "do their own thing" the first week of school anyway.

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Thanks gals! Great ideas. I'll keep my eyes open for some sales this season (or garage sales in spring)

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I spent much of last weekend looking for rollout shelves to fit odd-sized cabinets. I looked at the Container Store and almost bought those but then I found some options for custom-sized rollout shelves, which seemed like the most efficient way to use our space.

We went with a company called Shelves that Slide, link below.

Costco also has something similar

Hope that's helpful!


Here is a link that might be useful: shelves that slide

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